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Sci-fi films as "dead as westerns", according to Ridley Scott

The man who brought us Blade Runner and Alien says sci-fi movies are “tired and unoriginal. The man has a bit of a point, though I think he’s off-base regarding the Matrix. But genres generally have to play themselves out before they can recharge and bring fresh ideas to the table. Scott lauds 2001 as a masterpiece, but it took years of crappy B-movies and hackwork to reach that point. Likewise, it could be argued that sci-fi blockbusters have had a great run from Star Wars onward, and that they’d eventually have to run out of gas. It happened with Star Trek, with Star Wars itself, and even Doctor Who needed a bit of a rest before it came back in fighting form. So it’s probably just a matter of time before Sir Ridley is proven wrong.

Trek tidbits from AICN

Moriarty, the only writer of note on Ain’t it Cool News (with the exception of the fantastic Neil Cumpston, who may also be Moriarty) has an “exclusive” on the subject matter of the upcoming J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek movie. The film revolves around a young cast of characters playing the classic series regulars, but in a weird twist they’re supposedly going to be the product of a different timeline. One the one hand, this craftily dodges continuity madness and effectively reboots the franchise, which is something Star Trek desperately needs. But on the other hand, it involves time travel, which has over 40 years gone from utter coolness in “City on the Edge of Forever” to a lame crutch in…well, everything past “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Predictably, the Trekosphere is boiling over with opinions.

Radio Free Skaro #48 – The Lazarus Meandering

Radio Free Skaro #48 – Click here to listen

The Third Guy returns as Chris Burgess joins us once again for our take on “The Lazurus Experiment”, a Season 3 time-filler redeemed by cool scorpion effects and the fact that it came right after a disastrous Dalek two-parter. We went pretty far off-topic in this one, even breaching the shores of the dreaded Coronation Street (at length), but hopefully our jib-jabber will prove somewhat entertaining nonetheless.

Welcome to Radio Free Skaro!

This blog is an extension of the Radio Free Skaro podcast, a Doctor Who podcast which has been going on for the better part of a year and has managed to amass a small group of fans. I’d like to give them a place to discuss the podcast, as well as branch out into other sci-fi, gaming, British TV, and popular culture matters. This blog will give us a chance to do just that.