Monthly Archives: March 2008

Radio Free Skaro #76 – Backwards towards the Future

Radio Free Skaro #76 – Click here to listen

With the Third Guy once again AWOL (this time in France) and not much in the way of news in the week prior to the Series Four premiere, Warren and Steven still threw down nearly an hour of jocularity as they discussed both recent Who-ish goings on and took time to reflect on their favorite story from each Doctor’s era. Next week, new Who! Oh yes, and Torchwood finale or something.

Radio Free Skaro #75 – In Search of the Third Guy

Radio Free Skaro #75 – Click here to listen

The Third Guy was absent for this week’s podcast, and he missed a heap of news with the release of not only the Series 4 trailer and various teasers on the interwebs but an honest to goodness announcement of April 5th as the airdate of the Series 4 premiere. Warren and Steven tried to hold down the fort through jocularity and sarcasm, but their constant threats involving the Gun of Spite (and later, the Cannon of Hatred) because of the Third Guy’s impending trip to Paris and to a studio audience to view David Tennant in person meant an air of amusing menace permeated the proceedings.

Radio Free Skaro #74 – Attack of the Lack (of News)

Radio Free Skaro #74 – Click here to listen

The news landscape this week was as barren as a Welsh quarry, and about as interesting, and yet the RFS malcontents managed to blither out a substantial amount of analysis on the newest episode of Torchwood, as well as wax nostalgically about such classics as the Horns of Nimon and the Nightmare of Eden, as well as denigrate the good name of most of the countries in Europe in the name of comedy.

Radio Free Skaro #73 – The Curmudgeon Factor

Radio Free Skaro #73 – Click here to listen

With much news to discuss and an unwelcome loss of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time for the North American portion of the RFS crew, the grump factor was pretty high in this episode, making for the delightful sniping and back and forth beloved by…well, by the hosts, at any rate. Hopefully our wonderful audience found our snarky comments as amusing as we did. We also found time to “meh” it up about the latest Torchwood between the baleful glances and acidic insults.

Radio Free Skaro #72 – Invasion of the Third Guy

Radio Free Skaro #72 – Click here to listen

At a record-shattering hour and a half, this episode of Radio Free Skaro delves into the recent Invasion 2008 convention held over the weekend in the UK, and attended by our very own Third Guy. Thanks to him, we also have audio of the one, the only Tom Baker holding court with many fans on matters great and trivial. There’s also some nonsense about Torchwood and dribbles of news, but it’s mostly recountings of madcap adventure amongst the Whovians.