Radio Free Skaro #212 – Let’s Do The Mindwarp Again

Radio Free Skaro #212 – Click here to listen

In this, the penultimate Radio Free Skaro Classic Series Commentary for the summer, the Three Who Rule lucked out with the second segment of the four-part trilogy known as The Trial of the Time Lord. Lucked out, you may well ask? Well, yes, for all three hosts were fairly unanimous in their praise of Mindwarp, and the Trial season as a whole, firm in their belief that Colin Baker’s tenure as The Doctor has been unfairly maligned over the years. Disagree? Listen to the commentary to see if you will be swayed…

Show Notes:

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  • The DS9 episode you guys are talking about is “Trials and Tribble-ations”. I read a Starlog article that had some details on production. They had to ratchet up the lighting, for one thing, in order to match the look of the old series.

    On to “Delta and the Bannerman”.

  • Josh Zimon

    Not really swayed, though I didn’t mind parts when Eric and I reviewed it.

    How odd that you say this is the best one you have commentated on this year after “Image” and “Robots”. I will just assume you forgot after the last two weeks of Marinus or you have all had brain-transplant surgery. “Mindwarp” has dialogue like “Why do you hate me so?” Ugh. Someone actually wrote that line into a script. I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again, though if it does come on somewhere, I will likely impose the “skiddaddle” technique.

    btw – I don’t hate Colin Baker, in fact, I really like him on Big Finish. I just think he got the shaft in production, writing, directing etc. Not his fault this time in DW history was pretty crappy.

  • neeerd

    I believe, sirs, you mean, Equs. with harry potter. 3 person play (also staring uncle veron). Harry potters actors character is a young man, he and his girlfriend make sweet ugly love in the stables. and he goes insane cause he thinks the horses saw his ‘wizard stick’, and so he slaughters the horse (the Queen prohibits actual harm to come to horses in theatre, so the part was played by a puppet.)

  • Chris: I have to ask. Did you punch the air as you were saying “Delta and the Bannermen”?

  • More or less, yes. 🙂

  • I thought as much. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much since Steven’s lament for Shaun Dingwall during the “Father’s Day” commentary.

    I have an old CBS News Nightwatch interview that Charlie Rose did with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred from back in ’88 or ’89. What’s memorable beyond Rose mispronouncing Sophie’s surname as “Aldridge”, was that they showed a clip from “Delta…”. At the time, I remember being geeked because I’d never seen McCoy in action.

    Also, did you guys see Don Henderson when he was in Red Dwarf? I remember it being made shortly before he died from throat cancer and his voice sounded horrible.

  • I remember him as the simulant now that you mention it, but hadn’t when we recorded the commentary.

  • It’s already recorded? When will the next episode be released? And who had to scrape Warren off the ground after recording?

  • We recorded it last night, it’ll be out Sunday as usual. Warren somehow survived…

  • Josh Zimon

    Thanks for taking the hit, Warren. You deserve an adult beverage.

  • Felicity

    Catching up with your podcasts and really enjoyed this one. Actually got to watch something I own when listening to the commentaries. And you brought up my former career in master control. Slave control is correct.

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