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Radio Free Skaro #316 – SCIENCE!

Radio Free Skaro #316 – Click here to listen!

Christopher Hamilton Bidmead is a polarizing figure in Doctor Who fandom, with some hating his tenure as script editor and writer whilst others loved the shift he oversaw from clownish antics to more science-based storytelling. Where do the Three Who Rule stand on this vitally important matter? Why does Steven love Castrovalva? What is the Watcher, really? Why does Bidmead hate the TARDIS so much (or does he)? The answer, dear friends, is SCIENCE!
Show Notes:

Caroline John…Died.
September 2012…North America Classic Doctor Who DVD Releases!


Christopher Hamilton…Bidmead!

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September 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

The first DVD release for September has been announced for North America, to wit the last complete William Hartnell serial yet to be made available on shiny disc.

Planet of Giants, which led off Season 2 in 1964, was originally a four-part story before the decision was made to edit together the final two installments in order to make the action flow a little better. An audio reconstruction of the original fourth episode, entitled “The Urge to Live”, will be presented on the DVD as an extra featuring the vocal talents of William Russell and Carole Ann Ford. The DVD comes out on September 11.

Update: As expected, Warner has now announced the release of the 2-disc Vengeance on Varos Special Edition for release on the same day. The Revisitations version of Vengeance on Varos is the first such title to be released in the UK outside of a box set, and we expect all further Revisitations titles (such as Inferno and Ark in Space) to be released separately in the UK as they always have been in North America.

Planet of Giants is a single disc release with an SRP of $24.98 while Vengeance on Varos will carry a $34.98 SRP. More details about these releases, including extras, can be found at Click the cover art for larger versions.

Video Free Skaro 006 – Zombies and Talk Shows

On this episode of Video Free Skaro, we profile “Mind My Brains, Darling!” a webseries made in the style of “Are You Being Served?” and other British comedies of the Seventies, but with zombies. We also debut “Tom Baker Tonight,” an exciting foray into late night variety programming by a tiny, maniacal Tom Baker action figure. All this and the latest news, reviews, and superfluous pictures of Jenna Louise Coleman!

Radio Free Skaro #315 – High On Your Own Supply

Radio Free Skaro #315 – Click here to listen!

The Radio Free Skaro time-wasting series continues with our commentary on a story that features baddies some might call borderline pornographic (goodness knows JNT did). Yes, it’s the third part of The Trial of a Timelord, Terror of the Vervoids! Much time was spent discussing the directorial choices made in this less than stellar series of Doctor Who episodes, despite the Three Who Rule having previously done a Miniscope segment about director Chris Clough nearly three years ago (see episode #164, kiddies). Still, the lads soldier on through a story featuring those infamous creatures, the bald agenda and none other than Pussy Galore herself. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!
Show Notes:

New Companion…Second Official Picture With Matt Smith!
New Companion…Third Official Picture With Matt Smith!
Dougray Scott…In Series 7!


Terror…Of The Vervoids!

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Radio Free Skaro #314 – The Keys of Martinus

Radio Free Skaro #314 – Click here to listen!

Derek Martinus directed six Doctor Who stories over the course of his career, the last one being 1970’s Spearhead From Space. Much of his output from the 1960s, sadly, no longer exists in the BBC archives, so when it came time to discuss Martinus in the Miniscope this week, the Three Who Rule were presented with a problem: how do you talk about the visual aspect of Doctor Who episodes that exist today in audio form only? Well, no fear, as Luke from TMDWP is here, casting his expert eye upon some pretty impressive work done by Martinus, a director who first realized the Cybermen, the Ice Warriors, and the Autons, to say nothing of the very first regeneration seen in the series. A more thorough investigation of one of Doctor Who’s lesser known directors you will not hear!
Show Notes:

The Five…Doctors!
New Companion…First Official Picture With Matt Smith!
Rupert Graves…In Series 7!
Weeping Angels…Fan Favourites!
Lost Dalek Documentary…Found!
My Stepson…Stole My Sonic Screwdriver!



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Radio Free Skaro #313 – Wirrn Trouble Now

Radio Free Skaro #313 – Click here to listen!

This week’s episode of Radio Free Skaro has unwittingly turned into a celebration of one-time Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliffe. Not only do the Three Who Rule provide commentary on the first Hinchcliffe story to air, 1975’s iconic The Ark in Space, but it was also announced this past week that Hinchcliffe will be appearing at his first ever Gallifrey One convention in February of next year. So sit back and listen as we celebrate one of the finest eras in Doctor Who history that made the show an international success story.

Also, listen as we make fun of actors’ hairstyles. Ah, it’s Radio Free Skaro. What do you expect?

Show Notes:

Gallifrey One…First 2013 Guests Announced!
Mark Gatiss…Writing For Series 7!
Neil Cross…Writing For Series 7!
Jamie Payne…Directing For Series 7!
Steve Thompson…Writing For Series 7!
Who/Trek…Crossover Comic!


The Ark…In Space!

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