Monthly Archives: January 2008

Radio Free Skaro #67 – Kiss Kiss We’re Back

Radio Free Skaro #67 – Click here to listen

After scheduling snafus and real life intruded to keep us from recording last week, the RFS crew returned to discuss the first two episodes of Torchwood (verdict: pretty decent), speculate on the latest round of rumours, and digress as always into realms nonsensical. And for once we actually came in at under an hour. Enjoy!

Radio Free Skaro #66 – Random Ruminations

Radio Free Skaro #66 – Click here to listen

Somehow, despite an almost complete lack of news, the RFS crew managed to pack together almost an hour of action-packed banter, hilarity and mumblesuch into the latest podcast. Enjoy our digressions and debate, and stay tuned for next week when we’ll have the premiere of the second season of Torchwood to mull over and…well, another 40-odd minutes of banter.

Radio Free Skaro #65 – Commentary of the Damned

Radio Free Skaro #65 – Click here to listen

With next to nothing in the way of news, the RFS crew brings you a full 71 minutes and change of rip-roaring commentary on the Doctor Who Xmas Special, “Voyage of the Damned.” Does it stand up after a week and a half? Is Warren’s Kylie jihad over and done with? Is Steven actually a computer programmed with nothing but Doctor Who facts? Tune in and find out!

Why Star Trek should stay dead

Io9, a new and snarky sci-fi site that recently emerged from the bowels of the Gawker empire, has a list of reasons why Star Trek should stay dead for a while, and I have to say I agree with every point they make. Top of their list is the series slavish devotion to continuity, but they also point out that Star Trek’s entire structure is a Cold War relic, and that new shows like Battlestar Galactica do a much better job of reflecting the present day in a sci-fi setting. I’d add Doctor Who (not surprsingly) to the list of worthy retuned series….Russel T. Davies and friends were very smart in that they lifted what worked in the old series, such as witty writing and great acting, but still managed to make Doctor Who very much a 21st century show with quick pacing, great effects and more adult approach to the material.

Lucas riffs on Indy 4 in Vanity Fair

At first I was a little nervous at the idea of a fourth Indiana Jones film, given that there’s really no need for one and Harrison Ford is now as old as some of the mummified creatures he’s battled in the previous films. But with the return of Karen Allen as Marion, and Speilberg declaring he’ll keep the CG nonsense to a minimum, I’m actually kind of looking forward to the film, due this summer. Here’s some Vanity Fair goodness on Indy IV to stoke the fanboy flames.