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Radio Free Skaro #117 – Fool’s Reunion

Radio Free Skaro #117 – Click here to listen

After a dusty couple of weeks battling Sutekh, the Hand of Sutekh, and mysterious fez-clad villains, Warren returned to North American soil from Egypt a little dusty but still full of verve for all things Who. Of course, now that the new Doctor has been announced, along with the airing of the Next Doctor, there was little in the way of real news to discuss, so the Three Who Rule made do with fawning over the impossibly cute Character Options figures due later this year, along with digressions into the works of Clint Eastwood and Tombstone, Kurt Russell’s mustachioed magnum opus.

Radio Free Skaro #116 – Ghostly Matt-ers

Radio Free Skaro #116 – Click here to listen

While Warren battles gun-wielding, fez-wearing servants of Sutekh, Steven and Chris discuss the big news of the announcement of David Tennant’s replacement in Who’s eponymous role. The Two of the Three compare the nascent Mr. Smith’s ascension with the oncoming of past Doctors of yore and ultimately conclude it’s far too early to know what to expect from this whippersnapper. The discussion by way of commentary of Ghost Light also occurs as the remaining hosts take on the much-overlooked Season 26 story, no doubt to the delight of the erstwhile McCoy-bashing Mr. Frey.