Radio Free Skaro #449 – Super 8

Radio Free Skaro #449 – Click here to listen!

rfs449For the first time ever (we defy you to prove us wrong, RFS pedants, DEFY YOU) Radio Free Skaro is coming out on November 23rd, better known this year as the 51st anniversary of Doctor Who, our favorite program. And while there’s no new Who to discuss until Christmas, we have assembled a crack team of nerds in the form of Gallifrey One impresario Shaun Lyon, podcast gadfly Felicity Brown and Chip Sudderth, the Two Minute Time Lord to share their thoughts on Series Eight. What are you waiting for? Get listenin’! And Happy Doctor Who Day!
Show Notes:

Peter Capaldi…confirmed for Series 9 and 10!
Peter Capaldi turned down…a chance to audition for the 8th Doctor!
Doctor Who…Series 8 Blu-ray press launch!
Series 8…a worldwide ratings success!

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  • faith and spirituality is fundamental to human survival,we will always need religion,just like we will always need love and Doctor Who,forever and ever,amen,No second chances,i expect.I’m afraid I have always known I was never as good as my father,despite the purest of intentions,please do not think I would ever deliberately endanger Doctor Who.I’m so sorry I failed you.

  • Mag

    Despite the almost weekly belittling of forums, I’m hard pressed to find the difference between a fan posting his or her opinion about Doctor Who on a web forum and that of a fan sharing his or her opinion on a podcast.

  • hypocaust

    English secondary school children age between 11 and 16 (or 11 to 18 if they have sixth form).

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  • Squibby

    Very interesting podcast.
    I loved all of Series 8, especially that the whole series was a reference to the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 ending with two episodes with the 3 old soldiers – the Doctor, Danny and the Brig. Including the use of WW1 poetry in the last 2 episodes (read “The Fallen”) and the last episode airing on the same day as the national rememberance events.
    I think the hatred of soldiers is the Doctor hating his inner soldier. But I also think that the Doctor has a multiple personality disorder for the first few eps which is why he uses the voices of various Doctors.
    As to Chip’s complaints re the inconsistency in the regeneration process to the previous 2 regenerations … how many of those did the Timelords reboot? In a process that we’ve been told for 50 years would be very dangerous?

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