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Radio Free Skaro #685 – Time and the Gatiss

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Erstwhile gentleman, writer, actor and lifelong Doctor Who fan Mark Gatiss is the star attraction in not only this week’s Miniscope but the next, such was his prodigious output in the Steven Moffat era. This week we look at “Cold War”, “The Crimson Horror”, and the Who-adjacent and magnificent “An Adventure In Space And Time”! Plus Gallifrey One ticket news, Season 10 Blu-ray adulation, and more!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets now on sale
Gally 2020 90% sold out, Hotel block on sale April 26
First look at The Runaway
Season 10 Blu-Ray set announced
Season 10 Blu-Ray trailer
Season 10 Blu-Ray set clean artwork
Series 4 Steelbook due in the UK May 27
RTD wouldn’t return to Doctor Who
Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 52
Tosin Cole announced for Chicago TARDIS
The Doctor Who Society of Canada presents an escape room at Ottawa Comic-Con


Mark Gatiss
Cold War
The Crimson Horror
An Adventure in Space and Time
First Mark Gatiss Miniscope, on Radio Free Skaro #323

Radio Free Skaro #684 – Our New Insect Overlords

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Are you ready to be menaced by some insect movement? Put on your beekeeper outfit (there are no bees in this story) and grab for the Off spray (probably quite dangerous, please don’t do that) as we commentate over the fourth, fifth and sixth episodes of the 1965 Doctor Who story “The Web Planet”! Also, we have news of Doctor Who on Pluto TV, a new Series 12 director, BBC Audio releases for te month of April, and some real-world insect science! Zaaaaaaaarbi!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets now on sale
Lee Haven Jones directing Series 12 Block 2
Series 11 costumes added to Madam Tussaud’s Blackpool exhibit
Pluto TV to offer free Doctor Who episodes in the US
Spring 2019 Doctor Who BBC Audio Releases
Australian wasp named after Zygons


The Web Planet (Episodes 4-6)

Radio Free Skaro #683 – Greyscale Separation Overlay

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There’s extraordinarily little in the way of news this week, other than the fact that your Time Team (and a big ‘ol crew) are currently shooting Series 12 and saying nothing about it. But if you said to yourself “hoo boy would I like to hear people talking about insect movement, possibly by Roslyn de Winter,” are you in for a treat! Yes, the Three Who Rule are doing a Classic Series Commentary for the 1965 story “The Web Planet” in all it’s ambitious flawed glory, right here on this podchannel! Settle into a cocoon of mucus and nutrients and enjoy!

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Doctor Who Series 12 filming in Tenerife
“Rosa” and “Demons of the Punjab” are Finalists for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo Award


The Web Planet (Episodes 1-3)