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Radio Free Skaro #96 – Click here to listen

Things took a turn for the psychedelic this week, as the Three Who Rule recorded a commentary for “The Claws of Axos”, a story best described as a product of its time. And what a time it was, with nasty video effects, UNIT mayhem, and the inimitable Bill Filer, Yankee Unit Liason and suave man of action. Filer!!

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  1. Keir Hardie says:

    I see what you mean Warren, you sure do get a lot of comments here 😛

  2. john french says:

    I love the sci-fi channel’s version of doctor who but could never find all the episodes to watch. problem solved at http://www.justdoctorwho.com they have every episode to watch and it doesn’t cost money lol .. so now I have my doctor who fix under control.