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Radio Free Skaro #338 – Burnt Toast And Bus Stations

Radio Free Skaro #338 – Click here to listen!

Chicago TARDIS is the setting for this week’s Radio Free Skaro as many hundreds of Doctor Who fans materialized in the Windy City for the Midwest’s most popular Doctor Who convention. Steven represented the Three Who Rule at the con, and is joined in this episode by Chip from the Two-Minute Time Lord and Erik from the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast to discuss the convention, as well as the plethora of news that occurred in the world of Doctor Who over the past week – including stats! And to top it all off, Chip and Steven sit down with the TARDIS team of the late 1980s – Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. Stay tuned to RFS in the coming weeks for even more interviews from Chicago TARDIS!
Show Notes:

New guests announced for…Gallifrey One!
SPACE airs The Snowmen on…December 25!
Australia gets The Snowmen on…December 26!
Doctor Who: Children in Need…viewing figures!
Series 7b…episode title?
Westercon 66…promo code!
Doctor Who: Outside In…booky wook!

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Gallifrey One 2013 Guest Update

Some more guests have been announced for the upcoming Gallifrey One convention in February 2013! Some are new to the convention, and some are returning fan favourites.

The Doctor is in! After previously announcing there wouldn’t be a Doctor at the upcoming Gally, Sylvester McCoy was announced today as being confirmed for 2013! His first appearance at Gallifrey One since 2008, McCoy is of course well-known as the Seventh Doctor, who some consider to be the longest-serving Doctor thanks to the hiatus before Paul McGann took over the TARDIS, but he will also soon be seen as Radagast the Brown in the upcoming Hobbit trilogy. Hooray for Gally having a Doctor!
But wait, there’s another Doctor… sort of! Also announced today for The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One is the Twelfth-and-a-half Doctor, aka The Valeyard, Michael Jayston. Jayston will be making his first appearance at Gallifrey One and will no doubt be thrilling attendees with stories of the tumultuous Season 23 as well as his long and varied acting career.
Check out the full, and ever-increasing, list of guests on the Gallifrey One website. Stay tuned to Gallifrey One and Radio Free Skaro for future guest announcements!
Memberships have sold out for Gallifrey One; The Three Who Rule will be there to cover the convention, as well as recording a live podcast on the main stage, and we hope to see you all there!

February 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Release

February 12, 2013 will see the North American release of The Reign of Terror.

The second DVD release featuring animated reconstructions of episodes will hit store shelves early next year; as with The Invasion, released a few years ago, two episodes of Reign have been animated. Different to The Invasion, Reign features the animation talents of Theta-Sigma rather than Cosgrove Hall.

Extras will include a Making-Of and the regular Photo Gallery, production notes, commentary and more. The release is a single DVD with an MSRP of $24.98. Click on the thumbnail for the full disc art. Check for more details!

Radio Free Skaro #337 – Splink

Radio Free Skaro #337 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule were joined this week by the incomparable John Williams, Tachyon TV alumnus and author of an upcoming tome about Who legend Malcolm Hulke. Mr. Williams was on hand not to plug his scribbling but to add his mellifluous verbiage to commentary of “The Angels Take Manhattan,” the final adventure of Mr. and Mrs. Pond. Add a pinch of praise for sarcastic Sontarans, a dash of derision for evil Snowmen, and a completely arbitrary show title like “Splink,” and…well, just take a listen.
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…Trailer!
The Snowmen…Minisode!
Fictitious…Writers’ Guild Awards!
Barry Newbery…Book!


The Angels…Take Manhattan!

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Radio Free Skaro #336 – The Power of Squee

Radio Free Skaro #336 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule were reduced to Two this week, but Steven and Warren were joined by the inestimable Simon Harries of Tachyon TV fame for a commentary on “The Power of Three,” the penultimate story of this half-season. Simon’s dry wit counterbalanced Steven’s idiot savantism (emphasis on the “idiot”) and Warren’s outright stupidity to produce a most delicious bit of commentary that we’re sure you’ll enjoy! But that’s not all! Though it nearly is, as the news was sparse this week, with only intrigues and tales of lost (and then found) Neil Gaiman scripts to report to you, our dear, dear listeners.
Show Notes:

More Guests for…Chicago TARDIS!
The Return of…The Cybermen!
Doctor Who script found in a cab…oops!
The Reign of Terror…DVD Extras!
The Legacy Box…DVD Extras!
Behind…The Sofa!


The Power…of Three!

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Radio Free Skaro #335 – Browder Chowder

Radio Free Skaro #335 – Click here to listen!

It was a bit of a light week in the world of Doctor Who as the production team secluded themselves in a Cardiff conference room to read through Neil Gaiman’s eagerly anticipated second Doctor Who script, so the Three Who Rule devote some of their attention to the nerdplosion that was Disney buying up Lucasfilm. When Neil Perryman of The Adventures With the Wife in Space drops in for the commentary of “A Town Called Mercy”, the off topic meanderings continue with praise and scorn heaped upon Farscape, Babylon 5, and some other series not named Doctor Who. Worry not, though, dear listener. There’s still plenty of Who talk to validate the name of this podcast, from the astounding news that Gallifrey One is sold out for 2013 to fine performance of one Ben Browder. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

LucasFilm…Bought By Disney!
City of Death…Audio Release!
The Ood Cast…Live!
Adventures With The Wife…In Space!


A Town…Called Mercy!

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