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Phil Ford on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

You may remember a few weeks ago on Radio Free Skaro that our own Warren Frey had an article coming out at Eurogamer in early June in which Warren talked with Phil Ford, writer of the first three episodes of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. Well, Eurogamer dragged their heels on releasing the article and it was never published. However, over at Warren’s long running blog,, the full article is now available. In it, Phil Ford (who has appeared on Radio Free Skaro three times in the past) discusses how the project came about and where it can go in the future.

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Radio Free Skaro #204 – The Big Bang on the Edge of Forever

Radio Free Skaro #204 – Click here to listen

Something almost completely impossible happened this week in that not only did the Series 5 finale, The Big Bang, provide a fantastic and satisfying end to one of the best series of Doctor Who in recent memory, but the Three Who Rule actually agreed on how much they enjoyed a series finale. From Steven Moffat’s mastery of what could have been a convoluted story to Matt Smith’s best performance as The Doctor (again, for the 13th straight week), The Big Bang had it all, and it only makes the six-month wait until the 2010 Christmas special seem that much longer. And what will Radio Free Skaro do to pass the time until then? Listen and find out…
Show Notes:

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Episode Thirteen…The Big Bang!
The Big Bang…Ratings!
The Pandorica Opens…Appreciation Index!
The Lodger…Final Viewing Figures!
Christmas Special 2010…Readthrough!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 4 Titles!
Doctor Who Adventure Games…Episode 2 Released!
Doctor Who Adventure Games…New Monsters!
Doctor Who…Not at San Diego Comic-Con!
Running Through Corridors…Volume 1!
Children of Earth…Saturn Award!
Pennant Roberts…Obituary!

SPACE Podcast – June 25, 2010

spacebadgeSeries 5 rolls on in Canada on SPACE, with Cold Blood being the most recent episode to air. On the latest SPACE Podcast, the Three Who Rule again weigh in on what they thought of the conclusion to the Silurian two-parter; it’s also the first chance for you to hear what resident cynic Warren thought about the episode as he was away when RFS first reviewed this episode in RFS #200!

Have a listen to hear what the Three Who Rule thought!

Radio Free Skaro #203 – The Pipes of Pandorica

Radio Free Skaro #203 – Click here to listen

Well, what about that, then? The Pandorica Opens exploded onto TV and computer screens the world over in dazzling and impressive fashion, seemingly including visual references to every monster in the entire history of Doctor Who, presenting us a trio of equally impossible cliffhangers, and throwing in at least three kitchen sinks into the bargain. And yet, it still made for staggeringly compelling viewing, and only whets our appetite for The Big Bang, the final episode of Matt Smith’s and Steven Moffat’s sterling first series of Doctor Who. The only question now…how can The Big Bang possibly top this?
Show Notes:

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Episode Twelve…The Pandorica Opens!
The Pandorica Opens…Ratings!
The Lodger…Appreciation Index!
Vincent and the Doctor…Final Viewing Figures!
The Big Bang…Transmission Time!
Eccleston…Speaks About His Departure!
City of the Daleks…Download Numbers!
Adventure Games…Episode Two Synopsis!
Adventure Games…Episode Two Details!
Series 5 DVDs…Exclude Next Time Trailers!

SPACE Podcast – June 18, 2010

spacebadgeThe SPACE Podcast returns after taking last week off (although SPACE did publish Radio Free Skaro’s review of Amy’s Choice last Friday); once again Radio Free Skaro makes an appearance, this time to give our thoughts on the first part of the Silurian/Eocene/Homo Reptilia two-parter, The Hungry Earth.

Have a listen to hear what the Three Who Rule thought!

Series 5 DVDs To Exclude “Next Time” Trailers

As fans who have bought the first volume of Doctor Who Series 5 releases will have noticed, there are no “Next Time” trailers included at the end of the episodes. This decision will carry over to future volumes as well as the box set release in the fall. Nothing formal has been announced by 2Entertain or the BBC however those who have lodged complaints have been informed of this fact. This decision affects both DVD and Blu-Ray releases and will be welcomed by some while being derided by others to be sure. Customers who are disappointed in this decision can contact 2Entertain to express their feelings.

Reprinted below are emails forwarded to Radio Free Skaro containing replies to costumer complaints and queries. Contact information for 2Entertain is contained within the emails.

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Radio Free Skaro #202 – Nothing At The Top Of The Stairs

Radio Free Skaro #202 – Click here to listen

The news of a fourth series of Torchwood becoming a reality dropped like a bomb in the Doctor Who fandom world, as many had written off the idea once FOX stepped away from the table. With Warren unavailable, Steven and Chris are joined by Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast to talk about Torchwood, cover the latest episode of Doctor Who (Gareth Roberts’ “The Lodger”), as well as the news of the week. Will this be another Planet of the Dead, or will Gareth Roberts redeem himself in the eyes of the RFS gang, particularly the relentlessly unforgiving Chris? What does our esteemed guest think of the latest Who?

Show Notes:

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Two-minute Time Lord
Episode Eleven…The Lodger!
The Lodger…Ratings!
Vincent and the Doctor…Appreciation Index!
Cold Blood…Final Viewing Figures!
Ratings Victory…For SPACE!
The Pandorica Opens…Broadcast Time Announced!
The Big Bang…June 26!
The Big Bang…Synopsis!
Torchwood Series 4…A Reality!
Tom Baker…Does More Audiobooks!
The Eleven Doctors…Action Figures!

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