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Radio Free Skaro #89 – The Stolen Mirth

Radio Free Skaro #89 – Click here to listen

“The Stolen Earth,” the penultimate episode of Series 4, was a barnburning spectacular of fanwankian proportions, and the RFS crew did their level best to keep their geeky selves in check before effusively praising (or in the case of Chris, begrudgingly praising) a jam-packed episode full of danger, Davros, Daleks, derring-do, and other things starting with the letter “D”. Delightful!

Fans resurrect lost Doctor Who episodes

The BBC, in their infinite wisdom, decided sometimes in the late Sixties or early Seventies that they needed space for new shows in their tape library, and destroyed many of the original tapes containing Hartnell, Troughton, and even a few Pertwee stories. Despite the odd find each decade of a lost story molding away in some backwater, many of these classic Who tales are lost in the mists of time…until now.

It turns out many a fan recorded the audio from the shows as they were broadcast, so almost all the soundtracks have been preserved. But a cadre of fans spread across the globe are taking things a step further and animating the classic lost Doctor Who adventures to recreate the Doctor’s first adventures. The BBC did this officially with “The Invasion,” but as stated in the Guardian story, animating is a tremendous amount of work. Fans don’t care, though, they want their Who and they’re willing to put noses to the grindstone to get it.

Radio Free Skaro #88 – Third (Guy) Left

Radio Free Skaro #88 – Click here to listen

Chris absconded to Las Vegas this week for liquor, gambling, and other licentious pursuits, so it was left to the other two pillars of RFS to hold the fort, which they barely managed. The subject at hand? “Turn Left,’ which served as not only this season’s “Doctor Lite” episode but also as a fantastic return to the series for Billie Piper, not to mention a sterling performance by Catherine Tate. The usual digressions and drivel-making were of course present, but without our tall co-host’s derisive sneers and seething hate, it wasn’t quite the same.

Online fans: the vocal minority

There’s an interesting article up on about the visceral, often angry reactions from online fans towards their favorite TV shows. It’s mostly told from the point of view of players in the industry, but it does raise some interesting points as to just how much sway fans should have over the making of a show, and how a loud reaction doesn’t necessarily equate to anything more than a small number of vocal complainers.

Personally, I’m inclined to agree. I see a lot of fans who nitpick the living hell out of their favorite shows (something I’m not adverse to myself, given that I produce a podcast about Doctor Who) and while everyone’s free to voice their opinion, sometimes I wonder why people watch the show in the first place if it makes them so angry and bitter. Of course I’m only one member of the triple threat that is our podcast, and my co-hosts might have different opinions.

Radio Free Skaro #87 – Midnight Express

Radio Free Skaro #87 – Click here to listen

For once, the Three Who Rule were in total agreement that “Midnight,” the psychological thriller/Donna-lite episode of this season’s Doctor Who, was a fine bit of viewing. That left us with little else to do besides mock Who overseer Phil Collinson and engage in many a ridiculous digression, as per usual. Next week, Rose, dead Doctors, and atomic weaponry. Allons-y!

Radio Free Skaro #86 – Forest of the Dud?

Radio Free Skaro #86 – Click here to listen

Dissent in the ranks this week, as the Third Guy forsakes a life of marital bliss with Who scribe Stephen Moffat and rips “Forest of the Dead” a new one. Steven and Warren, on the other hand, were charmed and entertained by the concluding episode of the two-parter that began with last week’s “Silence in the Library,” and thus did vigorous debate and pointless digression occur for about an hour and change.

Radio Free Skaro #85 – Triumph of the Library

Radio Free Skaro #85 – Click here to listen

Silence in the Library marks not only the return of Doctor Who to TV screens after a week’s absence but also easily the best episode of the season thus far. The Three who Rule waxed lyrical on the many excellent aspects of this Moffat-penned tome, speculated madly on the mysteries and plot twists sure to be answered next week, and of course digressed and went on mind-melting tangents as per usual.