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More Doctor Who DVDs Announced for North America in July

Hot on the heels of the details of the May Doctor Who DVD releases in North America (click here for that story) comes word that two more releases will be coming our way on July 7 – the The Rescue/The Romans mini-boxed set (released last week in the UK), as well as 1985’s Attack of the Cybermen(which will hit the shelves in the UK in March). Click here to read the juicy details.

Radio Free Skaro – Gallifrey ’09 Podcast Panel

At Gallifrey ’09, three of the most preeminent Doctor Who podcasts around – Podshock, Tachyon TV, and Radio Free Skaro – converged for a tell all panel entitled “So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who?”, ready to dispense vital information to a room full of eager fans wanting to venture into the cutthroat world of podcasting.

With three panelists per podcast, the panel was chock full of on-air talent; it looked like the Yalta Conference of podcasting. Of course, occuring at 11:00 AM on a Saturday morning, the energy in the room was far from palpable. And the party only really began once Damon from Tachyon TV started dispensing beer to all who wanted one (some of the panelists had, at that point, barely stopped drinking since the previous afternoon). But the panel’s main goal was achieved – there actually more people in the audience than on the panel.

Have a listen to the audio from the event here:

Direct download: rfspodcastpanel.mp3

Pamela Anderson's Big Finish Audition

…and doesn’t that headline just sound rude? Apparently, while we at Radio Free Skaro were busy trying to score an interview with Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker when we were all there for Gallifrey ’09, Baker was busy, unknowingly, chatting up Pamela Anderson on a street corner near a chocolate shop. Could Anderson now be in line for a part in an upcoming Big Finish audio? We here at RFS are texting a message to the Big Finish big wigs as you read this…

Click here to read the full story.

"The Next Doctor" on SPACE on March 14

For those in Canada who have yet to see the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special “The Next Doctor”, SPACE will be airing the special (and not the CBC) on Saturday, March 14 (possibly at 9:00 PM ET). This news comes to us from Benjamin Elliott, proprietor of the superb This Week In Doctor Who Yahoo group (and also seen on Outpost Gallifrey), who has helped us out several times in the past.

Of course, if you listen to our shows, we’ve long since talked about/hashed/re-hashed/spoiled the hell out of TND already…

Radio Free Skaro #125 – Toclafantastic

Radio Free Skaro #125 – Click here to listen

And with that, the craziest weekend in the history of Radio Free Skaro came to a close with an enervated Three Who Rule slumped around a microphone in their disheveled hotel room. They ran down their highlights (almost everything) and low lights (almost nothing) before jetting off to their respective patches of ground they call home, ready to come back to Gallifrey 21 next year and do it all again. Ah, the memories.

Radio Free Skaro #124 – Two Scoops of Hooray

Radio Free Skaro #124 – Click here to listen

In the third of our (fictitious) award winning podcast pub chats with Doctor Who luminaries, Phil Ford (Sarah Jane Adventures head writer and writer of the next Doctor Who gap year special, “Return of the Bandrils”) and Toby Hadoke (writer/performer of “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf” and the revelation of the entire convention) dropped by for nigh on an hour and a half to talk about their experiences at the convention, their involvement in the Doctor Who universe, and offer general insight into what makes the show so great. During the chat, Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones from Torchwood) invited everyone (well, Phil) out to drinks somewhere else, and Phil did his damnedest to avoid giving away plot details for the next gap year special.

Radio Free Skaro interviews Toby Hadoke

Radio Free Skaro Interviews Toby Hadoke – Click here to listen

Later on the Saturday at Gallifrey, Toby Hadoke, hours before going on stage for the North American debut of his hit one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, sat down with Warren to have a chat about the play and his love of the show in general. (Again, here’s the audio, with the video version to come later) :

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