Monthly Archives: April 2008

Radio Free Skaro #80 – Sonatarans and Sarcasm

Radio Free Skaro #80 – Click here to listen

The Three Who Rule spent a mind-shattering 40-odd minutes conversing about the “Sontaran Stratagem,” a fine return to form for the Doctor’s beloved potato-headed enemies (unless you ask Chris, he thought the episode was a bit crap.) And good thing too, since there was very little in the news for your intrepid hosts to ponder, though that didn’t stop the usual digressions, tangents and nonsense.

Radio Free Skaro # 79 – Ooooooooooood!

Radio Free Skaro #79 – Click here to listen

Mystery, pathos, and some seriously freaky looking spaghetti mouthed Oods…not a bad episode this week, according to the RFS crew. The Third Guy’s (momentary) visit to Edmonton meant a clear signal not muddled by Transatlantic cables or time zone hijinks, but near the end of the podcast Chris managed to slip into a space-time wormhole and only just survived by hanging onto his wireless connection by the skin of his fingernails. Still, japes all round and a fine time was had by all. And next week, the Sontarans return!

Radio Free Skaro # 78 – No News from Pompeii

Radio Free Skaro #78 – Click here to listen

In this gripping episode of Radio Free Skaro, the Three Who Rule discuss The Fires of Pompeii, the latest adventure for the Doctor and his erstwhile assistant Donna Noble….and not much else, really. It was a rather slow week for news, though much jocular speculation on the contents of the rest of the season did manage to fill some of the dead, dead air. Next week, fear the Ood!

Radio Free Skaro #77 – Full Frontal Skaro

Radio Free Skaro #77 – Click here to listen

Doctor Who’s fourth season premiered, Torchwood wrapped up its second season, and the Radio Free Skaro crew was reunited, as once again the Third Guy mixed a potent stew of fact checking and invective with Warren and Steven. Much banter was passed back and forth, as well as heaping spoonfuls of abuse, as the crew hashed over the mysteries of “Partners in Crime” and digressed as ever.