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Radio Free Skaro #334 – Nefertiti Graffiti

Radio Free Skaro #334 – Click here to listen!

Dinosaurs! On a Spaceship! Matt Smith’s enthusiasm aside, does the fluffy lizardfest hold up to the laser-like scrutiny of Steven, Warren, and Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast in this, the second of the “Pond Farewell Tour” commentaries? Were Mitchell and Webb any good as surly robots? Does the Doctor’s team of historical oddities (and Rory’s dad) make for high adventure and rollicking space-based shenanigans? Are any of these questions even close to addressed in the commentary? Tune in to find out, as well as hear tiny morsels of what could charitably called “news!”
Show Notes:

Series 7B…filming update!
Children in Need…featuring Doctor Who!
Episode 10…has a title!
BBC Books…reissues coming in 2013!
IDW Publishing present…50th Anniversary Comic Books!

Luke from…TMDWP!


Dinosaurs…on a Spaceship!

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Radio Free Skaro #333 – Avid Femmy Robomen

Radio Free Skaro #333 – Click here to listen!

With the New! Doctor! Who! countdown clock having more than two months on it, a mandate was declared by the Three Who Rule that now is the time for Season 7A commentaries. NOW. Over the coming weeks their trademark brand of pedantism, whimsy and love for classic rock will undoubtedly distract from the adventures of the Doctor, Amy and Rory playing out before them onscreen, starting this week with Asylum of the Daleks. But wait! Chip, the Two-minute Time Lord, joins our august trio for this episode, allegedly to voice his opinions on Asylum but mostly the keep Steven, Warren and Chris in line. Does he succeed? Tune in to find out!
Show Notes:

Season 7B…Writers and Directors!
2013…DVD Release Info!
Shada…North American DVD Release Date!
AudioGo and Big Finish…50th Anniversary Audio Books!

Two-minute…Time Lord!


Asylum…of the Daleks!

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January 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Release

As far as Doctor Who DVD releases go here in North America, 2013 kicks off with Shada, the unfinished Season 17 story written by Douglas Adams, and later adapted into “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”. Street date for Shada is January 8.

Shada will have remastered video and audio, and will, as previously mentioned on Radio Free Skaro, be paired with More Than 30 Years In the TARDIS, a 1994 documentary about our favourite show. Some other cool extras will be the BBCi-released Flash animated version of the story and featurettes such as Taken Out Of Time, Being A Girl – Women In Doctor Who, a memorial of Nicholas Courtney and The Lambert Tapes – Part 1, all about the show’s first producer, Verity Lambert, and more.

Shada is a three-disc release with an SRP of $39.98; click the artwork for a larger version. Check for more details!

Radio Free Skaro #332 – Harry and the Giant Clam

Radio Free Skaro #332 – Click here to listen!

The bulk of this week’s episode is devoted to “Chicks Unravel Time,” edited by Deb Stanish and L.M. Myles, a follow-up by Mad Norwegian Press to the widely praised “Chicks Dig Time Lords.” In this book, each writer tackled a different season of Classic Who, with sometimes surprising results! The editors of this weighty tome told Warren and Steven about the creation of the book, the wide range of voices in the book (from pros to first-time writers) and the big difference that a female perspective can have on interpretation of our favorite television program.

Oh yes, and some stats were mulled over at some point in the news segment. Last stats until Christmas, thank Omega!
Show Notes:

Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
The Angels Take Manhattan…Final Viewing Figures!
Doctor Who…Rules iPlayer!
Doctor Who Series 7A…PS!
The Eternity Clock…Now On PS Vita!


Chicks…Unravel Time!

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Gallifrey One 2013 Guest Update

Some more guests have been announced for the upcoming Gallifrey One convention in February 2013! Some are new to the convention, and some are returning fan favourites.

Ben Browder contributed to the Doctor Who universe in the role of Isaac, the town marshall in A Town Called Mercy that was filmed in Almeria, Spain and formed part of Series 7A. However, Browder is probably best known for his starring roles in Farscape as John Crichton and in Stargate SG-1 as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Browder is attending his first Gallifrey One convention, and will be appearing on the Saturday only.
The very first companion actress in the long history of the show, Carole Ann Ford played The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan from 1963-1964, reprising her role in 1983’s The Five Doctors. With 2013 being Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year, it seems only fitting to include one of the original TARDIS crew at the foremost fan-run Doctor Who convention in the world. Carole previously appeared at Gallifrey One in 2002.
Shaun Dingwall first played Rose’s father Pete Tyler in the acclaimed 2005 episode Father’s Day, then went on to play the alternative universe Pete in three episodes during Series 2 in 2006. Dingwall will be making his first appearance at Gallifrey One in 2013, following his Doctor Who wife, Camille Coduri, who represented the Tyler clan for the first time in 2012.
June Hudson was costume designer on eight Fourth Doctor-era stories spanning from 1978’s The Ribos Operation to Tom Baker’s finale Logopolis. Hudson was responsible for such iconic looks as Romana’s white gown in The Ribos Operation, Lalla Ward’s Edwardian themed outfit in The Leisure Hive, and, of course, Tom Baker’s redesigned outfit as The Doctor for Season 18. Hudson will be making her first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Mark Sheppard, a fan favourite amongst sci-fi fans based on his many appearances in several genre shows, made his Doctor Who debut in the opening two episodes of Series 6. Sheppard will be making his second consecutive appearance at Gallifrey One after being a hit with attendees last year.
Director Douglas MacKinnon first worked on Doctor Who by re-introducing the Sontarans into the programme in the 2008 two-parter The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky, then followed it up with the Ponds’ penultimate appearance in 2012’s The Power of Three. 2013 will mark MacKinnon’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Nina Toussaint-White played the role of the rebellious Mels, later discovered to be Melody Pond, daughter of Amy and Rory, before regenerating into Alex Kingston during the 2011 episode Let’s Kill Hitler. Toussaint-White will be appearing at Gallifrey One for the first time.
Andrew Smith wrote the highly acclaimed Season 18 story Full Circle while in his teens, an amazing achievement for someone who was at the time a fan of the show and who simply submitted an idea for the story to the Doctor Who production team. Smith returned to Doctor Who 30 years later with two scripts for Big Finish audio dramas. Smith will be making his first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Jane Espenson served as one of the main writers for 2011’s Torchwood: Miracle Day, but is also known amongst genre fans for her work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, and Once Upon A Time. Espenson will be making her third straight appearance at Gallifrey One.
Check out the full list of guests announced on the Gallifrey One website. And there are still more guests to come between now and February 2013! Stay tuned to Gallifrey One and Radio Free Skaro for future guest announcements!
Memberships for Gallifrey One are available from the convention website, and cost $80 (until November 30) for the entire weekend of programming. Radio Free Skaro will be there to cover the convention, as well as recording a live podcast on the main stage, and we hope to see you all there!

Radio Free Skaro #331 – Fond Ponds Long Gone

Radio Free Skaro #331 – Click here to listen!

This week sees the Three Who Rule in rest mode after five weeks of exhilarating new Doctor Who episodes, and before they begin inviting a few of their friends, old and new, to join them for the next few weeks of podcasting whimsy. As such, much waffling occurs as topics veer from Doctor Who (thankfully) to Red Dwarf to Robocop to 1988 (or is it 1987?) and the contemporary career trajectory of a young Alan Rickman. After your three hosts settle down, though, a thorough and indepth discussion takes place regarding the recently departed Ponds and their place in Who history. We do hope you enjoy listening.
Show Notes:

The Angels Take Manhattan…appreciation index!
The Power of Three…final ratings!
Melody Malone’s The Angel’s Kiss…ebook!
BBC Worldwide DVD plans…for 2013!
BBC Radiophonic Workshop…live!
The Gunpowder Plot…wins a Welshie!

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