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Radio Free Skaro #641 – Bazalgette City

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This week on Radio Free Skaro, it’s time for the nation’s favourite game show* (*not an actual game show) as we dive headlong into another edition of the Miniscope. This week, it’s director Ed Bazalgette, who guided the recent episodes “The Girl Who Died”, “The Woman Who Lived”, and “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” into port. What did the Three Who Rule think of the former guitarist from the 1980s band The Vapors and his work in Doctor Who? Listen and find out! Also, with Doctor Who being produced under a cone of silence as of late, early discussion veers from Doctor Who on Twitch to Amazon reviews to Star Wars to Star Trek and so on. Be warned.

Doctor Who on Twitch


Ed Bazalgette
The Doctor’s Meditation
The Girl Who Died
The Woman Who Lived
The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Radio Free Skaro #640 – Restoration Glee

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It’s a jam-packed extravaganza from 1975 this week as we dive deep into the impending release of the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray starring one Tom Baker as Dr. Who, with interviews from executive producer Russell Minton and director/producer Paul Vanezis what worked on that there shiny set of discs! Plus banter from two of the Three Who Rule who ventured to their local cinemas to view all 625 glorious lines of resolution of “Genesis of the Daleks”. Also San Diego Comic-Con news, the odd tale of Doctor Who on Crackle in Latin America, and more!

Genesis of the Daleks
UK Season 12 Blu-Ray release delayed
Doctor Who at San Diego Comic-Con
Chloe Dysktra Medium post
Original Doctor Who Comic-Con panel moderator is no longer
Doctor Who Series 10 long-listed for Emmy
Crackle to distribute Doctor Who in Latin America
Jodie Whittaker promoting Cystic Fibrosis UK


Genesis of the Daleks
Russell Minton
Paul Vanezis

Radio Free Skaro #639 – Born Slippy

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The Quest is the Quest, if by quest you mean watching the 1978 classic series story “Underworld” and getting through it without great suffering. We kid – two thirds of the Three Who Rule are devout fans of this Tom Baker gem. Will the final third turn his frown upside down? Also, the classic series continues to delight on Twitch, the modern series is on BBC iPlayer, and the TV broadcast home of Doctor Who in Canada is regenerating…

All of NuWho on iPlayer
BBC to close Maida Vale studio by 2022
SPACE rebrands as CTV Sci-Fi



Radio Free Skaro #638 – London 1965

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The topic of Doctor Who missing episodes has been dormant relatively recently, but a tangent in an interview with producer/director Paul Vanezis, who has aided in the recovery of other previously missing Doctor Who episodes, may raise the profile once again. (Listen to the interview with Steven starting at 30:36; JR Southall joins Steven later to discuss what Paul said). Elsewhere, Doctor Who on Twitch has been an unprecedented success, launching new memes and generating fresh enthusiasm amongst a whole new generation of Doctor Who fans!

Doctor Who on twitch a hit!
London 1965 memes
Season 12 blu-ray revamped visual effects
Doctor Who Magazine 526 released
Big Finish returns to Class
Big Finish Infamy of the Zaross due on vinyl June 16
Doctor Who series 10 and Class coming to UK Netflix in June
TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual
Doctor Who jobs


Paul Vanezis
JR Southall