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Radio Free Skaro #355 – All The News That’s Fit To Miss

Radio Free Skaro #355 – Click here to listen!

It’s only a week after Gallifrey One, but there’s no rest for the wicked as we bring you a very special announcement regarding Radio Free Skaro and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, taking place – surprise, surprise – in Calgary, Alberta from April 26-28! Event coordinator Shane Turgeon from Calgary Expo drops by with all the details including some exciting Doctor Who-related announcements. But wait, there’s more! As you may have noticed, the Three Who Rule let the news pass by the wayside during Gallifrey One, but there were so many interesting developments to discuss that a bumper list of news new and old is presented here for you to bring some sense of completion to your lives (but mostly to those of the Three Who Rule). Hooray!

Note: this episode was recorded before we heard the sad news of the passing of Dalek designer Ray Cusick. We will feature a short memorial to Cusick in our next episode.

Show Notes:

Episode 12 title…confirmed!
The Ice Warriors…are back!
Jenna-Louise Coleman…Talks About Her Future!
Doctor Who…in 3D!
Steven Moffat…Talks 50th Anniversary Stuff!
Doctor Who Christmas Special…2013!
Nick Hurran…returns!
1963 TARDIS set…recreated!
Reece Leatham…is Patrick Troughton!
Jamie Glover…is William Russell!
Jemma Powell…is Jacqueline Hill!
William Russell…is Harry!
Sarah Winter…is Delia Derbyshire!
Lesley Manville…is Heather Hartnell!
David Annen…is Peter Brachacki!
Nick Briggs…is Peter Hawkins!
The Second Doctor Revisited…on BBC America!
The Tenth Planet, Part Four…animated!
The Visitation…Special Edition!
The Visitation Special Edition…coming May 14!
K-9 on North American DVD…coming May 7!
Doctor Who Confidential…voted best BBC Three show!
The Mind of Evil…at the BFI!
The Robots of Death…at the BFI!
Murray Gold wins…a fictitious award!
Richard Briers…dies.

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May 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Release

No North American Doctor Who DVDs have been announced yet for April, and none may yet be announced, but a May release has been announced today.

The Visitation SE is being rereleased on May 14 in Region 1. More details on the release can of course be heard on the recent Radio Free Skaro coverage of Gallifrey One, but suffice it to say some nice extras will be included on the release.

Gallifrey One interviewee Mark Strickson presents a retrospective on the story in Grim Tales, The Television Centre of the Universe: Part One features Strickson, Peter Davison and Janet Fielding reminiscing about the BBC Television Centre, and a whole lot more will feature on the release.

The Visitation SE is a 2-disc set and has an MSRP of $34.98. Click on the package art for a larger version. Check for more details!

Radio Free Skaro #354 – The Best Things In Life Are Freema

Radio Free Skaro #354 – Click here to listen!

Another Gallifrey One has come and gone! On this, the fifth and final Radio Free Skaro podcast from Gally, we present to you interviews with Freema Agyeman, director Saul Metzstein (with a cameo from Ben Browder!), Charlie Ross, and the Valeyard himself, Michael Jayston! We also catch up with our friend Ken Deep, eavesdrop on a 24-year “Survival” reunion between Sylvester McCoy and Julian Holloway, and unveil some podcast plans for the months to come. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year, and Gallifrey One was a perfect way to kick it off in style!
Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #353 – A Sound of Ice and Fire

Radio Free Skaro #353 – Click here to listen!

Still more Gallifrey! Your august crew scoured the LAX Marriott for Who personages of note, and by golly we found them, in the personages of director Douglas Mackinnon, ex-companion and documentarian Mark Strickson, BBC Radiophonic Workshop guru Dick Mills, writer and all around gent Andrew Smith, and podcast supremos The Oodcast all collide cheek by jowl in this, our penultimate episode from Gallifrey One. Enjoy!
Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #352 – Press Play Now

Radio Free Skaro #352 – Click here to listen!

The Doctor Who classic series DVD range is approaching the end of its run, but not before a few momentous releases hit the shelves around the world in celebration of the programme’s 50th anniversary. Who better to discuss what’s to come than the very folks who have restored and enhanced Doctor Who in DVD form for the past several years? We present to you the Enlightenment DVD panel from Gallifrey One, with commissioning editor Dan Hall, Restoration Team founder Steve Roberts, documentary producer Ed Stradling, and writer/documentarian Nicholas Pegg. With The Tenth Planet, The Ice Warriors, and many other hotly anticipated releases discussed, this is not a panel to be missed! Also, our friend Luke from TMDWP drops by to tell the Three Who Rule about his experiences at his first ever Gallifrey One!
Show Notes:

Doctor Who…DVDs!

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Radio Free Skaro #351 – Radio Free Skaro and The Ambassadors of Death

Radio Free Skaro #351 – Click here to listen!

RFS Live from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles! Yes, it’s time once again for Radio Free Skaro’s annual live show at Gallifrey One, the biggest and best Doctor Who convention to grace the shores of Los Angeles and the world entire. Steven, Warren and Chris were delighted and honoured to play host to Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Stephen Thorne, Dan Starkey, Neve McIntosh, and Richard Hope. Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord, both acted as audio engineer and delivered a wonderful sermon on the importance and sheer wonder of being a fan in a community of diverse but like-minded friends.

Can we just say it one more time? PHILIP HINCHCLIFFE.

Thanks to one and all who came to the show in person, and we’re delighted to offer this year’s live show to our listeners who couldn’t make it to L.A.

Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #350 – The Lyon in Winter

Radio Free Skaro #350 – Click here to listen!

Gallifrey One is here! THE event on the Doctor Who calendar has finally arrived, and it seems to start earlier every year, as can be heard during this very episode of Radio Free Skaro! Recorded during Lobbycon on the Thursday night, the Three Who Rule are joined by Gallifrey One program director Shaun Lyon, who talks about this year’s enormously popular edition of the long running convention, the pitfalls that have occurred during the year that led up to this year’s con, and the wonderful triumphs this year and every year that makes Gallifrey One such an amazing experience for Doctor Who fan young and old. Just a taste of the wild weekend to come at Gallifrey One!
Show Notes:


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Radio Free Skaro #349 – Is That In Ireland?

Radio Free Skaro #349 – Click here to listen!

Has it really been a year? Yes, Gallifrey One is imminent, which means it’s time for the annual Radio Free Skaro Gally preview show! The Three Who Rule run down what panels they’d like to see (if they weren’t so busy bringing you the best coverage of the convention that money would never actually buy), as well as give you a primer of what to expect at the world’s greatest Doctor Who convention. But before they get into full con mode, a bumper crop of news happened this past week, including some very interesting DVD releases coming down the pipe, and the beginning of filming for the hotly anticipated “An Adventure In Space and Time”. Next stop: Gallifrey One!
Show Notes:

Doctor Who on BBC America…at 8/7c!
An Adventure in Space and Time…begins filming!
Doctor Who DVD…2013 release schedule!
The Visitation – Special Edition…extras!
Doctor Who: The Nameless City…by Michael Scott!
New Character Options not-LEGO…micro-figures!
The 1960s Dalek films…coming to the big screen!
Wizards vs Aliens…coming to America!
Peter Gilmore…dies.

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Radio Free Skaro #348 – The Rain of Errors

Radio Free Skaro #348 – Click here to listen!

Because of a complicated situation involving Mandrels, Bandrils, the Borad and the Swarm, the Three Who Rule kept it (somewhat) brief this week, focusing on conserving their energies for the onslaught of Gallifrey coverage coming your way in a mere week and change. News included the casting of “An Adventure in Space and Time,” the increasingly intruiging dramatization of the early days of Doctor Who, DVD news, analysis of the upcoming insanely detailed (and expensive) David Tennant figure, and a tribute to Bernard Horsfall, a veteran Classic Who actor who left us all too soon this week.

But since this is Radio Free Skaro, there was also pointless debate about the Mask of Omega, the overall quality of the Three Doctors, the Two Doctors and other classic stories, and speculation about just what the BBC is holding back (if anything) regarding their celebratory plans for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Enjoy this short(er) but sweet(er) episode, which will lighten the weight of your portable listening device! Don’t question that last statement, it is SCIENCE.

Show Notes:

The Reign…Of Terror!
An Adventure in Space and Time…Casting!
An Adventure in Space and Time…More Casting!
An Adventure in Space and Time…Yet More Casting!
Steven Moffat…Talks 50th Anniversary Stuff!
Tomb of the Cybermen…BFI Screening Guests!
Ice Warriors DVD…Delayed!
Mind of Evil…Colour Almost Restored!
Big Chief…Tenth Doctor Figure!
Bernard Horsfall…Dies.

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