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Radio Times Series Five Episode Guide

The April 3-9 issue of the Radio Times not only featured pics of the new TARDIS interior, it also contained a brief synopsis for each of the 13 episodes from Series 5. Look below, if you dare…

UPDATE: The Radio Times Series 5 Episode Guide has been removed at the request of the BBC.It can now be viewed at the official Radio Times website here.

Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!

Radio Free Skaro #191 – Click here to listen

The new series of Doctor Who is less than a week away and with the question of Matt Smith still largely unanswered, the Three Who Rule were glad of the first proper clips from the new series so as to get a feel for the character. Add to the mix yet another new trailer as well as an extended interview with Matt Smith by Jonathan Ross, talk of the new TARDIS design on Doctor Who Confidential and descriptions for future episodes before we’ve even seen the first one and the bottom line is excitement! The Miniscope even makes a one-off return, focused squarely at the Who oeuvre, or Whoeuvre if you will, of new show runner Steven Moffat.
Show Notes:

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The Eleventh Hour…Opening Clip!
Vampires in Venice…Sneak Peek!
Series Five…Fourth Trailer!
Series Five…SPACE Trailer!
The Eleventh Hour…Start Time!
Doctor Who Confidential…Synopsis!
The Beast Below…Synopsis!
K-9 Premiere…In Australia!
July…Region 1 DVD Releases!

Miniscope – Steven Moffat:
The Curse of Fatal Death
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
The Girl in the Fireplace
Time Crash
Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead


Sneak Preview of The Eleventh Hour

Hot on the heels of the new trailer and Vampires in Venice clip from last night’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, the BBC Red Button service has begun showing the first little bit of Matt Smith’s debut story, The Eleventh Hour. We present it here with the usual spoiler caveat:

July 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America

A bumper crop of four different Doctor Who DVDs, comprising five stories, will be released in North America on July 6. The Space Museum/The Chase set represents the William Hartnell era. As noted in Radio Free Skaro #184, the scene containing The Beatles’ performance of “Ticket To Ride” will be excised from all DVD versions outside of Europe.

Also due out are the three stories included in the UK “Myths and Legends” box set, but sold separately in North America: The Time Monster, Underworld, and The Horns of Nimon.

Below are the covers for each DVD:

Doctor Who – Story #015, 016: The Space Museum / The Chase (The 1st Doctor/William Hartnell)
3-DVD set (4 episodes and 6 episodes), $49.98 SRP
Doctor Who – Story #064: The Time Monster (The 3rd Doctor/Jon Pertwee)
1-DVD set (6 episodes), $24.98 SRP
Doctor Who – Story #096: Underworld (The 4th Doctor/Tom Baker)
1-DVD set (4 episodes), $24.98 SRP
Doctor Who – Story #108: The Horns of Nimon (The 4th Doctor/Tom Baker)
1-DVD set (4 episodes), $24.98 SRP

Check out the full story at TV Shows on DVD.

Radio Free Skaro #190 – Ludwig Speed Kings

Radio Free Skaro #190 – Click here to listen

Rampant speculation was the order of the day for the Three Who Rule, as a spate of trailers got the thinkin’ (and other) juices flowing. New footage! A Dalek! A Cyberman! Several…other things! And 13 days to go before a new Doctor, a new companion, and a new season debut in the UK. All this and a smattering of news, some pedanting, and ribald statements.
Show Notes:

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Gallifrey 22…First Guests Announced!
Series Five…New Trailer!
The Eleventh Hour…Red Button Loop!
Series Five Title Sequence…Still Secret!
An Old Enemy…Returns!
Series Six…Confirmed!
K-9…UK Premiere!
Tom Baker Says…He’s Doing Big Finish!
Big Finish Says…No He Isn’t, Officially!

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