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Radio Free Skaro #210 – Click here to listen

Warren returns to the fold this week, having thought he had escaped the worst that Doctor Who could offer by missing the commentary for Time-Flight last week. Instead, Hartnell-phobe Warren was given both barrels of black and white mediocrity in the form of The Keys of Marinus, one of the lesser lights of the debut season of Doctor Who from 1964. Actually, the Three Who Rule managed to keep themselves reasonably entertained throughout the first three episodes of Terry Nation’s best non-Dalek script that he ever wrote for Doctor Who…until the thought of having to watch three more episodes next week brought everyone back down to Earth.

Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Gallifrey…Guest Update!
2010 Christmas Special…In The Can!
Torchwood Series 4…Writers!
Torchwood Series 4…Gets A Title!
Fictitious…Portal Awards!
Seeds of Doom…On DVD!
Vampires of Venice…DVD In-vision Commentary!
Cold Blood…DVD In-vision Commentary!
The Big Bang…DVD In-vision Commentary!


The Keys…Of Marinus!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Odd Brian says:

    That was only three episodes? Herculean feats of strength are going to be needed to get through episodes 4, 5, and 6.

    Does William Hartnell wear a Bumpit in this story?

  2. Grimshaw says:

    If you guys haven’t seen Moff’s Sherlock yet you really should

    Would like to see a review for the series – just cause I like your guys opinions – in a cast at some time.

  3. great show as always!
    I haven’t commented much lately, but I still never miss an episode of rfs

  4. Clive Sinclair says:

    Warren sucks.