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Radio Free Skaro #138 – The Radio Free Skaro 138th Episode Spectacular

Radio Free Skaro #138 – Click here to listen

As Radio Free Skaro celebrates the all important milestone of their 138th episode, they take some time out for this Wednesday Cutaway to sit around the fireplace, dig into their mailbag, and, for the first time ever, answer about half of the 22 comments and emails that the Three Who Rule have received since starting up this podcast nigh on three years ago. Will your comment from two years ago now finally be answered? Listen and find out!

Radio Free Skaro #137 – A Rose By Any Other Name…

Radio Free Skaro #137 – Click here to listen


With a gulf of unrealistic (and unwelcome) lack of Doctor Who stretching far over the (event) horizon, The Three Who Rule took it upon themselves to deploy their deadliest weapon: the commentary. Specifically, a look at the first series of New Who, starting with Rose. Fantastic!

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Planet of the Dead…viewing figures!
Doctor Who theme tune…best ever!
Lizo says Hannah Murray…not the companion!
Doctor Who and David Tennant…losers!
Jane Tranter…winner!
Torchwood Series 3…preview!
Gillian Anderson…The Rani?

Radio Free Skaro #42 – Life, the Universe, and Everything

Radio Free Skaro #42 – Click here to listen

This week’s Wednesday Cutaway is an even extra-er special than last week’s entry, yet, in keeping with our style, also incredibly lazy. Episode #42 of Radio Free Skaro, recorded back in July 2007, never made its way onto the official Radio Free Skaro feed, and, barring the odd fan who remembered it from its original posting, was thought to be lost in the mists of time for all eternity. However, recently extricated from a disused refuse bin in territory still owned by the Hudson’s Bay Corporation, we present to you – Radio Free Skaro: The (Almost) Lost Episode.

From July 17, 2007 :

With precious little in the way of new Dr. Who to chew over, Warren and Steven seize upon the fortuitously named episode #42 of this fine podcast to genuflect on Douglas Adams, not only in regards to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but also his contributions to Dr Who to computer gaming and to pioneering work on what would become the World Wide Web. Stay hoopy, and don’t forget your towel!

Radio Free Skaro #136 – The Wrath (and Hay Fever) of Ian Levine

Radio Free Skaro #136 – Click here to listen


The Three Who Rule deal with a dearth of real news the best way they know how: with inane chatter involving the likes of superfan Ian Levine and his escapades on Twitter, Warren’s continuing animosity toward the McCoy era and coming to grips with our loving hatred of other Doctor Who podcasts all while dealing with technical issues that forced actual editing. Come join the fun!

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Planet of the Dead…AI index!
New Doctor Who…producers!
Welsh BAFTA…nominations!
The Deadly Assassin…on DVD!
Planet of the Dead DVD…June 29!
New Doctor Who…spin-off?
David Tennant…podcast!
Who Party in…Toronto!

New Producers on Doctor Who

The BBC recently announced three (3) new producers for Series 5 of Doctor Who (For the full story from the BBC, click here.). They are:

– Tracie Simpson (who produced Planet of the Dead, and has been working on NuWho for some time),
– Peter Bennett (who produced the upcoming Torchwood: Children of Earth, but we won’t hold that against him), and
– Beth Willis, who will act as another Executive Producer beside Piers (Load Bearing) Wenger.

Two questions beg to be asked here. Why does it take three people to fill the one job that departed producer Phil Collinson used to do on his own? And do the new producers know how to mix and serve drinks as well as their predecessor?

The answer to that last question, at least, as ably demonstrated by the video below, is most probably “no”.

(That’s Phil serving Radio Free Skaro’s own Warren Frey at Gallifrey ’09)

Radio Free Skaro #135 – Mission to the Unknown

Radio Free Skaro #135 – Click here to listen


This week’s Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway special is so special that it has been elevated to a new category altogether – a Wednesday Episode! With an official number and everything! Its elevated status is on account of the return of Neil Perryman, of the TachyonTV Perrymans, as an extra special guest. We speak with him about his impending climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as the recent returns of Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. And if you listen really carefully you might even hear when the next TachyonTV podcast is due…

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Red Dwarf on…Dave!

Radio Free Skaro #134 – The Planet of Michelle Ryan

Radio Free Skaro #134 – Click here to listen


The Three Who Rule were in fine fettle this week, covering a wide swath of news involving all the exciting goings-on on Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures and even Red Dwarf. Truly, this was a momentous week for fans of British sci-fi adventuring. Truly. No, really.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Planet of the…Dead!
Planet of the Dead…ratings!
The Waters of…Mars!
Bernard Cribbins…returns!
Next Special in…November-ish!
Specials airing over…Christmas?
Catherine Tate…returns!
Tennant Tapes…Part the Fifth!
Doctor Who…at the BBC!
Doctor Who Adventures…survey!
Another Doctor Who Adventures…survey!
Weekly fictitious…awards!
Mawdryn Undead on…DVD!
Sarah Jane Series…Three!
Doctor Who on…SPACE!
Torchwood audio…dramas!
David Tennant fansite and podcast…squee!!!

Gap Year Specials, Series 5 To Air On SPACE in Canada

The Doctor Who Information Network ( is reporting that SPACE, Canada’s sci-fi network, will be airing Planet of the Dead on Saturday, June 20, at 9:30 PM EST. As well, Series 5, which will debut in the UK in April 2010, will also be shown on SPACE sometime in the new year. (Even though the next three gap year specials were not mentioned, it is probably safe to assume that these will air on SPACE, as well).

Your intrepid hosts at Radio Free Skaro briefly talked about the possibility of this happening in Episode #133. However, it’s not like it’s a massive surprise, given that SPACE has already aired “The Next Doctor”, and also given that the CBC, which aired the first four series in increasingly erratic and sporadic fashion, is facing a large amount of financial cutbacks these days.

Anyway, here’s the link to the story on the DWIN site.

Radio Free Skaro #133 – The Anticipointment of Entercation

Radio Free Skaro #133 – Click here to listen

Radio Free Skaro welcomes back Katrina again as guest host, this time filling in for Warren, whose predilection for earning money to cover the cost of living prevented him from taking part this week. And, with the world of Doctor Who ramping up in advance of an actual new episode airing on April 11, there was plenty to talk about. But no spoilers! Spoilor has now been vanquished, so you may now listen to the show without fear of having future Who episodes ruined for you. As for the rest of the internet, you’re on your own.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Planet of the Dead…airdate!
Lizo says…no preview screening!
Benjamin Cook says…Radio Times Cover!
Planet of the Dead…commentary!
Doctor Who…Confidential!
Enter…the Swarm!
Next Episode…trailer and title!
Lost Season Audio…episode list!
Tennant and Tate…on the radio!
Michelle Ryan on…Blue Peter!
But not on…Doctor Who!
Terminus on…DVD!
Enlightenment on…DVD!
Guardian Trilogy extras on…DVD!
What’s a…Rondo?
K9 trailer…best ever?
Tenzing Norgay…long since dead!

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