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Radio Free Skaro #220 – Click here to listen

The internet exploded in Doctor Who land this past week with fans beside themselves about Regenergate and Gallifrey One hotel rooms, which caused the Three Who Rule to take time out of this episode to allay those fears. Long stories short: Don’t Panic. Everything’s fine. After those fires were ably extinguished, it was on to the commentary for The Vampires of Venice, a mid-series tome that inspired overwhelming indifference from two members of the Radio Free Skaro team. Did that opinion change…?
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Gallifrey One…banter!
Regeneration limit…gone!
Doctor Who…going to Utah!
The Nightmare Man…Part One!
The Nightmare Man…Part Two!
Series 5 Soundtrack…track listing!
Doctor Who…iPhone game!
IDW 11th Doctor Comics…coming January 2011!
Resurrection of the Daleks…new commentary!
David Tennant…on a DVD extra!


The Vampires of…Venice!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. “suck it down nerds, take your medicine.”
    definitely the podcast quote of the week!

  2. by the way-
    It’s Doctor Girlfriend A.K.A. “Mrs. The Monarch” A.K.A. “Sheila”. Formerly “Lady Au pair”.

  3. Odd Brian says:

    If you don’t mind, I’ll stay here in the corner thinking about the blond female vampire.

    Oh, for two hours in the water with her.

  4. ronsalas says:

    Guys, I’ve become a recent convert to Dr Who and I have to say yours is probably my favourite podcast about the good Doctor. Keep up the good work folks and I’ll keep listening.