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Radio Free Skaro #147 – Dancing Doctors and Empty Children

Radio Free Skaro #147 (Warren and Steven version) – Click here to listen
Radio Free Skaro #147 (Chris, Katrina, and Other Chris version) – Click here to listen


With only Torchwood news to bandy about, the second part of Steven Moffat’s epic two-parter from Season 1 took center stage for this episode for a shorthanded RFS staff as they discussed the intricacies of one of the first series’ masterpieces while simultaneously avoiding any actual discussion of the episode at hand, as per usual.

UPDATE : In a devilishly clever move, we actually released two (2) different versions of Episode 147 – one with the two original RFS hosts, Warren and Steven, and the other (the “Coy and Vance” version) with Chris (Proper Chris), Katrina, and another Chris (Other Chris). Each episode was recorded completely independent of each other. Which episode you downloaded and/or listened to depended on what our Randomizer had to say.

We had hoped that listeners would react with mass befuddlement, engaging in confusing conversations about why one listener’s version of #147 was different from another listener’s. Obviously, none of you talk to each other. RFS listeners generally reacted to the move with rampant indifference, as we received nary a comment about our hijinks. Oh well. We sniggered slightly, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, we now offer both versions of Episode #147 “Dancing Doctors and Empty Children” for download below (it will also be uploaded to the ever popular iTunes feed). The most curious thing about this whole experiment? How both versions managed to reference the classic series story “The Horns of Nimon”. What does that say about us?

Show Notes:

Torchwood airing July 20…on SPACE!
The Doctor…Dances!

Radio Free Skaro #146 – Better Aim Than Graham

Radio Free Skaro #146 – Click here to listen


It’s not often that the Three Who Rule spend more than a minute dismissing Torchwood out of hand, much less being interested in a new series of everyone’s tolerated younger, ganglier cousin to Doctor Who. But that strange event is precisely what happened (explained away with string theory and many a complicated equation, most likely), along with some pre Comic Con banter and oh yes, a commentary on The Empty Child.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…accomplished!
Torchwood airing…July 6!
Torchwood trailer…in Australia!
Tennant, RTD, Gardner…at Comic-Con!
The Empty…Child!

At The Roof of the World

After months of planning, fundraising, training, retraining, panicking, more planning, more fundraising, and, finally, one good solid week of panic beforehand, Neil Perryman has successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching the world’s tallest free standing mountain on June 18. And now, the photographic proof (as seen above). We at Radio Free Skaro offer our heartiest of congratulations to Neil, and we also offer our immense gratitude to all of you who helped him get up the mountain.

As you can see, though, this was all one gigantic ruse to promote the most ostentatious new logo unveilling in the history of branding, but, yes that is our slightly reworked logo that Neil is proudly displaying. In the next couple of weeks, not only will this website have a slightly new look about it, but you will be able to purchase T-shirts, hats, buttons, coffee cups, and all sorts of memorabilia with the new Radio Free Skaro logo on it (along with a few extra surprises). Hooray!

Neil, glad to have you “down and safe”, as it were, but your descent from Cloud 9 will probably take a little while longer.

Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs

Those of you who listen to Radio Free Skaro know that the general consensus of the hosts in regards to their thoughts on Torchwood veer from indifference to disappointment to pleasantly surprised to, even, anticipointment. With few highlights (“Small Worlds”, “Something Borrowed”) in the Torchwood canon, compared to many lowlights (take a bow, “Day One”, “Cyberwoman”, “Meat” , “From Out of the Rain”…), our enthusiasm is somewhat tempered by the upcoming “Torchwood: Children of Earth”, airing in the UK from July 6-10 on BBC One, and in the US (BBC America) and Canada (SPACE) later in the month (hopefully).

But then along comes this dark, bleak, moody little trailer that aired on the Australian channel UKTV earlier this week :

Good stuff! Sure, it’s only a trailer, but it does make us use a term that hasn’t been heard in these parts for a long time regarding Torchwood : modest anticipation.

You have our attention, Torchwood. Please don’t screw this up…

Radio Free Skaro #145: The Lament of Steven

Radio Free Skaro #145 – Click here to listen

Steven, one mighty pillar of the tripod that is the Three Who Rule, doesn’t often succumb to the base emotions. Indeed, compared to the gutter-dwelling antics of Pedantor and the frankly borderline illegal conduct of Warren, Steven’s unflappable facade is nigh-invulnerable. But when the fate of Pete Tyler in “Father’s Day” comes into play, all propriety goes out the window. Tune in and hear his descent into madness…if you dare.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…updates!
Who Party Toronto…June 13!
British Fantasy Award…nominations!
Target novelizations…on Radio 4!

Warren Frey Interviews Ron frakkin’ Moore!

Warren here….one of my jobs is reporting on technology for and for the past week I’ve been blogging from Nextmedia and the Banff Television Festival. One of the best parts of my job is interviewing tech and entertainment luminaries, and yesterday I got to talk to Ron Moore, the creator and head writer of Battlestar Galactica and the upcoming Caprica. Kris Krug, a Vancouver photographer and noted new media guy, also threw in a couple of questions. Anyway, Techvibes has graciously let me release the video the Radio Free Skaro audience as a Wednesday Thursday Cutaway, so it’d be great if you could return the favour by checking out their site. Enjoy, everybody!

Direct Download

Thank You, Radio Free Skaro Listeners

As you read this, our friend Neil Perryman is either on a plane to Africa, in Africa preparing for his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, or at the very top of the mountain itself, admiring the view and his accomplishment whilst breathing deeply into a respirator.

We only met Neil for the first time in February at Gallifrey 20 in Los Angeles, but we here at Radio Free Skaro immediately hit if off with him, along with the rest of the Tachyon TV entourage. When we heard that Neil was joining an expedition to climb Kilimanjaro for charity, we knew that we had to do our best to help, so we implored you, our dear listeners, to come forward and give what you could towards this noble cause.

And you all came through in spades. Neil’s target of raising £3,000 was shattered by almost £1,000 thanks to numerous generous donations. Well over £400 (a very conservative estimate indeed) was donated by Radio Free Skaro listeners, or, at least by people who were kind enough to mentions us when they donated.

Thank you, everyone, not only for all your kind donations to UNICEF, but for listening to us prattle on week after week about Neil’s worthy trek. Most of you have never even met any of us, or Neil, yet you still freely gave what money you could. We really appreciate what you have contributed to the cause, and we know that Neil is very humbled and pleased, as well.

Thanks again, and please note that donations can still be given to Neil’s cause until January 2010 by visiting the Just Giving website.


The Three Who Rule (Warren, Steven, and Chris)

Radio Free Skaro #144 – Square Peggs

Radio Free Skaro #144 – Click here to listen


Katrina was back in the fold again this week (replacing Warren, who’s busy blogging in Banff this week), with the main focus of the Three Who Rule being to provide comments on Series 1 episode “The Long Game”. The trio never once went more than ten minutes without discussing the episode at hand – a new record? Along the way, various bits of news were covered, including the explosion of fandom (aka the closing of Doctor Who Forum at Outpost Gallifrey), the shrapnel of which, it was determined, landed well short of affecting your intrepid hosts.

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Charity auction…final results!
Who Party Toronto…June 13!
Outpost Gallifrey…no more!
Matt Smith’s face…in the titles?
Lawry Lewin…cast!
Sinead Keenan…cast!
25 women who shook…Sci-Fi!
Torchwood S3 US…airdates!
Doctor Who…on SPACE!
Torchwood on the…radio!
Sarah Jane Adventures on…audio!
The Long…Game!

Who Party in Toronto – June 13, 2009

Those of you in the Toronto area should circle Saturday, June 13 on your calendar, and those of you who aren’t in Toronto will want to be on that date, as well. On that day, Who Party 14 will be taking place, a one day Doctor Who convention taking place at the Best Western Primrose Hotel in downtown Toronto. Featuring such notable guests as Rob Shearman, Toby Hadoke, Colin Teague, and Lance Parkin, this is shaping up to be one of the biggest conventions that our fair country of Canada has seen in some time. Who Party is being put on by the Doctor Who Information Network, the longest running Doctor Who fan club in North America.

UPDATE! (June 5) James Strong, director of several Doctor Who episodes including The Satan Pit, The Impossible Planet, and Planet of the Dead, has been added to the bill!

Full details of the convention are available at, and you can get instant Twitter updates from the convention by following whopartytoronto. Also, check out the official DWIN website and the DWIN blog for more news about Doctor Who in Canada.

Also, for a teaser as to what to expect from Messrs Hadoke and Shearman, you can check out what these fine fellows had to say to us when we interviewed them at Gallifrey ’09 :

Radio Free Skaro #123 – Shearman After Dark (Interview with Rob Shearman with Jason Haigh-Ellery) – direct download: rfs123.mp3

Radio Free Skaro interviews Toby Hadoke – direct download: RFShadokeinterview.mp3

Radio Free Skaro #124 – Two Scoops of Hooray (Interview with Toby Hadoke and Phil Ford) – direct download: rfs124.mp3