Radio Free Skaro #424 – The Day of The Day of the Doctor

Radio Free Skaro #424 – Click here to listen!

rfs424The Three Who Rule tuned their brainwaves to Doctor Who Magazine’s latest poll naming all of our favourite show’s stories from best to worst, along with favourite (and not so favourite) Doctors, companions, and other movers and shakers. Did they agree with the choices of thousands upon thousands of fans? Let’s just say there was some dissent in the ranks!

Mere preamble, however, to Fluid Links, where we answer your questions, from the sublime to the silly, about Doctor Who and somewhat less Time Lord related activity. If you’ve ever wanted to know what podcasts Warren listens to, here you go! And let’s be honest, you’re dying to know. Really.

Show Notes:

Doctor Who…Ranked!
Rachel Talalay…Interviewed!
Doctor Who…Has Foxes!
No Doctor Who…After David Tennant?
Retro TV…Gets Classic Who!
An Adventure in Space and Time…Nominated!
Will Cohen…Interviewed!
MYSHIRT2014…Skaro Shop (US) Discount!
MYSHIRT2014…Skaro Shop (UK) Discount!
L. I. Who…Guest Update!

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  • Hello chaps! I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while and it has given me many hours of listening pleasure. I felt I had to comment on this one because I am in Scotland and just got my imported copy of the US ‘Adventures in Space and Time’ Blu-ray. I’m delighted to report that it is region free!

    I just thought you might want to mention that on the podcast so that UK fans who don’t have multi-region Blu-ray players can import it with confidence. 🙂

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