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Radio Free Skaro #170 – Back To Reality

Radio Free Skaro #170 – Click here to listen

rfs170After an eventful few weeks of New Who and rampant podcest, the Three Who Rule (reduced to Two Who Adjudicate for this episode) settled down to news, shenanigans, and rampant avoiding of anything that could possibly be construed as a spoiler. But hope and glory came in the form of Malcolm Clarke, the first musician to grace the Miniscope (yes, it’s back, at least temporarily) and an underrated craftsman in the world of Classic Who. Synthesizers from 1972 and marching Cyberman themes ahoy!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Doctor Who…Dreamland!
The End of Time…synopsis!
The End of Time, Part Two…on New Year’s Day!
The Waters of Mars…ratings!
The Waters of Mars in Australia…but not HD!
David Tennant interviews…Russell T Davies!
John Barrowman in…the End of Time!
Doctor Who…in Trogir, Croatia!
Bernard Cribbins awarded…a special BAFTA!
Phil Collinson joins…Coronation Street!
Chritopher Eccleston is…John Lennon!
The Waters of Mars…appreciated!
BBFC clears…The Waters of Mars!
BBFC clears…Is There Life On Mars?!
BBFC clears…The End of Time, Part One!
BBFC clears…The End of Time, Part Two!
BBFC clears…End of Time Doctor Who Confidential, Part One!
BBFC clears…End of Time Doctor Who Confidential, Part Two!
BBFC clears…San Diego Comic Con extras!
BBFC clears…Doctor Who Christmas Idents!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 12…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Commentary recorded for…The Sun Makers!
The Restoration Team article on…Peladon!

Miniscope Links (Malcolm Clarke):
The…Sea Devils!
Resurrection of the…Daleks!
The Twin…Dilemma!
Attack…of the Cybermen!
Terror…of the Vervoids!

2010 Series Writers and Directors: Update

05/10/2009 08:49

Here’s an updated summary of the original post we did about the writers and directors who are working on the 2010 series of Doctor Who. We’ve managed to find proof of the involvement of at least two more writers, as well as the possible involvement of acclaimed director Euros Lyn.

Here’s what we can confirm:


Steven Moffat (six episodes)
Gareth Roberts (two episodes)
Richard Curtis (one episode)
Chris Chibnall (two episodes)
Mark Gatiss (one episode)
Jack Thorne(Skins) (probably 2011 series)


Adam Smith (Block One and Block Three); IMDB profile
Andrew Gunn (Block Two – two episodes) Agency profile
Ashley Way (Block Four – two episodes) IMDB profile
Jonny Campbell (unknown episodes) IMDB profile

Proof of directors is difficult to find until after they’ve wrapped up their particular block of filming, but we can tell you this :

Euros Lyn was sighted on set (but not working) during Block Four (warning: link contains spoilers), and the crew is shooting in Trogir, Croatia for a second time (the first trip was back in August) to film scenes for Block Five.

Stay tuned to, and listen to our weekly podcasts, to keep up to date on future writer and director announcements!

Photo courtesy of Alun Vega.

Radio Free Skaro #169 – Peking Homunculus

Radio Free Skaro #169 – Click here to listen

rfs169To commemorate the 46th anniversary of the debut of Doctor Who, The Three Who Rule felt it only fitting to invite fellow podcasting super-giant Ken Deep of Doctor Who: Podshock onto the show to not only discuss the news and events of the past week in the world of Who, but to wax on about how they became fans of the show, why they are all still fans, and how they all manage to spend a fair amount of time each week talking about what we, and no doubt you, think is the greatest TV programme ever invented – Doctor Who. We hope you enjoy this unique celebration.
Show Notes:

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Ken Deep talks…Chicago TARDIS!
Anneke Wills…at Gallifrey!
Radio Free Skaro…on Den of Geek!
Radio Free Skaro…blogging for SPACE!
Doctor Who…Dreamland!
Tennant finale…named!
The End of Time preview…on Children in Need!
Children in Need…ratings!
The End of Time…on BBC America!
The Waters of Mars…ratings!
The Waters of Mars…appreciated!
Sarah Jane Adventures…The Gift!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 11…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 12…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Shada documentary…on BBC Radio 4!
Lizo says…The Writer’s Tale released on January 14!
BBC acquires…2|Entertain!

The End of Time – Children in Need Preview

Tonight on the annual Children in Need charity drive broadcast, a clip from the upcoming The End of Time Part One was shown. While we at Radio Free Skaro are hesitant to consider things formally announced by the BBC to be spoilers, there are those who will wish to ignore this should they wish to not know any content from the Christmas Day episode.

OFFICIAL – David Tennant Finale Named!

Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 10.47.58 AMThe BBC this morning formally announced the previously unknown title for the Christmas Day episode. While it has been known for months that Tennant’s final episode would be called “The End of Time” the production team was keeping things hush hush for the penultimate episode, though that silence has now been broken and we now know the title to be — wait for it — “The End of Time Part One“.

Okay, call it a smidge underwhelming that they’ve teased us like this only to give us something we already knew but for us old school fans there’s a certain nostalgia that makes us grin from ear to ear to know something in NuWho will finally be called “Part One” and “Part Two”.

SPACE Blog: Torchwood: Life Beyond The Hub

(WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW) Torchwood: Children of Earth ripped through our television screens a few months ago, leaving a trail of controversy, destruction, and satisfied viewers in its wake. While CoE raised interesting questions about love, sacrifice and just how crazy Jack/Ianto fans could get when faced with their ultimate nightmare, it also pointed what was left of the Torchwood team in a very, very small corner.

Read the rest of the post at

Den of Geek – What We Know About “The End of Time”

Den of Geek LogoSimon Brew over at Den of Geek has posted a wonderful summary article outlining a hefty chunk of what has been gleaned from interviews and formal announcements, along with sneaky peeks from fellow fans and other sources, about David Tennant’s finale beginning next month. Radio Free Skaro’s own Chris was fortunate enough to have a pedantic hand in the piece, which quite obviously carries with it the heftiest of spoiler tags. Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to keep their head buried in the sand with respect to spoilers should most definitely NOT take a look.

The article can be found here, and it’s definitely worth reiterating the VERY spoilery nature of the piece.

Radio Free Skaro #168 – Squee House of Horror

Radio Free Skaro #168 – Click here to listen

rfs168After seven long months, Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in high style with “The Waters of Mars,” a topper of a story and one heck of a lead-in to the Doctor’s imminent demise and resurrection. The Three Who Rule were effusive in their praise of The Waters of Mars, though somewhat less so when the conversation came to the latest episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures, which Chris (also known as “Curmudge-or”) succinctly labeled as “poop”. The trio even discussed how Steven somehow managed to get onto UK radio last week and participate in a conference call with David Tennant. Intellectual banter and relentless name-dropping ahoy!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Doctor Who…The Waters of Mars!
Doctor Who on SPACE…on December 19!
Jonny Campbell…directs Doctor Who!
Doctor Who…in Croatia!
Doctor Who…Confidential!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Mona Lisa’s Revenge!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 9…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 10…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Children in Need…Doctor Who scene!
And it’s airing…between 8:00 and 8:30!
Dreamland…episode lengths!
Dreamland…coming to BBC Two!
Classic Who…on YouTube!
K9 World Premiere…in Poland!
The Ambassadors of Death…commentary!
Doctor Who DVDs…in March!
Dalek War Box Set coming to…North America!
Big Finish…lost Who episodes!

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