Monthly Archives: August 2008

Radio Free Skaro #98 – The Curse of Pela-slog

Radio Free Skaro #98 – Click here to listen

The Three Who Rule were joined by a fourth, RFS friend Michael, who not only chimed in with commentary but also provided Chris with much needed Internet tubes for said conversing. The subject at hand? “The Monster of Peladon,” one of Pertwee’s lesser lights. Our bile was relentless as we criticized just about everything this story had to offer…which was little to begin with. Enjoy!

Radio Free Skaro #97 – Sir Reginald’s Dirty Little Secret

Radio Free Skaro #97 – Click here to listen

Never let it be said that Radio Free Skaro digresses or makes up its own back story for the classic series episodes that we commentate on…because that’s precisely what we do, especially in Day of the Daleks, our latest butchery of the works of Jon Pertwee. Not a bad story overall, enhanced by our analysis of Jo’s mental state (lukewarm), the secret life of Sir Reginald (tawdry) and the gaseous state of Chris’s belly.

Radio Free Skaro #96 – Filer!!

Radio Free Skaro #96 – Click here to listen

Things took a turn for the psychedelic this week, as the Three Who Rule recorded a commentary for “The Claws of Axos”, a story best described as a product of its time. And what a time it was, with nasty video effects, UNIT mayhem, and the inimitable Bill Filer, Yankee Unit Liason and suave man of action. Filer!!

Radio Free Skaro #95 – Not the Mind Probe!

Radio Free Skaro #95 – Click here to listen

News was sparse this week, but all the better for us to leap into commentary on “The Five Doctors,” one of the most pleasurable bits of fanwank to grace the British small screen, at least until “The Stolen Earth.”Next week, the adventures of the intrepid Bill Filer in “Claws of Axos.” Whee!

Radio Free Skaro #94 – Madoc! I mean, Robot!

Radio Free Skaro #94 – Click here to listen

A titanic torrent of news was only the beginning of this mammoth episode of Radio Free Skaro, which featured almost an hour’s worth of banter even before we got around to commentary on “Robot”, Tom Baker’s debut story. Much as the crew has a certain fondness for this tale of fascistic scientists, errant droids and wonky regenerative antics, they were unsparing in their criticism of the silliness on screen…and Warren said “MADOC!” a lot. Enjoy!