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Radio Free Skaro #291 – That Which Survives

Radio Free Skaro #291 – Click here to listen!

A simple commentary about “Closing Time,” which gave the Three Who Rule ample time to discuss the great chemistry between Matt Smith and guest star James Corden, instead devolved into a simply rancid discussion on babies and their propensity to poop on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Our choice of topic says more about us than it does about the episode at hand, which was a delightful romp penned by Gareth Roberts and not at all a treatise on infants and their digestive habits. But leaving the puerile giggling aside for the moment, weighty matters as fictitious awards, possibly crappy video games and the life and quick death of Doctor Who Insider were also covered. All this and backhanded compliments aimed at Eric Roberts, and you’ve got yourself approximately an hour of a podcast of some sort!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Doctor Who Insider…Shutting Down!
The Eternity Clock…Trailer!
The Eternity Clock…Not On PC?
Upper Boat…Studio Tour!
National…Television Awards!
Virgin Media…TV Awards!
April 2012…Region 1 DVD Releases!
Nightmare of Eden, Dragonfire & Happiness Patrol…DVD Extras!
Aliens Vs…Wizards!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!



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April 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

The April 2012 Doctor Who DVD releases have been announced, and we’ll see one new title and one Revisitations title.

Hitting store shelves on April 10, The Daemons will not have the Return To Devil’s End featurette on it, but that was known a while ago. We will, however, get a new Aldbourne-based documentary along with a tribute to Barry Letts and the usual fare of a commentary, photo gallery, Coming Soon trailer, and more.

Another Pertwee story rounds out the month’s offerings with the Special Edition release of Carnival of Monsters, the great Robert Holmes story that brought us, and our dear listeners, the concept of the Miniscope. Along with the commentary track from the original release, we get a new commentary track along with featurettes on puppetry and CSO, extended/alternate/deleted scenes and of course the content from the initial DVD release of the story.

For more details, including a complete listing of the special features, check out the post at TV Shows On DVD.

Update: The full list of extras has now been made available and can be found at Among the awesome-sounding bonus material is a featurette on colour testing for The Daemons done in 1992 and an early edit of Episode 2 from Carnival of Monsters.

Each of these titles is a 2-disc release with an MSRP of $34.98. Click on the artwork for larger versions.

Radio Free Skaro #290 – Whom Gods Destroy

Radio Free Skaro #290 – Click here to listen!

Ah, that’s the January we remember. The Christmas Special aired weeks ago, it’s a long time until new Doctor Who (even longer than usual) and there’s really not too much going on in the Who world. But there’s always Gallifrey! A bit of Gally news and banter helps, well, fill more time in our time-filling series of commentaries. The Three Who Rule lads get the privilege of being able to announce another guest for our live show, Radio Free Skaro and the World of Tomorrow and rehash Toby Whithouse’s The God Complex, a mindbleep episode that split opinions when it went out. Join us for the ride!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
14 Episodes In Series 7…Restated!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!


The God…Complex!

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Radio Free Skaro #289 – Errand Of Mercy

Radio Free Skaro #289 – Click here to listen!

Gallifrey One, the massive and amazing annual fan-run Doctor Who convention, is rapidly approaching and we take some time to talk to Program Director Shaun Lyon about the recently-released convention schedule and to formally announce details of our live show – Radio Free Skaro And The World Of Tomorrow! As Gallifrey One’s official podcast, we’ll open the convention and will be joined on stage by actress Camille Coduri, director Toby Haynes, jack-of-all-trades Barnaby Edwards and jack-of-even-more-trades Gary Russell. The Three Who Rule also cast their gaze, commentary-wise, upon Tom MacRae’s amazing The Girl Who Waited to see if it stands the test of time. And of course there’s the news gnashing. One month to Gally!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Mark Gatiss…Writes For Series 7!
Sarah Jane Smith…Before Lis Sladen!
Journey Into Time…Script Discovered!
Script To Screen…The Sequel!
DVD Commentary…Participants!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!


The Girl…Who Waited!

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Radio Free Skaro and The World of Tomorrow

Gallifrey One: Network 23 Logo
Gallifrey One’s Network 23, the 2012 edition of the world’s foremost, fan run Doctor Who convention, takes place from February 17-19 at the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles, California, and it is an honour and a privilege to announce that Radio Free Skaro will be opening the convention with our live show, Radio Free Skaro and The World of Tomorrow! Taking place at noon on Friday, February 17 in the main programming hall, this 90-minute special will kick off Gallifrey One in grand style as hosts Steven, Warren, and Chris hope to entertain and delight you with the usual nefarious hijinks heard on the Radio Free Skaro podcast, as well as some special guests. Joining the Three Who Rule on stage will be:

Camille CoduriCamille Coduri

Camille played Rose Tyler’s feisty, yet loyal, mother Jackie Tyler during Series 1 and 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, as well in return appearances in Journey’s End (2008) and The End of Time, Part Two (2010). Camille is making her first appearance at Gallifrey One this year.


Barnaby Edwards

A multi-talented writer, director, actor, and artist, Barnaby Edwards is perhaps best known as being the principal Dalek Operator in every Dalek episode of the revived series of Doctor Who. In addition to this, Barnaby has written, directed, and provided voices for Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas. This will also be Barnaby’s first time at Gallifrey One.


Toby Haynes

For a stretch of time from June 2010 through April 2011, no Doctor Who episode aired on BBC One that wasn’t directed by Toby Haynes. At the helm for five consecutive episodes, Toby’s work on the Series 5 finale and the 2010 Christmas special received considerable acclaim, and he was the director for Doctor Who’s first major US location shoot for The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. Toby is another first-timer at Gallifrey One.

Simon Fisher-Becker

Simon Fisher-Becker played the larger than life Dorium Maldovar, black marketeer, friend to and unwilling recruit of The Doctor, in three episodes dating back to The Pandorica Opens in Series 5. Simon is making his first North American Doctor Who convention appearance.


Gary Russell

Gary Russell has been involved with Doctor Who for most of his adult life, including a four-year stint as editor of Doctor Who Magazine, producer of the Doctor Who range of audio dramas at Big Finish, and script editor on Doctor Who. Gary has also written numerous Doctor Who novels and non-fiction books, and has been a popular fixture at Gallifrey One for years.


Two-Minute Time Lord

Chip from Two-minute Time Lord, who served as technical director for Radio Free Skaro in 3-D at Gallifrey 22, will again be the man behind the scenes this year, but will also appear on-stage for a special Two-Minute Time Lord segment about the changing nature of Doctor Who over the past 48 years.


It all kicks off at 12:00pm on Friday, February 17 in the Main Programming Hall at Gallifrey One. Get there early!

Stay tuned to Radio Free Skaro and for further details about the show, and visit the Gallifrey One website ( for updates on the convention itself. See you all there!

Radio Free Skaro #288 – Friday’s Child

Radio Free Skaro #288 – Click here to listen!

Despite January usually being a lean time for news of things Who, this week was chock full of factoids and quasi-related marginalia for the Three Who Rule to ponder and prognosticate upon. Of course all seriousness went out the window with a commentary on “Night Terrors,” which such weighty matters discussed as watching Battlestar Galactica (the old one) and Star Wars (the old, good one) on French television, lack of consistency in doll house detailing, and of course the…nutritional habits of a young man/alien named George. Truly riveting listening.
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
Christmas Special…Final Viewing Figures!
Recovered Episodes…DWM Preview!
Underwater Menace…Restoration Status!
Noel Clarke…In Star Trek 2!
Joe Lidster…Writing For Aliens vs Wizards!
Gareth Roberts…Writing For Aliens vs Wizards!
Nataional Television Awards…Nominations!
Sensorites…UK DVD Release Date Change!
Attack Of The Cybermen…Action Figure Set!
Remembrance Of The Daleks…Action Figure Set!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!



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Hugo Awards & Worldcon

A new year brings a new awards season for the Science Fiction & Fantasy community, with one of the heavyweights being the annual Hugo Awards. As listeners of Radio Free Skaro will know, Doctor Who has been a mainstay at the Hugos since its return in 2005, garnering multiple awards for Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies and Phil Ford; we’re sure the Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form category will again be dominated by our favourite show. Many eligible to vote for the Hugos will hopefully share our sentiment of Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife and Tom MacRae’s The Girl Who Waited being worthwhile contenders in that category and carrying on the tradition of Doctor Who’s success.

Anyone who is a member of Worldcon from Renovation in Reno last year, from ChiCon in Chicago this year, or LoneStarCon in San Antonio in 2013 is eligible to nominate works for the Hugo Awards. We at Radio Free Skaro have been privileged to get to know some fine folks whose work is worthy of consideration, such as Lynne Thomas and Deborah Stanish who are eligible for Whedonistas; Rob Shearman whose Everyone’s Just So So Special has strong contenders such as “Restoration”; Phil Ford who penned the Sarah Jane Adventures story The Curse of Clyde Langer, and countless others to name but a few. We wish each and every one of our friends the best of luck in the nomination phase for the upcoming Hugo Awards and urge eligible voters to consider their works.

Radio Free Skaro is also eligible for nomination in the newly-created Best Fancast category and if you are an eligible voter who plans to submit nominations, please feel free to consider our podcast when you cast your ballot.

If you’re interested in the Hugo Awards nomination process, please refer to the Hugo website for more information. Those who are members for 2011, 2012 or 2013 are eligible to nominate works so long as your membership is acquired by January 31, 2012. The deadline for casting your ballots is the end of the day on March 11, 2012. For a brief history of past Hugo winners, have a look at those who triumphed last year, including the-book-that-could, Chicks Dig Time Lords.

Radio Free Skaro #287 – The Man Trap

Radio Free Skaro #287 – Click here to listen!

As 2011 draws to a close and the Three Who Rule look forward to 2012 and the next series of Doctor Who – whenever the heck it ends up being transmitted – and also deliver their commentary for the Series 6.2 opener, Let’s Kill Hitler. We’ll see if it stands the test of time or not, mad ride that it is. And in real-life news, hearty congratulations go out to former Doctor David Tennant and former Doctor’s “daughter” Georgia Moffett on their nuptials! Now calm down, fangirls. Just. Calm. Down.
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Appreciated!
Goodbye…Bannerman Road!


Let’s Kill…Hitler!

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