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Radio Free Skaro #235 – The More, The Guerriers

Radio Free Skaro #235 – Click here to listen

A very busy week in the world of Doctor Who — including big DVD news and disappointing results at a certain fictitious awards show — is capped off in this latest installment of Radio Free Skaro by not only our look at director Keith Boak in the miniscope but also a visit with Simon & Thomas Guerrier. The Guerriers are responsible for some recent and upcoming bonus material on Classic Doctor Who DVD releases and we talk with the brothers about some of them, especially their award-nominated Race Against Time coming out very soon on the DVD of The Mutants. Join us, won’t you?
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D…at Gallifrey One!
Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
Tachyon TV…Returns!
Jeremy Webb…Directs Series 6!
Nick Hurran…Directs Series 6!
Adam Smith…Returns For Series 6!
Series 6…Comes To Australia!
Ambassadors of Death DVD…Delayed!
The Sun Makers…Flies Solo!
Terror of the Autons…On Region 1 DVD!
Planet of the Spiders…On Region 1 DVD!
Carnival Of Monsters…Revisitations DVD Details!
Carnival Of Monsters…Even More DVD Details!
Resurrection of the Daleks…Revisitations DVD Details!
Resurrection of the Daleks…Even More DVD Details!
Fourth Doctor…Costume T-Shirt!
Fifth Doctor…Costume T-Shirt!
Doctor Who…Character Building!
Doctor Who…Plush Toys!
A Christmas Carol Soundtrack…Delayed!
Fictitious National Television Awards…Results!
National Television Awards…Cutaway!
Lis Sladen…Autobiography!
Terry Nation…Biography!
iOS…iPlayer App!
Doctor Who News Page…Moves!

Interview Links:
Simon Guerrier
Thomas Guerrier

Miniscope Links (Keith Boak):

Aliens…Of London!
World War…Three!

May 2011 North America Doctor Who DVDs

May 10 will see two Pertwee stories hit DVD in North America, two titles which as yet don’t even have UK release dates!

Doctor Who Magazine 430 announced these titles would be out this year though no corresponding Region 2 release dates accompanied the article, which isn’t in the least unexpected due to releases being in flux. (We’ve already seen that the 2011 release of The Ambassadors of Death, another Pertwee story, won’t be happening due to technical issues with the colour restoration.) It is, however, rather cool to see firm release dates set for Region 1 before any other part of the world!

Terror of the Autons introduces The Master to the world of Doctor Who, along with Jo Grant and Captain Yates, and sees the return of the Nestenes and Autons first introduced the year before. The UK version of Terror will be coupled with a rerelease of Spearhead From Space, something not mirrored in North America. The box set notion for releases seems to have all but fallen out of vogue on this side of the pond, alas.

Planet of the Spiders sees Jon Pertwee handing over the TARDIS to Tom Baker, but not before some of the most classic Doctor Who chase action ever seen; Spiders will be a 2-disc release, also including an omnibus version of the story and a commentary with, in part, friend of the show Phil Ford.

SRP will be $24.98 and $34.98 respectively. Click the cover art for larger versions, and check out more details at

Radio Free Skaro #234 – Grimwade’s Syndrome

Radio Free Skaro #234 – Click here to listen
Gally news, casting details, and not-LEGO Doctor Who figures….all of which prefigured the cogent analysis and detailed examination of the (Doctor Who) career of one Peter Grimwade, one of the few polymaths to both write and direct for Doctor Who. With highlights such as Earthshock and lowlights like Time-Flight, Grimwade’s output was grist for the mill of the Three Who Rule.
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D…at Gallifrey One!
Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
Lauren Ambrose…Cast In Torchwood!
Torchwood Writers…Episodes Confirmed!
Fleetwood Mac…Back In Spearhead!
Tomb Of The Cybermen…New Commentary!
2011 DVD…Schedule Change?
David Fisher…Novelizes Stones Of Blood!
Series 5 Soundtrack…In North America!
Doctor Who…Construction Toys!
The Sontaran Experiment…Action Figure Set!

Miniscope Links (Peter Grimwade):

As Director:


As Writer:

Planet…Of Fire!!

The New Skaro Shop

The Skaro Shop is back!

The wait has been long but the Skaro Shop has made its return, hosted by our new partner, Spreadshirt. Your old shirt favourites are back along with some new designs including the UK-only football jersey and our homage to the recent Craig Ferguson Doctor Who song about intellect and romance triumphing over brute force and cynicism.

Head on over to the all-new Skaro Shop to have a look at all the great Radio Free Skaro swag available! And most importantly, thanks for your support of Radio Free Skaro!

Radio Free Skaro #233 – Wayward Saward

Radio Free Skaro #233 – Click here to listen
DVDs and Series 6 news were the order of the day as the 2011 DVD release schedule was unveiled this past week in Doctor Who Magazine, and boy howdy are there some puzzling combinations of stories into box sets. The upcoming series of Doctor Who gets a bit of a different look with a newly-announced writer and a shuffling in the order of episodes, and there’s even a bit of a natter about Doctor Who Magazine’s list of who to follow on Twitter (hint: we’re on that list, nudge nudge). A look at controversial writer/script editor Eric Saward rounds out the show with some great discussion of his influence and reach, along with the selection of next week’s miniscope subject… and just who will that be?
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D…at Gallifrey One!
Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
Radio Free Skaro…on YouTube!
Series 6 Episodes…Shuffled!
Episode 7…Filming!
Doctor Who Magazine Suggests…Who To Follow On Twitter!
Doctor Who…Unlimited!
Sensorites and Colony In Space…DVD Commentaries!
2011…DVD Releases!

Miniscope Links (Eric Saward):

Resurrection…Of The Daleks!
Attack…Of The Cybermen!
Revelation…Of The Daleks!

Doctor Who Magazine – Who To Follow On Twitter

Doctor Who Magazine #430 published a list of the Top Doctor Who twitterers to follow, and Radio Free Skaro made the list! We join the esteemed company of others such as TV critic Charlie Brooker, TV/radio presenter Jonathan Ross, late night TV host Craig Ferguson, nerdist Chris Hardwick and the crew from fellow podcast Podshock.

Many humble thanks to everyone who suggested Radio Free Skaro, it’s our privilege and pleasure to have earned your eyes and ears with what we do – and a big thanks to Benjamin Cook for compiling the list!

Doctor Who Magazine #430 hits newsstands in the UK on 13 January.

Photo courtesy Tim Drury

Radio Free Skaro #232 – Hooked On Radiophonics

Radio Free Skaro #232 – Click here to listen

Setting the wayback machine all the way… um, back… to Radio Free Skaro #230 you’ll remember the lads had the Randomizer throw them a curve ball in the shape of Dick Mills as a miniscope subject. As those familiar with the sound design of Doctor Who are aware, Mills is the most-credited person on the show thanks to his long tenure with the Radiophonic Workshop. Where to begin? What to discuss? The only answer was to bring in a ringer in the form of Radiophonic Workshop archivist and Doctor Who composer in his own right, Mark Ayres. Settle in with your Doctor Who sound effects LP, a nice hot beverage, and join not one but two special guests in this episode of Radio Free Skaro as we also have Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord sit in Warren’s seat for some tantalizing nerdery.
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D…at Gallifrey One!
Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
Radio Free Skaro…on YouTube!
Two-minute…Time Lord!
The Ambassadors of Death…DVD Development? No.
Classic Doctor Who…On YouTube!
Torchwood: Miracle Day…premiering July 1? Apparently not.
Torchwood: Miracle Day…casting updates!
Episodes 5 and 6…wrapped!
Alex Kingston…on the Late Late Show!

Miniscope Links (Dick Mills):

Dick Mills…On Wikipedia!
Mark Ayres…On Wikipedia!!

Torchwood: Miracle Day

The next series of Torchwood has a new name.

At the Television Critics Association convention, it was revealed the next series of the popular Doctor Who spinoff would no longer be called The New World; instead, it will be titled Torchwood: Miracle Day. The plot of the series will revolve around humans being unable to die, announced show creator Russell T Davies, a phenomenon that drags the Torchwood team into the middle of the action.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is expected to premiere in July. Previously we’d posted about a July 1 start date but the BBC has stated that date is not accurate. As ever, we’ll bring you the news as it develops both on the blog as well as the podcast.

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D: Live at Gallifrey

We here at Radio Free Skaro are pleased and excited to announce Radio Free Skaro in 3-D – the Three Who Rule live on stage at Gallifrey One Catch 22 in Los Angeles on Friday, February 18.

The 90-minute show will feature Warren, Steven and Chris in their first-ever Gallifrey One stage event. Join all three hosts of Radio Free Skaro plus special guests (friend of the show) Phil Ford, writers James Moran, Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman and Sarah Jane Adventures director Joss Agnew, live at Gally. All in all, this is a show not to be missed!

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D will take place at 2:00 PM on Friday February 18, 2011 in Program Hall B of the Los Angeles Airport Marriott hotel at Gallifrey One.

See you there!

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