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Radio Free Skaro #308 – Next Stop: Aberdeen

Radio Free Skaro #308 – Click here to listen!

As a result of one of the lightest news weeks in recent memory in the worlds of Doctor Who, the Three Who Rule were allowed to devote their full attention to a commentary on Elisabeth Sladen’s (first) finale in the classic series, namely 1976’s “The Hand of Fear”. Quarries, nuclear plants, Judith Paris in a sexy, skin tight rock costume, Rex Robinson’s eyebrows – surely this story was a can’t miss, epic conclusion to Sarah Jane Smith’s tenure in the TARDIS, right? Well…at least there’s that goodbye scene to look forward to, right? Also in this episode: a review of Michael E. Briant’s upcoming memoir “Who is Michael E. Briant?”, the classic Who director’s collected memories of his time on Who and other TV shows of the day. Eldrad must live!
Show Notes:

Michael E Briant…Memoir!


The Hand…Of Fear!

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Video Free Skaro 003

In this episode of Video Free Skaro, we visit Fan Expo Vancouver and interview Jeremy Bulloch, aka Hal the Archer and Tor from the Space Museum….and he may also have played the part of Boba Fett. We also profile the Borad, one of Doctor Who’s crappiest villains, and give you the latest happenings in the world of Doctor Who.

Radio Free Skaro #307 – Here’s To The Future

Radio Free Skaro #307 – Click here to listen!

One of the more maligned contributors to the world of Doctor Who over the years has been musician Keff McCulloch. Responsible for the final variation of the Doctor Who theme for the classic series, “Deaf Keff” (as some have dubbed him) also provided incidental music for half of the stories in the Sylvester McCoy era. Did McCulloch’s rampant use of sampling keyboards and predilection for digital handclaps invite a torrent of scorn from The Three Who Rule? McCulloch is the subject in this episode’s Miniscope segment, and, with a bit of help from Luke from TMDWP, the Three try and delve into why they think Keff’s music is so unpopular, while trying to decipher if they themselves agree with popular opinion.
Show Notes:

The Sonic Screwdriver…Becomes Reality!
July 2012…Region 1 DVD Releases!
DVD Commentary…Profile!
BBC TV Centre…Documentary!
Doctor Who Sound Effects LPs…Re-released!



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July 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

Two new classic Doctor Who DVD releases have been announced for North America in July, featuring the last complete Patrick Troughton story from 1969 and Jon Pertwee’s final Dalek story from 1974.

Season 6’s The Krotons is one of only six complete Patrick Troughton stories known to exist. While not looked at fondly by many fans, it does feature the Who debuts of writer Robert Holmes and actor Philip Madoc. The extra features on the DVD release are anchored by the keenly anticipated documentary “Second Time Around: The Troughton Years”, a 52-minute retrospective of the Second Doctor era, produced by Ed Stradling.

Smack dab in the middle of Season 11 is Death to the Daleks, which sees the Third Doctor meeting the Daleks for the last time, and Sarah Jane Smith encountering them for the very first time. A unique element of the production of this story is that a large amount of behind-the-scenes studio footage exists, and it is this footage that forms the basis of much of the extra features on the DVD.

Both releases, coming to store shelves on July 10, will each be single disc sets and carry an MSRP of $24.98. More details about these releases can be found at

Update: Full cover art for both releases is now available. Click on the artwork for either of these titles for a larger version.

Radio Free Skaro #306 – XYP-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Radio Free Skaro #306 – Click here to listen!

With only slightly more news than the most unnewsiest Radio Free Skaro ever, the Three Who Rule pretty much get right to this week’s commentary, blathering all over the (somewhat) unfairly maligned Nightmare of Eden. In a story that tackles some pretty dark and adult subjects like drug abuse, and featuring outlandish faux-German accents at the same time, Shaun Lyon, Program Director for the Gallifrey One convention, joined in the festivities, as it is his hands-down favorite Who story, and a story he defended with great aplomb. But what did the rest of your hosts think? Sit back, turn on some Pink Floyd, break open a pack of Vraxoin, and find out!
Show Notes:

Episode 5…Set In The Past!
The Krotons…DVD Extras!


The Nightmare…Of Eden!

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Video Free Skaro 002

On this episode of Video Free Skaro, we cover the latest news in the world of Doctor Who, share some of our exclusive interview with Louise Jameson, also known as the savage Leela, and review Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, the MMORPG set in the Whoniverse.

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Radio Free Skaro #305 – Richard Clark’s New New York’s Rockin’ Eve

Radio Free Skaro #305 – Click here to listen!

On the same weekend that The Doctor’s Wife, along with The Girl Who Waited and A Good Man Goes To War, was nominated for a Hugo Award, it was fitting that we discuss the assorted works of that episode’s director, Richard Clark, in the Miniscope. The Three Who Rule also give a good going over to the other three episodes that Clark helmed, namely Gridlock, The Lazarus Experiment, and Night Terrors, all the while comparing Clark to such diverse geniuses as Stanley Kubrick and George Martin. Also, a slow news week does at least contain some juicy tidbits about Series 7, which is currently going before the cameras in Cardiff. And just you wait to find out who we randomly draw for the next Miniscope…
Show Notes:

Chris Chibnall…Writes More Of Series 7!
Doctor Who…Nominated For The Hugo!!
Missing Episodes…Cardiff Screening!



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Video Free Skaro 001!

Welcome to the first episode of of a video version of your favourite Doctor Who podcast, Radio Free Skaro. Video Free Skaro will bring you news, reviews and all the Doctor Who (and related sci-fi) goodness we can in a weekly digest. We always want to hear viewer suggestions and feedback, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Radio Free Skaro #304 – Flay Otters

Radio Free Skaro #304 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule enjoy another slow news week with excess meanderings, needlessly extending the length of this week’s instalment… however a slow news week coupled with a Classic Series commentary is a good thing. The lads turn their gaze to talking over the *cough* David Agnew *cough* masterpiece City of Death, heralded by Doctor Who fans as one of the best stories of our beloved show. Or at least as the highlight of Season 17. Ribald jokes and insightful analyses are paired like a meal with a fine French wine as we wander the streets of Paris.
Show Notes:

The Daleks…Will Return!
Death to the Daleks…DVD Extras Part The First!
Death to the Daleks…DVD Extras Part The Second!
Michael E. Briant’s…Memoir!
Independent…Doctor Who Book Publishing!
An Evening With…Waris Hussein!
Gallifrey One 2013…Memberships Available!


City…Of Death!

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