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SPACE Podcast – July 30, 2010

spacebadgeIn the latest SPACE Podcast, The Three Who Rule weigh on on the Season 5 finale, “The Big Bang”, as seen on SPACE last Saturday. After this, the Radio Free Skaro team will be taking a much needed break from doing double duty on both podcasts. After all, they’re going to need all their energy to get through Time-Flight in the next RFS episode…

Read more at the SPACE website!.

Radio Free Skaro #208 – You May Keep The Pencil

Radio Free Skaro #208 – Click here to listen

A rare busy news week disrupts the Three Who Rule and their summer slacking off. Series 6 ramblings, fictitious awards, DVD news and talk of the SPACE premiere of The Big Bang at least help to kill some of the time until the Christmas special. The guys soldier on with the Classic Series Commentaries by looking at the first full story recorded with Peter Davison, Four to Doomsday. Which actor will Steven fall in love with this week?, Just how saucy will the lads be in this installment? And what will the randomizer force upon them next week? There’s only one way to know – have a listen!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
SPACE Airs…The Big Bang
Series 6…Production Staff!
RTD Talks…Torchwood Series 4!
David Tennant Wins…Another Fictitious Award!
Doctor Who Proms…Part 1!
Doctor Who Proms…Part 2!
Dance…Of The Daleks
Doctor Who Proms…Program!
Adventure Games…Available Outside The UK!
Doctor Who…iPlayer Success!
Series 5…On DVD!
Revisitations Box Set…DVD Extras!
North America…Cyberman DVDs!


Four…To Doomsday!

InnerSPACE LIVE: Doctor Who – The Big Bang

Tonight, Saturday, July 24, at 9:00pm ET, will see the North American premiere of the Series 5 finale of Doctor Who, “The Big Bang”, in both the US (on BBC America) and Canada (on SPACE). Immediately after the broadcast in Canada, SPACE will be airing a special live version of InnerSPACE featuring various guests and panelists. There will also be a live web chat featuring several Who experts, including the three hosts from Radio Free Skaro!

The live chat starts at 8:45pm ET. Clicking here will take you to the SPACE website. Join the fun, and let’s all hope the Doctor Who finale is a roaring success on North American TV screens!

SPACE Podcast – July 23, 2010

spacebadgeOn the eve of the finale of Series 5 of Doctor Who on SPACE, the Radio Free Skaro team offer their review of Episode 12, the stupendously awesome The Pandorica Opens, on the latest SPACE Podcast.

Read more at the SPACE website! And don’t miss the big event on Saturday, July 24: The Big Bang, followed by the InnerSPACE Live Special, on SPACE starting at 9pm ET.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Now Available Worldwide

The first two episodes of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has now been made available on the game site Direct2Drive for a low price of $4.95. From the website blurb, the package includes:

Episode 1 – City of the Daleks (Included Free)
The TARDIS materializes in 1963 to find the human race destroyed by the Daleks. The Doctor must travel to the home planet of his arch enemy, the Daleks, to correct time and the save the last survivor of Humanity – Amy Pond.

Episode 2 – Blood of the Cybermen
The Doctor and Amy materialise in the Arctic – where members of a geological survey team have started turning from flesh to metal after awakening something that has been dormant for thousands of years – an army of Cybermen.

Note: Only the Windows version is currently being made available. There is as yet no word about the Mac version, and it is not known if it will be released at a later date (as it was in the UK).

Find out more at the Direct2Drive site.

Doctor Who Series 5 DVD/BR Update

November 9 has now been confirmed as the North American release date for the Series 5 box set on DVD and Blu-Ray, and DVD box art has now been made available (previously only Blu-Ray art was available). Along with the “Meanwhile, in the TARDIS…” content mentioned previously, the feature list confirms story commentaries. While the past few series have featured both DVD- and internet-based commentary releases, the powers that be chose to not release internet-based commentaries for Series 5, so including them on the DVDs will make a lot of fans clamouring for such content very happy.

See more at

November North America Doctor Who DVDs

November 2 will see the North American release of two Classic Doctor Who Cybermen stories, Tom Baker’s Revenge of the Cybermen and Sylvester McCoy’s Silver Nemesis. Neither of these two stories is often rated very highly relative to some other Cybermen stories but they’ve both got certain charms. Unlike the UK, and as has happened a lot of late in North America, the titles will be sold separately. It should be noted the Silver Nemesis release is the transmission version rather than the extended cut issued on VHS in the 1990s.


Doctor Who Series 5 DVD/Blu-Ray – November 9?

Today the LA Times is reporting the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Series 5 of Doctor Who will hit store shelves November 9th. Given the source, this should represent the North American release date and may or may not coincide with the UK release date. As yet neither BBC Worldwide nor Warner (which distributes Who DVDs/Blu-Rays in North America) has confirmed the release date but that is expected to happen soon.

The cool bit of news is there will be a bonus called “Meanwhile, in the TARDIS…” comprised of two specially-filmed segments to bridge some story gaps. What a delightfully interesting concept to say the least!

Edit: Reports are now coming in the UK release date will be November 8.

Radio Free Skaro #207 – Please Do Not Throw Hands At Me

Radio Free Skaro #207 – Click here to listen

The Radio Free Skaro Classic Series Commentaries kept trucking along this week with a look at another Tom Baker story. The Robots of Death, a wonderful murder mystery, goes under examination in the form of the Three Who Rule jib-jabbering their way through four episodes of Chris Boucher goodness. Oh, and there’s some like casting news… or something… about the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special. And Torchwood news. And DVD news. But that’s all peanuts compared to robots! ROBOTS!
Show Notes:

New Designs at…Skaro Shop!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Christmas Special…Announcement!
Torchwood Series 4…Characters!
Doctor Who Proms…Broadcast!
BBC Audiobooks…Sold!
Time and the Rani…DVD Details!
Patrick Troughton…Ferguson?


The Robots…Of Death!
Chris Boucher…Miniscope

SPACE Podcast – July 16, 2010

spacebadgeIt’s getting down to the nitty gritty in Matt Smith’s first series in Doctor Who. On the latest SPACE Podcast, the Three Who Rule discuss their thoughts on that delightful romp, The Lodger, which is the last chance for whimsy for The Doctor before what looks like will be a devastating finale…

Read more at the SPACE website! And don’t forget to watch The Pandorica Opens on SPACE on Saturday, July 17 at 9pm ET!

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