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David Tennant to leave Doctor Who

It’s official, the man who rivaled Tom Baker in popularity as the lead role in Doctor Who is stepping down. Tennant will appear in the 2009 gap-year specials, but after that he’s out the door. Of course, the first thing fans and the media said after “ZOMG TENNANT!!11!!” was “who’ll be the next Doctor?” It’s early days yet, but Patterson Joseph (of Peep Show and “That Mitchell and Webb Look” fame) is the early favorite to pilot the TARDIS in 2010.

Radio Free Skaro #106 – The Unicorn and the zzzzzz…

Radio Free Skaro #106 – Click here to listen

Chris returned to the fold and lost no time flinging acerbic barbs in the direction of “The Unicorn and the Wasp,” quite possibly the low point of Season 4, and certainly a story we mostly ignored in our commentary. One can hardly blame the Three Who Rule for their disinterest, but at least there’s goings on in the Library (silent ones) to indulge in next week.

Radio Free Skaro #105 – A Lump of Gold in a Sea of Poop

Radio Free Skaro #105 – Click here to listen

Steven and Warren braved the depths of mediocrity in order to bring you “The Doctor’s Daughter,” one of the lesser lights of Season Four. But after six months since our original viewing, it must be said that David Tennant rises to the occasion and puts in some first-rate acting in an otherwise fourth rate story. Brace yourselves and listen, chums.

Radio Free Skaro #104 – Obam-ha!

Radio Free Skaro #101 – Click here to listen

With Chris still wandering around London without anything more than a 3G iPhone, it was up to Warren and Steven to again take the helm and offer the latest morsels of news about all things Who and bloviate on the Poison Sky, the second part of the Sontaran’s return to form. Though precious little was actually aid about the episode at hand, Warren did manage to transfigure the Sontaran war cry into OBAM-HA! surely a new rallying cry for these final days of the American election campaign.

Radio Free Skaro #103 – The Sontaran Soliloquy

Radio Free Skaro #103 – Click here to listen

With the Third Guy back in England and without any Internet to speak of at the moment, it was up to Warren and Steven to bring…very little in the way of news, a brief review of the first episode of Season 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures, and a commentary for “the Sontaran Stratagem,” a welcome return of an old favorite enemy from the classic series. Not that the pair stayed on topic all that much (if at all) but nonetheless, things of a potato-headed nature were duly noted and celebrated.