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Radio Free Skaro #325 – Turn Me On, Deadman

Radio Free Skaro #325 – Click here to listen!

We’re officially into the home stretch toward the return of Doctor Who. After leaving the launch date until late in the game, as the BBC likes to do, it was formalized this past week that Asylum of the Daleks will grace our screens on September 1 (unless you live in Australia). Jubilation and excitement abound, despite the short run of Series 7A, and The Three Who Rule look forward to sinking their teeth into Moffat’s first proper Dalek story… next week. In the mean time, we still have the rest of our Invasion of Time commentary to deliver, as well as the rest of the past week’s news, which for a change is sorta Arthur Darvill-centric. Sit tight as we deliver a Rory-ing good time!
Show Notes:

Asylum of the Daleks…September 1 on BBC One!
Asylum of the Daleks…September 1 on SPACE!
Asylum of the Daleks…September 1 on BBC America!
Asylum of the Daleks…September 8 on ABC1!
Series 7A…New Trailer!
Asylum of the Daleks…”Predator of the Daleks” Trailer!
Arthur Darvill…At Gallifrey One!
Doctor Who Magazine #451…Multiple Covers!
Doctor Who…Fiftieth Anniversary Artwork!
Rory Williams/Pond Action Figure…Finally!
Hugo Awards…Next Weekend!


The Invasion…Of Time!

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Doctor Who Series 7 Premieres September 1

After what will be a wait of more than 8 months, we finally have a transmission date for the upcoming seventh (revamped) series of Doctor Who. September 1, a date we at Radio Free Skaro have suspected for weeks, will see the broadcast of Asylum of the Daleks on BBC One and BBC One HD at 7:20PM as announced by the Radio Times and later confirmed by the BBC.

BBC America has confirmed a 9PM launch on the same day, as has Canada’s home of Doctor Who, SPACE. Last year, Australia was a week behind the other major markets (ignoring wibbly wobbly time zoney wimey math), and unfortunately the same delay will apply this year; ABC1 will premiere Asylum of the Daleks on September 8 at 7:30PM.

This means we’ve got only a matter of days to wait until the new series begins, and even though only five episodes constitute the brief run beginning September 1, we can’t wait to get new Doctor Who on our screens. Roll on September 1!

Gallifrey One Welcomes Arthur Darvill

Guest announcements for the upcoming Gallifrey One convention have thus far come in batches, but a rather big name has been announced as a guest, someone big enough to warrant his own special announcement.

Arthur Darvill has played Rory Williams since the Eleventh Doctor’s era began and will soon see his character exiting from Doctor Who, but he who plays the loveable Rory will be appearing at The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One. As with many guests announced for the next iteration of North America’s largest Doctor Who convention, this will be Arthur’s first appearance, and also the first appearance of one of the main cast from Matt Smith’s era.
Memberships for Gallifrey One are available from the convention website, and currently cost $75 for the entire weekend of programming. We’ll be there as usual, again opening the convention with a live show, and we hope to see you there too!

Radio Free Skaro #324 – Tinfoil Terrors

Radio Free Skaro #324 – Click here to listen!

With less than two weeks to go until new Doctor Who (maybe, possibly, nothing confirmed…) this week’s news unsurprisingly revolved around both actual Series 7 news, like the screening of Asylum of the Daleks at the British Film Institute, and the spoilery spoler-free reviews of said screening by some of the UK’s leading printed fishwrap merchants. Ticket sales for the upcoming NY screening of Asylum didn’t go off quite so smoothly, leading the charges of heresy, treason, and bad sportsmanship on the part of BBC America. But this was all mere preamble to the main event, a scintillating commentary of parts 1 to 4 of the Invasion of Time, the seminal adventure on Gallifrey involving foil villains, arbitrary romance, and Rodan, the slinkiest air traffic controller Time Lady ever. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Asylum of the Daleks…BFI Screening!
Different…Opening Titles!
Series 7…Titles for Episodes 4 & 5!
Series 7…Synopses!
Asylum of the Daleks…New York Screening!
Series 7…New Promo Images!
Doctor Who Magazine…Sarah Jane Special #3!
Claws of Axos Revisitations…DVD Extras!
Doctor Who…Card Game!


The Invasion…Of Time!

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Video Free Skaro 010 – 20 Sided Dice for All!

This week Video Free Skaro dives back into the world of Standard Action, a web series shot in Vancouver and set in a mythical land not unlike one that involves both Dungeons and/or Dragons. We talked to Standard Action director Rob Hunt and costumer and assistant director Vanessa Driveness, and we’ve got a sneak peek from a scene between a sassy kobold and Eric Fell, whom you may recognize from Blue Meanie and Skaromantic Comedy.

All this and news, Gally updates and so much more!

Radio Free Skaro #323 – The Mark of the Gatiss

Radio Free Skaro #323 – Click here to listen!

The summer time-wasting series winds down a bit with what’s likely to be the final miniscope for a time. With New! Doctor! Who! on the horizon, The Three Who Rule look at the NuWho writing efforts of stalwart scribe Mark Gatiss, whose contributions to Doctor Who date back a couple decades. Gatiss has authored New Adventures, starred in fan videos, written for Big Finish, done Confidential voiceover work and so much more – not to mention penning a 50th anniversary special about the origins of our favourite show; it’s no hyperbole to say he was a natural to write for modern Who. Then again, it unfortunately means we talk about Victory of the Daleks. News of the week, including ICONIC casting banter, rounds out another of these things we call Radio Free Skaro. And stay tuned for our plans for the podcast’s sixth anniversary! Oh, wait. We have none. Carry on.
Show Notes:

Richard E Grant…Iconic Casting!
An Adventure In Space…And Time!
Doctor Who 50th Anniversay…Monopoly!
Greatest Show…Exclusive Antipodean Artwork!
Gallifrey One…Guest Announcement!



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