Radio Free Skaro #421 – Lordi of the Rings

Radio Free Skaro #421 – Click here to listen!

rfs421In one of the slowest news weeks in recorded history, the urge for a good strong session of Fluid Links flowed through the Three Who Rule, who did their darndest to answer the questions of you, the listener, in as snappy and entertaining a manner as possible. As a special bonus, this week we also have an interview with Fairlith Harvey, the artistic director of Geekenders, a nerdlesque/theatre group in Vancouver who will soon remount their production of Don’t Blink, a tribute to every Doctor…with tassels thrown in for good measure. Fairlith discuss not only burlesque but feminism, nerd culture, and the influence of cosplay on burlesque and vice versa. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Dominic Glynn’s Doctor Who theme remix…to premiere at Myth Makers!
Doctor Who music box set available for pre-order…for one more week!
Engines…of War!
Win a signed copy…of Paul Cornell’s “Severed Streets”!


Fairlith Harvey of…Geekenders!

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