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Radio Free Skaro #115 – No Warren, No Cry

Radio Free Skaro #115 – Click here to listen

With Warren in Egypt seeking to be the plaything of Sutekh, it was left to Chris and Steven to hash out their opinions of the recent Doctor Who Christmas special “The Next Doctor”. As if an RFS episode without Warren wasn’t weird enough, both Chris and Steven were actually in the same room to record this week’s installment. The resulting proximity meant that the duo stayed remarkably on topic, but still managed to find time to comment on Survivors, Coronation Street and Canada’s chances at the World Junior hockey tournament. Behold!

More from The Third Guy

Chris, the venerable Third Guy, recently appeared on the podcast “Tim’s Take On…” when he joined the prolific Tim Drury and others on a pub crawl in central London to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who. Join the fun with some of the folks from a London Doctor Who meetup group and cast your memories back to some classic stories as London sights are discussed.

Direct link here.

Radio Free Skaro #114 – Jet-Lagged Yet Jaunty

Radio Free Skaro #114 – Click here to listen

The Three Who Rule were all back on terra firma (ie. North America) this week, and the usual Who-ish banter of course centred around the imminent showing of “The Next Doctor”, due December 25th on UK TVs and computers worldwide. But that didn’t stop the jaunty (and in the case of Chris, jet-lagged) japemeisters from venturing forth on the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (conclusion: crap), along with an altogether too long talk about the merits of various Star Trek series, before sauntering back to the matter at hand. Next week, Chris and Steven are left to their own devices, as Warren wanders to Egypt to battle Sutekh and save 1980 from Armageddon, seen through the TARDIS doors as terrible model photography and CSO.

Radio Free Skaro #113 – Vectors of Digression

Radio Free Skaro #113 – Click here to listen

For the first time in a long time, the Three Who Rule went sans commentary and digressed, postulated, and even went off topic (twice!) in the middle of a sentence. The hygiene of certain Sex in the City characters, Steve Coogan, Big Finish audios, and oh yes, the latest Doctor Who news headlines were hashed over, giggled at, and finally shunted aside as your gallant crew went completely off the rails. Hoo-ray!

Radio Free Skaro appears on Podshock

Radio Free Skaro on Podshock – Click here to listen

In addition to our usual podcasting shenanigans, two of the Three Who Rule also appeared on Doctor Who: Podshock for a live discussion of Series Four. Technical problems kept Steven from putting in his two bits in anything other than text, but Warren and Chris were able to denounce “The Doctor’s Daughter” and otherwise act like the scifi gadflies they are. You can download the episode here.

Radio Free Skaro #112 – Anticipointment

Radio Free Skaro #112 – Click here to listen

And so it’s come to this. At long last the RFS crew reaches “Journey’s End,” the final episode of Series Four, and a story that nicely sums up Who scribe Gareth Roberts term of “anticipointment.” So much potential, frittered away in a fruitless wasting of the Rose story arc and Benny Hill-esque dispatchment of the Daleks. Still, Julian Bleach’s Davros and the sad fate of Donna Noble rescued the episode from the Trash-Bin of Utter Contempt (next door neighbour to the Gun of Spite) and gave our three heroes much gristle to chew over, spit out, and look at askance.