Radio Free Skaro #437 – Death to the Daleks

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rfs437The first proper P-Cap story, where he’s out of bed and sassing off to soldiers, Daleks and everyone in between, has arrived on our TV screens, tablets, laptops and eyeballs. You’d think after years of Dalek stories the well would be dry, but in fact….well, you’ll just have to listen to the Three Who Rule’s take on “Into the Dalek” to find out. Do they enjoy Capaldi’s surly and cerebral take on the Doctor? Is there such a thing as a “good” Dalek? Most importantly, is Missy the Master? The Rani? Romana? Dodo? No, because that would be stupid. As a bonus, listen to Steven and Chris thrill (and Warren cringe) with a surfeit of stats from last week’s airing of Deep Breath. Stats, you say? Yes. Yes we do.
Show Notes:

Into…The Dalek!
Into the Dalek…Overnights!
Deep Breath…Final UK Ratings!
Deep Breath…Appreciated!
Deep Breath…UK Cinema Screening Earnings!
Robot of Sherwood…BBC One Broadcast Time!
Deep Breath…SPACE Ratings!
Deep Breath…BBC America Ratings!
Deep Breath…Australia Ratings!
Doctor Who Extra…On YouTube!
Around the World…In 12 Days!
Deep Breath DVD…Press Release!
Doctor Who Experience…Revamp!
The Fourth Doctor and Jamie…In Big Finish!
Doctor Who…Minecraft!
Billy Hanshaw…Profiled!
Sonic Screwdriver…Cutlery!
Sonic Screwdriver…Washing Brush!
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  • One connection between Deep Breath and Into the Dalek was that Clar had to hold her breath to survive last week, while this week she needed to breathe to keep from becoming lasagne. I thought that was funny, and wonder if breathing will continue to be part of the season. And Missy is really Amanda Palmer’s evil twin 😉

  • Enjoyable episode. If we’re throwing around crackpot Missy theories, I think it’s obvious that she’s The Corsair.

  • james

    Sue Perkins is fantastic. Probably the only reason she hasn’t featured in a Doctor Who episode so far is she’s involved in so many other things. She could easily be the first female Doctor.

  • frank

    Maybe the Doctor could be the first: puppy with wings
    cat with a mustache
    with a mullet
    with a Mohawk
    with a piercing
    with a tattoo etc
    do you see how ridiculous this is that there are people
    that want the Doctor to be a woman. He’s an ALIEN not a human!
    Theres a whole planet of timelords. Just create a new character.

  • james

    The Paul McGann Doctor was half-human.

    The Peter Capaldi Doctor is Scottish.

  • frank

    the doctor lies…he’s not half-human..he’s all gallifreyan…american writers screwed that movie up,got alot wrong it

  • Steve

    Freaky – I only listen regularly to two podcasts: RFS and the Frank Skinner Breakfast Show. Great to have a crossover episode 🙂

  • TaosBritDan

    Thoughts on Missy. Missy can be short for Mistress which is the feminine version of Master. Your thoughts?

  • james

    Missy is also short for Mississippi. As in Mississippi River.

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