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Radio Free Skaro #200 – The Mighty 200

Radio Free Skaro #200 – Click here to listen

With Warren in the Galapagos Islands unleashing his fiendish experiments to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a reality, Radio Free Skaro celebrates its 200th episode, keeping things low key and just having a couple old friends over for drinks. Neil Perryman and Simon Harries from Tachyon TV join in the fun with a look at not only the current episode of Doctor Who, Cold Blood, but the gang also gabs about Series 5 as it stands thus far. A bonus treat of some kind words provided by some of our listeners rounds out this milestone episode. Onward to the next 200!
Show Notes:

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Tachyon TV
Episode Nine…Cold Blood
Cold Blood…Ratings!
The Hungry Earth…Appreciation Index!
Amy’s Choice…Final Viewing Figures!
The Lodger…June 12!
The Lodger…Synopsis!
Vincent and the Doctor…Schedule Change!
Doctor Who Series 1-4…On SPACE!
Return of…The Welshies!
Seires 5…Action Figures!
Revenge of the Cybermen…DVD Details!
Silver Nemesis…DVD Details!
Time and the Rani…DVD Details!
September 2010…North America DVD Releases!
BBC One…Simulcast In HD!

Doctor Who Series 1-4 on SPACE

SPACE, Canada’s home of Doctor Who, has announced broadcast information for Series 1-4. Beginning Monday, May 31, SPACE subscribers can catch up with past series of NuWho. Episodes will air every Monday through Thursday at 8:00PM Eastern Time with repeats at Midnight.

Read more at the SPACE website!

September 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America

September 7th sees the North American release of, well, a couple not-so-great Doctor Who titles. Thankfully Planet of Fire is amongst the bunch to give the month a little bit of cred. Coupled with The King’s Demons in the UK, the North American release sees separation again as with the Peladon stories released recently. The first story produced for Season 17, The Creature From The Pit is the last of the month’s releases.

Below are the covers for each DVD, click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

Check out the full story at

Edit: Warner has issued corrected cover art for The King’s Demons, removing the spelling error in Peter Davison’s name. Planet of Fire has now also been confirmed as a 2-disc release however updated cover art is not yet available. See the update at

Edit #2: Warner has now issued corrected cover art for Planet of Fire, similarly fixing the spelling error in Peter Davison’s name, and now reflecting the fact it’s a 2-disc release. See the update at

Radio Free Skaro #199 – Doctor Who and the Homo Reptilia

Radio Free Skaro #199 – Click here to listen

It shaped up to be a good week for the Three Who Rule on account of the return of some of their favourite classic series monsters, the Silurians (aka Eocenes, aka Homo Reptilia). “The Hungry Earth”, the episode in which they made their first successful appearance in 40 years (see what we did there?), also had a distinctly classic feel to it, making one almost feel like we were watching Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and UNIT battling with cave monsters in the 1970s (aka the 1980s). Onwards!
Show Notes:

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Episode Eight…The Hungry Earth
The Hungry Earth…Ratings!
Amy’s Choice…Appreciation Index!
The Vampires of Venice…Final Viewing Figures!
Cold Blood…7PM Start Time!
Vincent and the Doctor…June 5!
Vincent and the Doctor…Synopsis!
Karen Gillan…Back for Series Six!
Series 5…Finale Titles!
Episode 10…Advance Screening!
Episode 12…Advance Screening!
Doctor Who…Live!
TV Choice…Fictitious Nominations!

SPACE Podcast – May 21, 2010

spacebadgeSince there’s no edition of the SPACE Podcast this week, the good folks at Canada’s home of Doctor Who have turned the floor completely over to Radio Free Skaro to review the most recent episode that aired in North America, “Flesh and Stone”. This is also the only place you can find out what Chris thought of the episode, as he wasn’t around for the regular Radio Free Skaro review of it a couple weeks ago. What a stunning exclusive!

Join us or die! Can you do any less?

Series 5 Finale Episode Titles Announced!

For the keen-to-know, the BBC has released the titles for the Series 5 finale episodes via their Series At A Glance web page. Those who don’t wish to know the titles will want to avoid the link, of course!

Episode titles can sometime be indicative of the episode content, but regardless if that holds true in this case or not it’s certainly a pair of evocative titles. Episode 12 has been referenced in a previous episode while Episode 13 sounds like it could be another finale on a massive scale. Appetites at the RFS bunker have nonetheless been whet!

BBC – Doctor Who: The Series At A Glance.

Radio Free Skaro #198 – Omnipotent Space Bastard

Radio Free Skaro #198 – Click here to listen

Given the mixed reactions that The Three Who Rule have had about past attempts of surrealism in Doctor Who, one wouldn’t expect the latest noodle-scratcher to be an episode for them to agree on. But that’s just what “Amy’s Choice” was, a daring and bold step into a world of dreams featuring pregnant Amys, awkward Doctors, and rampant elder abuse. Really, what’s not to love? And there wasn’t even one hint of The Valeyard making a return appearance. Or was there….?
Show Notes:

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Episode Seven…Amy’s Choice!
Amy’s Choice…Ratings!
The Vampires of Venice…Appreciation Index!
Flesh and Stone…Final Viewing Figures!
The Eleventh Hour…a hit on iPlayer!
Cold Blood…airing May 29!
Cold Blood…Synopsis!
Episode 11 called…The Lodger!
Doctor Who theme…third most recognizable!

Radio Free Skaro #197 – Mock Turtle Soup

Radio Free Skaro #197 – Click here to listen!

Vampires! Venice! Fish people! Disagreement! While two of the Three Who Rule were less than blown away by the latest historical romp, “The Vampires of Venice”, with little else to discuss during this slow news week it was that or stats. Which were also discussed. Harrumph.
Show Notes:

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Episode Six…The Vampires of Venice!
The Vampires of Venice…Ratings!
Flesh and Stone…Appreciation Index!
The Time of Angels…Final Viewing Figures!
Amy’s Choice…Broadcast Time!
The Hungry Earth…Broadcast Time!
The Hungry Earth…Synopsis!

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