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Who’s on top?

Doctor Who Magazine 413 has published a reader poll ranking Doctor Who episodes. The last time this was done was in 1998, well before the series made its triumphant return to our screens. Back then, the Tom Baker classic Genesis of the Daleks took the top spot… but what has 11 years done to public opinion?

Over a decade later, and over 4 new series of the revamped show, Classic Who still reigns as king (though dominates the low end, too) with Peter Davison’s swan song Caves of Androzani taking top prize. After all, who can blame the fans for voting it the best ever? Robert Holmes. Graeme Harper. Sharaz Jek. Stotzie. Morgus. The Magma Beast. Peri’s cleavage overshadowing the regeneration sequence. What’s not to love about it?

The Top 10 and Bottom 10 are as follow:

001. The Caves of Androzani
002. Blink
003. Genesis of the Daleks
004. The Talons of Weng-Chiang
005. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
006. Human Nature / The Family of Blood
007. Pyramids of Mars
008. City of Death
009. The Robots of Death
010. Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

191. The Dominators
192. Fear Her
193. Paradise Towers
194. The Underwater Menace
195. The Space Pirates
196. Time-Flight
197. Underworld
198. Time and the Rani
199. Timelash
200. The Twin Dilemma

Gary Russell experiences HAVOC

Last night at the monthly Doctor Who New York (DWNY) meetup, special guest Gary Russell — former Doctor Who Magazine editor, author, actor and current script editor — was presented with a swish Radio Free Skaro “Action by HAVOC” mug. Thanks go to Barnaby Edwards (no, not THAT one) from DWNY for this honour. Second photo courtesy Andre Tessier.

Gary Russell sports his new Radio Free Skaro "Action by HAVOC" mug for the DWNY crowd. Gary Russell and Barnaby Edwards

Party like it’s 1963

Among the other announcements today, it has also been revealed the TARDIS will be getting a rather retro feel. As has previously been discussed on Radio Free Skaro, the press have leaked rumours that the TARDIS would have a white, retro feel inside but little or nothing had previously been mentioned about the exterior. Set reports from today’s filming quite clearly show changes to the exterior of our beloved blue box, such as the return of the St. John’s Ambulance logo that adorned the door in William Hartnell’s era.

Gillan and Smith on set with the retro-feel TARDIS.
Gillan and Smith on set with the retro-feel TARDIS.

Pond (insert joke here)

In addition to wee l’il Matty’s costume being revealed today, we’ve also learned Karen Gillan’s character’s name shall be Amy… POND?! As discussed on Radio Free Skaro #150 yesterday, The Mirror seems to have accurately reported the Amy part but frankly the Pond is a bit out of left field to most people so far. Let the jokes like “pond scum” begin!

Read more at the BBC Doctor Who website.

Professor Doctor

The BBC has this morning revealed the costume for Matt Smith’s Doctor, a rather professorial affair complete with tweed, a bow tie… and boots. Needless to say, the most important characteristic of Smith’s – or any – Doctor, the hair, shall seemingly be left alone to maintain the sentience we’ve all come to expect from our cute widdwe 12-year old Time Lord.

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith prepare to do some filming on the new series of Doctor Who.

Read more at the BBC News website or at the BBC Doctor Who website.

Radio Free Skaro #136 – The Wrath (and Hay Fever) of Ian Levine

Radio Free Skaro #136 – Click here to listen


The Three Who Rule deal with a dearth of real news the best way they know how: with inane chatter involving the likes of superfan Ian Levine and his escapades on Twitter, Warren’s continuing animosity toward the McCoy era and coming to grips with our loving hatred of other Doctor Who podcasts all while dealing with technical issues that forced actual editing. Come join the fun!

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Planet of the Dead…AI index!
New Doctor Who…producers!
Welsh BAFTA…nominations!
The Deadly Assassin…on DVD!
Planet of the Dead DVD…June 29!
New Doctor Who…spin-off?
David Tennant…podcast!
Who Party in…Toronto!

Return of the Bandrils to air at Christmas 2009

The second Doctor Who gap year special, Russell T. Davies’ and Phil Ford’s “Return of the Bandrils” has been confirmed to have a Christmas 2009 transmission date. Gareth Roberts, writer of The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and the Wasp and co-writer of Planet of the Dead, has said in the new DWM we’ll have a heck of a wait after the first gap year special airs at Easter.

So far only Den of Geek has picked up the story and run with it, so maybe that’s a sign it’s all a bald-faced lie and we can go about our normal business.

Link to Den of Geek story

On the upside, Roberts notes his New Adventures novel The Highest Science influenced Planet of the Dead. I look forward to that.

Radio Free Skaro #122 – Live from Gallifrey

Radio Free Skaro #122 – Click here to listen

For the first time in recorded history, in an event sure to be recorded in the annals of time across all universes parallel and otherwise, the RFS crew met in person at Gallifrey 2009 in Los Angeles, and thus was a podcast birthed from the loins of the Airport Marriott. And as a special bonus, John Williams and Neil Perryman of Tachyon TV joined in on the fun and regaled us with tales of Torchwood dodginess, Tomorrow People memories, and the utter strangeness of Sapphire and Steel.

Gallifrey in peril! Well, for some…

No, that’s not a headline from the Daily Mirror, although it frankly could be…

Weather is being unfriendly in the UK tonight. There’s a weather warning in effect for Heathrow saying there may be delays, but it’s nothing compared to other regions. One of our podcasting chums from TachyonTV mentioned earlier today the Newcastle Airport – from which he was to fly to London – had suspended all flights. That threw him into a bit of a tizzy to be sure. Thankfully Newcastle’s warning has been downgraded to something similar to Heathrow’s so he may yet get out as expected.

Around where I live there’s a bit of rain and snow and it’s really nothing too bad so if the same conditions are in effect at Heathrow then worries should be minimal or moot.

Updates will come from one of us or another, and two of the Three Who Rule will be in attendance for certain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and working out how to do the same with my toes.

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