Radio Free Skaro #306 – XYP-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Radio Free Skaro #306 – Click here to listen!

With only slightly more news than the most unnewsiest Radio Free Skaro ever, the Three Who Rule pretty much get right to this week’s commentary, blathering all over the (somewhat) unfairly maligned Nightmare of Eden. In a story that tackles some pretty dark and adult subjects like drug abuse, and featuring outlandish faux-German accents at the same time, Shaun Lyon, Program Director for the Gallifrey One convention, joined in the festivities, as it is his hands-down favorite Who story, and a story he defended with great aplomb. But what did the rest of your hosts think? Sit back, turn on some Pink Floyd, break open a pack of Vraxoin, and find out!
Show Notes:

Episode 5…Set In The Past!
The Krotons…DVD Extras!


The Nightmare…Of Eden!

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