Monthly Archives: February 2008

Radio Free Skaro #71 – now airing on BBC 3 last week

Radio Free Skaro #71 – Click here to listen

Narrowly avoiding the technical snafus of last week, the RFS crew rose to the occasion and produced an hour of witty banter, insults and of course the eagerly awaited pub rumours that were so cruelly stolen from our audience last week by the vagaries of Skype. Besides covering the latest Torchwood (which aired last week on BBC 2 and this week on BBC 3 and two years previous on stone tablets and oh I give up already…) we talked about the latest news, along with the usual digressions and nonsense we’ve become so very famous for.

Radio Free Skaro #69 – The Wrath of Steven

Radio Free Skaro #69 – Click here to listen

Besides the usual ruminating over the latest Torchwood episode (verdict: meh), the august Radio Free Skaro crew also chewed over this week’s news, literally in Warren’s case, as he was eating lunch during the podcast. Steven’s rancor was raised by any number of topics, and his indignant manner set the tone for more than an hour’s worth of jocular banter. Enjoy!

Radio Free Skaro #68 – Keeping Fans at arm’s length since 2006

Radio Free Skaro #68 – Click here to listen

The BBC threw us a nice softball by releasing a “cinema-exclusive” season 4 trailer on February 1st, which someone promptly uploaded to Youtube. The RFS crew took much delight in analyzing and dissecting this tasty morsel, speculating wildly on what are likely innocuous shots of no real relevance. We also discussed the newest episode of Torchwood, hashed over Russell T Davies declaration that he keeps fans at arm’s length, and of course went our trademark off-topic ramblings as per usual.