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Radio Free Skaro #364 – Smoke on the Horizon

Radio Free Skaro #364 – Click here to listen!

For decades, fans of Doctor Who have been wondering and dreaming of what amazing thrills and sights exist within The Doctor’s TARDIS. The 50th Anniversary of the programme seems to be an appropriate time to finally peel back the curtain on The Doctor’s magical time-space machine, and Stephen Thompson’s script, free of crippling 20th century BBC budgets, took us for a ride. But what did the Three Who Rule think? After that, Chris and Steven are joined by Erika and Katrina from Verity! in Calgary, talking about the massive event that is Calgary Expo, which attracted 60,000 fans (and many Doctor Who cosplayers) to southern Alberta this weekend. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Journey To The Centre…of the TARDIS!
Hide…final viewing figures!
Hide…appreciation index!
Nightmare in Silver…synopsis!
Doctor Who Create a Soundtrack…Competition!
Doctor Who Regeneration…DVD Box Set!
Jon Pertwee DVD…documentary!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
A Celebration of Doctor Who…at Depaul University!

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Gallifrey One 2014 Guest Update

Another guest announcement for the upcoming Gallifrey One convention in February 2014!

Bonnie Langford played the bouncy and enthusiastic Melanie (known as Mel) during the latter half of The Trial of a Time Lord in 1986 alongside Colin Baker, then was Sylvester McCoy’s first companion during all of Season 24 in 1987. Bonnie has since reprised the role in Big Finish audios, and will be making her return to Gallifrey One after her first appearance at the convention in 2001.
Annette Badland played Margaret Blaine (aka Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen), initially in “Aliens of London/World War Three”, then reprising her role in an acclaimed performance in “Boom Town” later in Series One. This will be Annette’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Also announced were writers Robert Shearman and Tony Lee, without whom Gallifrey One would just not be Gallifrey One! Check out the full list of guests on the Gallifrey One website. Stay tuned to Gallifrey One and Radio Free Skaro for future guest announcements!

Radio Free Skaro #363 – Ghost Lite

Radio Free Skaro #363 – Click here to listen!

Awoooooo! Scary stuff! That’s what this week’s instalment of Doctor Who was, as “Hide”, a tautly written and directed thriller, enthralled many a fan and viewer. But what did the Three Who Rule think? They were widely split with their opinions of writer Neil Cross’s first effort, “The Rings of Akhaten”; will Cross make Chris cross, or will it be smooth sailing for all involved? Also discussed are changing pronunciations of planet names throughout the years (because, yes, Metebelis-gate is casually mentioned in this episode), the title of the Series 7b finale, the return of the Doctor Who Proms, and some exciting action figures coming your way later this year. Awooooo!
Show Notes:

Cold War…Appreciated!
The Rings of Akhaten…Final BBC Ratings!
Series 7 Finale…Title!
Series 7B…Final Four Movie Posters!
Doctor Who…Returns to the Proms!
The Snowmen…DVD/BD Region 1 Release Date!
Chris Chibnall…Returning to Doctor Who?
The Daemons…Action Figures!

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The Snowmen North America DVD Release

May 28 sees the release of Doctor Who Series 7 Part Two on DVD and Blu-Ray, but it also sees the release of the standalone version of The Snowmen.

Also available on both DVD and Blu-Ray, the extras for The Snowmen will appear on the standalone release as well as the aforementioned Series 7 Part Two box set – as will, as mentioned previously on Radio Free Skaro, the episode itself.

The release will contain two “prequels” to The Snowmen along with the behind the scenes item, Clara’s White Christmas. So why have this standalone release with no unique extras? Why have it come out the same day as the Series 7 Part Two box set which includes The Snowmen itself? Both excellent questions, and we have no good answer. This seems a superfluous release to say the least, perhaps geared towards the collectors who must have absolutely everything – or perhaps only collect the standalone Christmas episode releases. Either way, this is $14.98 (DVD MSRP) or $19.98 (Blu-Ray MSRP) that we don’t think we’ll be spending.

Click the package art for larger versions, and check for more details!

Update: BBC America is not listing The Snowmen or its related extras as part of this set; information can change in advance of a product’s release and if The Snowmen is indeed not on the Series 7 Part Two set it makes perfect sense to release it on a standalone DVD. Keep tuned to Radio Free Skaro for any further updates as they are known.

Radio Free Skaro #362 – Ice Hot

Radio Free Skaro #362 – Click here to listen!

After a wait of almost 40 years, the Ice Warriors have returned to Doctor Who, with at least (and let’s be honest, at most) one heavily armoured, lumbering green menace back to make the lives of an 80’s crew of Soviet submariners a soggy, terrifying hell. Mark Gatiss, a Who polymath with some hits and a few misses under his belt, brings the claustrophobic terror with “Cold War,” but the real question is, what did the Three Who Rule think of the story? With precious little to discuss besides this episode and stats, stats, stats (and more stats) they expostulated at length, coming perilously close to beating Douglas McKinnon’s expertly paced tale’s running time with their balderdash and bafflegab.
Show Notes:

Cold War…Overnight Viewing Figures!
The Rings of Akhaten…Overnight Viewing Figures!
The Rings of Akhaten…Appreciated!
The Bells of Saint John…Final BBC Viewing Figures!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS…Synopsis!
Jemma Redgrave…Returns!
Ice Warriors…DVD Details!

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Radio Free Skaro #361 – The Borings of Akhaten

Radio Free Skaro #361 – Click here to listen!

After a rollicking opening to Series 7B last week, we were treated to a new episode in “The Rings of Akhaten” that received almost no love from any of the Three Who Rule. In fact, only one person had something nice to say about it, and you’ll never guess who! The episode may have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, but the return of a full stats report, and a return of our new, impromptu game called “Guess the Stats!”, proved to be a splash of minty, mouthwashy goodness! That, and talk of the 50th Anniversary special, Christopher Eccleston, DVD news, and an endless list of Doctor Who t-shirt ideas, makes clear that it’s not where you start, but where you finish. Next week: Ice Warriorssss…
Show Notes:

The Rings…of Akhaten!
The Bells of Saint John…overnight viewing figures!
The Bells of Saint John…appreciation index!
The Bells of Saint John ratings…on SPACE!
The Bells of Saint John ratings…on BBC America!
Series 7B…synopses!
The Return of…The Zygons!
Christopher Eccleston…not returning!
Joanna Page…in Doctor Who!
What if David Tennant…had stayed for Series 5?
North American DVD releases…interesting!
The Moonbase…coming to DVD!
The Green Death commentary…featuring Katy Manning and Russell T Davies!
The Roots of Evil…by Philip Reeve!
The Fourth Doctor “City of Death”…t-shirt!
WhoNews app…now free!
The Mind of Evil at the BFI…video!
1980s Doctor Who convention interviews…on YouTube!
Radio Free Skaro Gallifrey 2013 live show…on YouTube!

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June 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

June 11 will see a few Doctor Who releases on DVD, not the least of which is a standalone, 4-disc set for The Doctors Revisited. The set includes not only the specials themselves but also the stories accompanying their BBC America airings. The Aztecs, The Tomb of the Cybermen, Spearhead from Space and Pyramids of Mars will be included. Specially-recorded introductions by Steven Moffat will be featured on the shiny discs.

The fun doesn’t stop there, however! The Special Edition of Inferno will also hit store shelves that same day, about two weeks behind its release in the UK.

But wait! There’s more! The Pertwee train keeps on going as June 11 will also see the DVD debut of The Mind of Evil, in all its colour-restored glory. As regular Radio Free Skaro listeners will know, no copies of episode one containing colour information (chromadots) of the story existed, and the episode had to be painstakingly restored to colour with the assistance of Stuart Humphryes; Humphryes also assisted the Restoration Team with colour work on the Director’s Cut footage in the upcoming Terror of the Zygons DVD release.

MSRP for each of the Pertwee stories will be $34.98, while the MSRP for The Doctors Revisited will be $39.98. Package art is currently only available for The Doctors Revisited; art will be added for the Pertwee stories once available Update: cover art for the two Pertwee DVD releases are now available, too. Check for more details!

Radio Free Skaro and the Ambassadors of Death at Gallifrey One video!

It took Warren a while to get this done, but here’s our live show from Gallifrey One 2013, captured in glorious HD color video pixels. Thrill to the visual stylings of Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Stephen Thorne, and Dan Starkey. And don’t forget Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord, with another rousing speech for the assembled masses at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles!

Special thanks to Mel Siermaczeski, Nancy Alegria, and Tyson Ferland and Jack Bessey of Knack Design who helped out with extra footage.