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Radio Free Skaro #143 – Never Trust a Man With a Soul Patch

Radio Free Skaro #143 – Click here to listen


More news than you can shake a stick at and a highlight of the Eccleston era (Rob Shearman’s “Dalek”) being commented upon, the Three Who Rule blather on for an hour and a half about the happenings in the Who world for the past week (including a discussion on new companion Karen Gillan), and touch on the introduction of a Classic Series icon to NuWho. All this and the latest on Ian Levine and Lizo Mzimba at your fingertips on Radio Free Skaro!

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Rula Lenska…appeal!
Neil’s Doctor Who…charity auction!
Karen Gillan…new companion!
David Tennant…on SJA!
New Doctor Who…animated series!
David Tennant’s Hamlet…on TV!
S4E18 title…four words long!
New Torchwood trailer…for the UK!
New Torchwood trailer…for the USA!
Classic DVD…release dates!
The Keys of Marinus…DVD details!
The Keys of Marinus…more DVD details!
Planet of the Dead on SPACE…July 25!
Doctor Who returns to…BBC America!
Lizo says…Doctor Who movie?
Lizo says…Judoon in SJA!
Torchwood S3…soundtrack!
Torchwood…audio drama!

Doctor Who Returns To BBC America

David Tennant

According to Variety Magazine, Doctor Who will moving from the SciFi Network (soon to be called SyFy, to rhyme with “iffy”) to BBC America, starting with the gap year specials. The 2008 Christmas special “The Next Doctor”, which aired in Canada on SPACE in March 2009, will finally get its US premiere on BBC America on Saturday, June 27, at 9:00 PM. The remaining four specials have yet to be scheduled, but they, along with Series 5, looks like they have found a home.

This is also interesting news, given the Podcast 8 (for lack of an actual name) focusing much attention on the plight of US broadcasting Doctor Who earlier this month. Anyway, here’s the link to the Variety story.

Radio Free Skaro #142 – Four To Doomsday

Radio Free Skaro #142 – Click here to listen


In a desperate bid to find someone who could give an unequivocal thumbs up to Series 1 tome “World War Three”, the RFS gang numbered four (Warren, Steven, Chris, and Katrina) for one of the few times in history to record a commentary for the episode. The result? No thumbs up were given, but neither were there definite thumbs down, mostly because the hosts were more encumbered in dealing with various innuendos, intended or otherwise.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Neil’s Doctor Who…charity auction!
Doctor Who wins…BAFTA Craft Awards!
Doctor Who wins…Welsh BAFTAs!
Gareth Roberts…has an agent?
PotD broadcast date on SPACE…unknown!
War Games DVD…extras!
War Games DVD…extras!!!!
Torchwood S3…on Blu-Ray!
World War…Three!

Radio Free Skaro #141 – The Curse of Keith Boak

Radio Free Skaro #141 – Click here to listen


With the regular hosts of Radio Free Skaro jumping ship left and right in order to avoid commentating on perceived Series One low point “Aliens of London”, it was left to Steven, Katrina, and, at the last minute, Chris to try and find something worthy to talk about for the Slitheens’ debut appearance in Doctor Who lore. They succeeded in not going too terribly off topic, although the intrusion of the subtitle track from the 1964 classic series story “Marco Polo” didn’t help. Have a listen for yourselves!

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Doctor Who – Best Show…Ever!
Torchwood airing in…July?
Torchwood radio…plays!
David Tennant…presenter!
Doctor Who…too scary?

Doctor Who Podcasters Unite – Part Two!


(Now updated with Radio Free Skaro’s contribution in Part Two. Scroll to the bottom of this article to listen.)

As most of you know, to be a Doctor Who fan in the UK right now is to be on top of the world. The show is a ratings hit, and everywhere you look, you are surrounded by Doctor Who hype unlike any seen in the programme’s long history.

For Doctor Who‘s worldwide fan base, though, things are not as cheery. Each series of Doctor Who is often broadcast months after it is shown in the UK, or, in the case of the past two gap year specials, The Next Doctor and Planet of the Dead, they might not have even been shown on TV in your area at all. As a result, fans from outside the UK have to resort to alternate means to view new episodes of the show. This means that the fans most likely will not watch the episodes when they finally arrive on their local TV station, which diminishes the viewership ratings, which lends the TV stations to believe that the show is unpopular, which leads them to further scale back their broadcasting plans of the show, and so on.

The fine fellows from DWO Whocast, Thie Week in Doctor Who, and Two-Minute Time Lord have pulled together a few of the Doctor Who world’s finest Doctor Who podcasts (they even invited us!) to raise awareness of what Doctor Who fans in all parts of the world are having to go through to follow their favourite TV show, and to offer ideas of what can be done to remedy the situation.

This project has manifested itself as an unprecedented two-part version of the DWO Whocast. Part One (Whocast #118) is being released today, and involves Trev and Marty (The Whocast), Ben Elliott (This Week in Doctor Who), and Chip (Two-Minute Time Lord) discussing the issues as noted above.

Part Two (Whocast #119) will be released on Saturday, May 16, and will feature contributions from Dave AC (Cultdom in Audio), Louis, Ken, and James (Doctor Who: Podshock), Luke (The Minute Doctor Who Podcast), Michael (Tin Dog Podcast), and Warren, Steven, and Chris from this very podcast, Radio Free Skaro.

(Here’s Ben Elliott’s manifesto that unofficially sparked this whole event.)

Click below for the links to each episode, and thanks for listening!

direct download: Doctor Who Worldwide – Part One

direct download: Doctor Who Worldwide – Part Two

Radio Free Skaro #140 – The Gay(seous) Agenda

Radio Free Skaro #140 – Click here to listen


“The Unquiet Dead” was the episode next in line for commentary, but the intrepid investigations of the Three Who Rule have discovered a hidden message within this tale of Dickens, aliens, and reanimated corpses. Yes, it seems Russel T. Davies sees fit to force his sick preferences for matter in neither solid or liquid but gaseous(!) form down the throats of the public. Well, not on our watch, dear listener. What’s next, marriage between a glass of water and a pineapple? The mind boggles.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
John Barrowman…oh, never mind.
David Tennant…cameo!
New casting…announcement!
Yet another…Torchwood trailer!
Again with the…Trickster!

September NA Doctor Who DVD Titles Announced

Well, not announced per se, but Steve Manfred notes here that, on September 8, North America will see the release of no less than three (3) stories on DVD :

The Deadly Assassin (Season 14, 1976)
Image of the Fendahl (Season 15, 1977)
Delta and the Bannermen (Season 24, 1987)

Grand news, obviously, but more importantly, the release of these three stories means that, as of today, all DVDs that have been released, or announced for release, in the UK will have been released here. That just sets up the eagerly awaited Dalek Wars box set (containing Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks) and the grand daddy of them all, the three-disc set for The War Games to be released before the end of 2009.

There may not be much in the way of new Doctor Who in 2009, but thanks to the Restoration Team, we’re enjoying a few good gold nuggets (and Delta and the Bannermen) from the classic series – hooray!

UPDATE : Here’s a link to TV Shows on DVD.

HiSciFi Interviews Radio Free Skaro’s Warren Frey

HiSciFi Interviews Warren Frey – Click here to listen


HiSciFi, a weekly science fiction radio show that broadcasts out of Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University on CJSF Radio, recently sat down to interview Radio Free Skaro’s own Warren Frey about all things Doctor Who, as well as chat a little bit about this very podcast. Listen as Warren defends Peter Davison, exhumes William Hartnell (only to bury him again), and generally nerds it up with the radio hosts for nigh on 45 minutes.

Radio Free Skaro/Flick Filosopher Inadvertently Team Up

By a staggering coincidence that makes the mind boggle, the film review site Flick Filosopher (specifically, MaryAnn Johanson) is posting reviews of each episode of Series 1 of Doctor Who on the same day that Radio Free Skaro is releasing audio commentaires for those very same episodes. Spooky! Anyway, FF seems to share the same love-in for the Christopher Eccleston era that we here at RFS do, as you can read here today (and every Sunday, it seems, too) :

Flick Filosopher’s review of :

The End of the World

Radio Free Skaro #139 – An Absence of Pedantry

Radio Free Skaro #139 – Click here to listen

There was no, repeat no news this week, save a couple of tidbit that were quite spoilery and best left to rot unless confirmed correct. Added to that was RFS dilettante “The Third Guy” was off at an event in Manchester called “Who at the Fab Cafe” (sounds made up). But while Chris had an imaginary good time, it was up to Steven, Warren and Katrina to pick up the slack and give their thoughts and opinions on “The End of the World”.