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Radio Free Skaro #222 – Golden Slumbers

Radio Free Skaro #222 – Click here to listen

The Series 5 Commentary series rears its head once again as the Three Who Rule tackle fan favourite Amy’s Choice with much glee and delectation. More fan enjoyment came this past week in the form of Death of the Doctor, featuring Matt Smith’s return as the Doctor in the latest installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Fans awaiting the Christmas special got not one but two pieces of good news this week as it was announced that the BFI will be holding an advance screening for the episode while the rest of us have to suffer with a Children In Need clip next month. Join the fandom fun with the whole gang in this episode of Radio Free Skaro before it’s gone gone gone!
Show Notes:

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Death of the Doctor…Episode 1!
Death of the Doctor…Episode 2!
The Nightmare Man…Ratings!!
The Christmas Special…At The BFI!
The Christmas Special…Previewed On Children In Need!
The Eighth Doctor…Gets A New Costume!
The Mutants and The TV Movie…Region 1 DVDs In February!
Matt Smith…On The Late Late Show?



February North America Doctor Who DVDs

As promised by 2 Entertain’s Dan Hall in Radio Free Skaro #221, 2011 is indeed shaping up to be a very busy year for Doctor Who DVD fans in North America. Hot on the heels of two releases in January, February 8 sees another two DVDs coming out in the form of the 1996 TV Movie and the 1972 serial The Mutants. The TV Movie finally sees its first North American release of any kind on the eve of the 15th anniversary of its original broadcast, whereas The Mutants is the second release (after Meglos) that will be released in 2011 at around the same time as it is in the UK.

Read more at Also, click on each cover pic to see a larger version.

Radio Free Skaro #221 – 2 Entertain or Not 2 Entertain

Radio Free Skaro #221 – Click here to listen

A special treat this week: an interview with Dan Hall, Commissioning Editor of the Doctor Who DVD range at 2 Entertain. Dan expounds on many a hot topic in the world of Doctor Who shiny discs, including animated reconstructions, the Revisitations box sets, and much, much more, including a look ahead to what will be a very busy 2011 for Doctor Who DVD fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Also, the Three Who Rule give their thoughts on the most recent Sarah Jane Adventures outing, “The Vault of Secrets”, as well as deal with a few other sundry matters. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

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The Vault of Secrets…Episode 1!
The Vault of Secrets…Episode 2!
BBC One HD…Launch Date!
Mark Sheppard…Cast In Doctor Who!
Doctor Who Nintendo Games…Due November 12!
Doctor Who Nintendo Games…More Details!
The Mutants and The Ark…DVD Details!
Graham Crowden…Dies.

Dan Hall…of 2 Entertain!
Follow Dan Hall…on Twitter!

EXCLUSIVE: The Mutants DVD Artwork Unveiled

We here at Radio Free Skaro are thrilled to unveil the draft artwork for the upcoming 2 Entertain DVD release of the 1972 Jon Pertwee story The Mutants! Big thanks go to Dan Hall (@classicdw on Twitter) for providing us with the artwork. You can hear our feature length interview with Dan coming this weekend on Radio Free Skaro #221!

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

The Mutants will be released on DVD in 2011 and features a commentary featuring Katy Manning, Terrance Dicks, and many others, plus a feature documentary called Race Against Time, narrated by Noel Clarke. As always, it looks like 2 Entertain and the Doctor Who Restoration Team have put together another fascinating release for Doctor Who fans everywhere!

Doctor Who Podcast Alliance – Doctor Who Live and Death of the Doctor

Various members of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance were beside themselves with joy this past week as they were lucky enough to attend not only the Doctor Who Live show in London, but also the special BFI screening of the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures story, “Death of the Doctor”. Being podcasters, they naturally convened after each event to offer their thoughts and opinions, which you can now listen to the show in the media player above! Enjoy!

Check out the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site to find a glorious smattering of Doctor Who podcasts (including Radio Free Skaro) that will no doubt educate and entertain you.

Radio Free Skaro #220 – Your Mother Should Know

Radio Free Skaro #220 – Click here to listen

The internet exploded in Doctor Who land this past week with fans beside themselves about Regenergate and Gallifrey One hotel rooms, which caused the Three Who Rule to take time out of this episode to allay those fears. Long stories short: Don’t Panic. Everything’s fine. After those fires were ably extinguished, it was on to the commentary for The Vampires of Venice, a mid-series tome that inspired overwhelming indifference from two members of the Radio Free Skaro team. Did that opinion change…?
Show Notes:

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Gallifrey One…banter!
Regeneration limit…gone!
Doctor Who…going to Utah!
The Nightmare Man…Part One!
The Nightmare Man…Part Two!
Series 5 Soundtrack…track listing!
Doctor Who…iPhone game!
IDW 11th Doctor Comics…coming January 2011!
Resurrection of the Daleks…new commentary!
David Tennant…on a DVD extra!


The Vampires of…Venice!

Radio Free Skaro #219 – Fixing A Hole

Radio Free Skaro #219 – Click here to listen

The Series 5 commentary series resumes this week with a look at the latter half of the stellar return of the Weeping Angels, “Flesh and Stone”. Instead of stunned silence, though, which one might expect to occur when watching something as entrancing as this, the Three Who Rule instead descended into heated arguments about Battlestar Galactica and the debatable merits of rock operas. One thing that they could all agree on, though, is that The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone are fine examples of some of the best television ever made.
Show Notes:

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Episodes 3 and 4…60 Minutes long?
New Producer…Marcus Wilson!
Doctor Who filming…in the USA!
Katherine Jenkins…sings in Doctor Who?
Day of the Daleks…coming to DVD!


Flesh…and Stone!

Radio Free Skaro #218 – Robots, Vultures and Dying Doctors

Radio Free Skaro #218 – Click here to listen

The Series 5 Commentary Series gets a bit of a rest as we focus on the news of the week and feature another extended interview with friend of the show, Phil Ford. Phil, along with Russell T Davies, recently won the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Hugo Award for The Waters of Mars, the first such honour for Doctor Who not bestowed upon Steven Moffat, and our own Steven sat down with him to discuss the Hugo, the upcoming Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures for which he serves as head writer, and a lot more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some time with Phil and his effervescence on this installment of Radio Free Skaro!
Show Notes:

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Christmas Special…90 Minutes?
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 1 Synopsis!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 2 Synopsis!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Press Pack!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Alien Files!
The Mutants…DVD Extras!
The Mutants…Commentary!
Series 5 Action Figures…Wave 2!
Louis Marks…Dies, Sadly.