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Gallifrey One: More Podcest!

Gallifrey One: More Podcest – Click Here To Listen!

Gallifrey One is over for another year, but from the depths of the con we present here some podcest with friends old and new. A gathering of podcasters occurred during the Friday night Gallifrey One party featuring Ken from Podshock, Chip from Two-minute Time Lord, Daisy K from Sonic Toolbox, Tom from Geek Planet and our very own Steven. The gang has a nice chat about Gallifrey One as a convention and experience as well as Doctor Who in general. Have a listen!

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Radio Free Skaro #299 – Star Trek XII: So Very Tired

Radio Free Skaro #299 – Click here to listen!

Gally is over for another year. While the Three Who Rule briefly reminisce about the glory that was Gallifrey One’s Network 23 in this episode of Radio Free Skaro, it’s back to normal for podcaster and listener alike for the next few months – at least until next year’s The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One, or y’know, until the new series of Doctor Who starts in the autumn. To help us get back into the swing of things, we present to you a commentary on the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, as well as a smattering of news and views of what was missed while we were all living it up at Gally.

Sigh…we miss Gally.

Show Notes:

Series 7…Casting Update!
Shada Novelization…Release Date!
Michael Troughton Records…Ice Warriors Commentary!
Torchwood: Miracle Day…On North American DVD/Blu-ray!
Ninth Doctor Costume…T-Shirt!
Eighth Doctor…Maxi-Bust!
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock to use…Unreal Engine 3!
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games…Cancelled!
Karen Gillan to attend…the official Doctor Who Convention!
Peter Halliday…Dies.


The Doctor, The Widow…and The Wardrobe!

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Coming Soon – Radio Free Skaro and The World of Tomorrow!

As many of you know, Radio Free Skaro recently opened the Gallifrey 23 convention in Los Angeles with our live show featuring Camille Coduri, Simon Fisher-Becker, Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards, director Toby Haynes and Gary Russell. Warren has been putting together the video version of the live show and you’ll see it here very soon, but for now here’s a small teaser, the introductory video that we ran before the show itself.

Radio Free Skaro #298 – Knights of Jaffa

Radio Free Skaro #298 – Click here to listen!

Our Gallifrey One coverage concludes for another year as we chat with some gentlemen who played integral roles in launching Doctor Who in the 1960s and 1990s. First up, Ian Chesterton, Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa himself, the amazing William Russell joins Steven and Ken Deep in reminiscing about what Doctor Who and TV production in general was like in the early days of the programme. Following that, An Unearthly Child and Marco Polo director Waris Hussein outlines his role in helping to create the longest running science fiction show ever. Fast forward three decades to the 1996 Fox TV Movie, the brainchild of Philip Segal, who discusses the many pitfalls that he encountered to get the 8th Doctor’s only televised adventure brought to our screens. And finally, we catch up with friend of the show Phil Ford about aliens, wizards, and tequila. And stay tuned at the end to hear Radio Free Skaro’s plans for the next few months while we wait for new Doctor Who!

Thanks to everyone who we met and those who we met again at Gally this year, and thanks to you, dear listener, for tuning in to our coverage. An utterly unforgettable weekend, and we’re already looking forward to coming back next year!

Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #297 – No More Janus Thorns

Radio Free Skaro #297 – Click here to listen!

Radio Free Skaro dives into history with Gallifrey 2012 guests starting with Louise Jameson, otherwise known as the beautiful savage Leela, Louise was an absolute delight to talk to about her tenure on the program and her many other roles, ranging from Shakespeare to soaps and everything in between. We went further back in time with Michael Troughton, the author of a new biography about his father, Patrick Troughton and then lurched forward again to speak with Richard Franklin, who played the redoubtable Captain Mike Yates. Ringing out the program was Charlie Ross, the comedian and preeminent nerd who kept all of Gallifrey laughing with his take on our favorite TV show. Finally, RFS closed out the proceedings with David and Marty Hooie of the “Hoo on Who” podcast, friends of the show and all-around fine chaps. Enjoy!
Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #296 – Cleaning Up the Corn Field

Radio Free Skaro #296 – Click here to listen!

Day Two of Gally! And what a day of behind the scenes luminaries it was, with Doctor Who director Richard Senior (“Let’s Kill Hitler”), writer Simon Guerrier and the inestimable Steve Roberts of the Doctor Who Restoration Team rounding out the behind the scenes chatter. Plus the delightful mendicants from the Pharos Project stopped by to drink, swear and occasionally form a sentence. Drunktastic!
Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #295 – Radio Free Skaro and The World of Tomorrow

Radio Free Skaro #295 – Click here to listen!

Gallifrey Live Show! For only the second time (and the first in the main ballroom), the Three Who Rule entertained the huddled Earth masses in attendance at the Gallifrey One convention on Los Angeles with ribaldry, shenanigans and interviews with Who luminaries such as Camille Coduri, Simon Fisher-Becker, Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards, director Toby Haynes and ingenue Gary Russell, who we predict will go onto great things. Also, Chip gives a sterling and much lauded onstage presentation of his Two-Minute Time Lord podcast that is sure to thrill and inspire.

So with no further ado, please do enjoy our second live show and second of our podcasts from Gallifrey, and remember: DESTROY ALL PODCASTORS.

Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!

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Radio Free Skaro #294 – The Dog Days Are Over

Radio Free Skaro #294 – Click here to listen!

The annual meet up of Doctor Who podcasters at Gallifrey One forms the backbone of this, the first of Radio Free Skaro’s episodes covering the convention. Among our friends joining us is Simon Harries, late of Tachyon TV and attending his first Gally since 2010, and Josh Zimon, long time listener and now first time guest representing, along with Eric Escamilla, the Mostly Harmless Cutaway podcast. Topics discussed were the differences in popularity of Doctor Who in North America and in the UK, how Gallifrey One stands out among the many other Doctor Who conventions in the USA and in the United Kingdom, and the usual tales of ribaldry that occurs at such events and pushes the PG-13 boundaries that this podcast tries desperately to somewhat casually enforce. Enjoy, and stay tuned throughout the rest of the weekend for more episodes to come!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Doctor Who Book Club…Podcast!
Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless…Cutaway!
Two-Minute…Time Lord!

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Skaromantic Comedy, the sequel to Blue Meanie!

In what has become a Gally tradition (of two years), Warren has created another Doctor Who fan film for showing at Gallifrey and on the web. Skaromantic Comedy is the sequel to Blue Meanie, Warren’s first fan film. It’s a gripping tale of romance, mad science, beautiful women and Daleks, and you can watch it right here, right now!

Radio Free Skaro #293 – Occupy Gallifrey

Radio Free Skaro #293 – Click here to listen!

GALLY! It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again, a glorious three-days-to-a-week where thousands of Doctor Who fans descend on the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles and bathe in glorious nerdery (and also sip a snifter of port on occasion.)

Our annual tradition is to run through the convention schedule before we arrive, glossing over panels that we know nothing about (cosplay, crafts, Buffy fandom and Gay Agendas) and lionizing panels we think are cool (Steve Roberts, stuff we’re moderating, podcasting chinwags, and Steve Roberts.) While we strive to inform and entertain, Gally guests are well advised to check out both the website at and read their program guide upon arrival, which will soon become your Holy Text as you navigate past Tiki Daleks and Femmy Sixes.

As always, the Three Who Rule will be releasing daily podcasts and interviewing many of the luminaries of new and Classic Who, but we’ll also be opening the convention with our live show, “Radio Free Skaro and the World of Tomorrow” on Friday, February 17th. at 12:00 p.m. If you’re going to be at #gally, we’d love for you to attend our live show for 90 minutes of fun and frivolity with Camille Coduri, Toby Haynes, Barnaby Edwards, Gary Russell and Simon Fisher-Becker.

Gallifrey is one of the highlights of the year for the Three Who Rule and 2012 promises to be the best Gally yet. See you there!

Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Official Convention…Guest Update!
Series 7…Writers!
Saul Metzstein…Directs!
Doctor Who…Meets Star Trek: The Next Generation!
Fictitious…SFX Awards!
Daemons…DVD Release Moved Up!
Big Chief…Tenth Doctor!

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