Radio Free Skaro #315 – High On Your Own Supply

Radio Free Skaro #315 – Click here to listen!

The Radio Free Skaro time-wasting series continues with our commentary on a story that features baddies some might call borderline pornographic (goodness knows JNT did). Yes, it’s the third part of The Trial of a Timelord, Terror of the Vervoids! Much time was spent discussing the directorial choices made in this less than stellar series of Doctor Who episodes, despite the Three Who Rule having previously done a Miniscope segment about director Chris Clough nearly three years ago (see episode #164, kiddies). Still, the lads soldier on through a story featuring those infamous creatures, the bald agenda and none other than Pussy Galore herself. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!
Show Notes:

New Companion…Second Official Picture With Matt Smith!
New Companion…Third Official Picture With Matt Smith!
Dougray Scott…In Series 7!


Terror…Of The Vervoids!

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  • Milo

    Hate to be pedantic, (unlike certain podcasters I could mention) but technically it was Death In The Clouds which had the wasp on the cover, not Murder On The Orient Express.

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