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Radio Free Skaro #226 – I Feel Fine

Radio Free Skaro #226 – Click here to listen

The time has finally come for The Three Who Rule to sink their teeth into Vincent and the Doctor as the Series 5 commentary series continues. Vincent has been a polarizing episode both amongst the Radio Free Skaro gang as well as much of fandom in general with opinions firmly seated on both sides of the fence. Will opinions change with another viewing and an open debate? Will assertions of greatness or dreadfulness fall on deaf ears? The news of the week rounds out this episode along with a teaser of what’s to come next week…
Show Notes:

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A Christmas Carol…Synopsis!
A Christmas Carol…7PM Start Time?
A Christmas Carol…December 26 on SPACE!
Lost In Time…Ratings!
Paradise Towers…On DVD In 2011!
Meglos…DVD Details!
Doctor Who…Comes To iOS!
Wiped!…a fantastic book!
Ingrid Pitt…Died.


Vincent…And The Doctor!

SPACE To Air Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol on December 26

SPACE, the home of Doctor Who in Canada, has announced that Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol will air on Sunday, December 26 at 9pm ET – one day after the BBC will air it in the UK and the American premiere of the 2010 Christmas Special on BBC America. While not matching the day-and-date airing of BBC America, the one day delay is the quickest turnaround of a Canadian broadcast since The End of Time, Part Two aired on January 2, 2010, a day after it aired in the UK. Listen to the upcoming Radio Free Skaro episode #226 this weekend to hear The Three Who Rule’s take on this news.

Radio Free Skaro #225 – We Can Work It Out

Radio Free Skaro #225 – Click here to listen

It was a banner week for Doctor Who leading up the programme’s 47th anniversary celebrations on November 23, with massive news on both sides of the Atlantic in the forms of a new trailer for A Christmas Carol, a same-day broadcast date in the US, and Matt Smith’s landmark appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. All of these events and more were discussed at great length by the Three Who Rule, amongst other notable topics (including Ian Levine’s Shada), capped off by a rollicking commentary on the Series 5 episode “Cold Blood”. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!
Show Notes:

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A Christmas Carol…On BBC America!
A Christmas Carol…On The ABC!
Children…In Need!
A Christmas Carol…Trailer!
Matt Smith…On The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson!
Matthew Graham…Confirmed To Write For Series 6!
Episodes 5 and 6…Named!
Goodbye Sarah Jane…Part 1!
Goodbye Sarah Jane…Part 2!
The Empty Planet…Ratings!
Rose Tyler…Best Companion Ever?!
Return to Earth…Rated!
March 2011…North American DVDs!



Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol – Trailer

Behold: a new trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, “A Christmas Carol”, airing Saturday, December 25 in the UK and USA:

And thanks to Nat from Bridging the Rift for tipping us off to this one, but here’s the complete segment that aired during the BBC’s Children in Need, complete with the Teaparty in the TARDIS segment:

March 2011 North America Doctor Who DVDs

Details have emerged for DVDs due in North America in March, 2011. Two DVDs will street on March 8, one to play catch-up with the UK releases and one due not long after its UK counterpart. The Seeds of Doom and The Ark will help bring North America more in line with releases across the pond. Many people on this side of the Atlantic, not the least of which are The Three Who Rule, are especially anticipating The Seeds of Doom.

Read more at Click on the cover art to see a larger version.

BBC America Announces A Christmas Carol Broadcast Date

BBC America, earlier today on Twitter announced a Christmas Day broadcast of the 2010 Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol. Speculation had been rampant about the lag time between the UK and North American broadcasts, and now we have the answer – a handful of hours. BBC America will air A Christmas Carol at 9PM EST. Further details are still forthcoming from Canada’s home of Doctor Who, SPACE.

UPDATE: The full BBC America press release also states that the network will air the Doctor Who Prom from this past summer, in addition to a Doctor Who marathon on December 24. Click below to read the full text of the BBC America press release:

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Matthew Graham Confirmed As Series 6 Writer

As we at Radio Free Skaro first discussed earlier this year, Matthew Graham has indeed been confirmed as a writer for Series 6. Doctor Who Magazine 428 reports that Graham will be penning episodes 5 & 6, which comprise a two-part story.

On a (likely) related note, Doctor Who Spoilers is reporting the casting of Sarah Smart for an upcoming two-parter to be directed by Julian Simpson. The first filming block comprising episodes 3 & 4 has wrapped and the current filming block comprising Episodes 1 & 2 is underway, and currently filming in America, so we anticipate episodes 5 & 6 to comprise the next filming block. (UPDATE: Graham has himself confirmed this on Twitter.)

Graham, whose previous Doctor Who credit is 2006’s Fear Her has also had great success with Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. While Fear Her may not be a lauded classic for most, having Graham on the Series 6 writing team definitely excites the Three Who Rule!

Dalek on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

As a bit of a preview to the Doctor Who-centric episode on November 16, a Dalek featured on the November 15 edition of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. For most of the show, the Dalek was parked next to Ferguson’s robotic co-host Geoff Peterson and had to endure (like the rest of us) some ill-timed jabs from guest Dennis Miller.

Ferguson roasted the Dalek in a more loving fashion during the episode’s cold open, which you can watch below. Be sure to tune in to The Late Late Show on CBS tonight (November 16) as Matt Smith will be the main guest, along with Nerdist podcast host, and rabid Doctor Who fan, Chris Hardwick (check your local listings).

Radio Free Skaro #224 – A Hard Day’s Night

Radio Free Skaro #224 – Click here to listen

The Series 5 commentary series resumes again after an intermittent past few weeks (but you surely didn’t mind all the interviews, did you?) with the Three Who Rule’s take on The Hungry Earth, the first part of the retro-themed Silurian story from this past year. Also, news of Christmas episode titles and another impressive Sarah Jane Adventures story help pass the time before the Children in Need preview later this week and Doctor Who’s impending 47th anniversary. Good fun!
Show Notes:

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James Moran…excited for Gallifrey!
New Guests…added for Gallifrey!
Peter Bennett…not at Gallifrey!
Christmas Special title…revealed!
A Christmas Carol…coming to SPACE!
Utah shooting dates…confirmed!
Lost in Time…Part One!
Lost in Time…Part Two!
Death of the Doctor…viewing figures!
BBFC clears DVD extras for…Kinda!
BBFC clears DVD extras for…Snakedance!
Lost Second Doctor stories…coming to Big Finish!
Children in Need preview…Friday!
Whonews…iPhone/iPad app!


The Hungry…Earth!

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