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  Steven - January - 20 - 2016 - Add Comments

Radio Free Skaro will be kicking off Gallifrey One for the fifth straight year next month in Los Angeles with our live stage show “Gallifrey One Is Required”! And once again, we’ll have an amazing lineup of guests, including the fifth Doctor himself PETER DAVISON, writers SARAH DOLLARD and JAMIE MATHIESON, casting director ANDY PRYOR, actress PATRICIA QUINN, and acting legend JULIAN GLOVER. Plus, be in your seats on time  [ Read More ]

  Steven - December - 23 - 2014 - 2 Comments

Turn the clock back almost two years ago and you may remember that our very own Steven moderated two panels at Calgary Expo in April 2013 – the Torchwood panel with John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Gareth David-Lloyd (the panel took place in the Calgary Corral in front of about 4,000 people!) and the Sylvester McCoy panel. While both audio recordings of these appeared on previous Radio Free Skaro episodes,  [ Read More ]

  Chris - October - 6 - 2014 - 24 Comments

This is the moment I say “mea culpa” to everyone in the world. I completely, utterly, and totally didn’t pick up on something that was about as obvious and on the nose as anything that’s been on television in…ever. This weekend’s Doctor Who episode, “Kill the Moon,” featured a storyline and images and themes and discussions that were so blatantly referencing a hot-button issue that it should have been painfully  [ Read More ]

  Chris - August - 18 - 2014 - 1 Comment

We’ve all waited a long time for Series 8, and almost as long to find out what the twelve episodes we’re about to watch are going to be called. Now we wait no more! Today the BBC released all twelve episode titles – the two we knew and the ten we didn’t – and here they are, direct from the BBC! Episode 1: Deep Breath Written by Steven Moffat Directed  [ Read More ]

  Chris - April - 14 - 2014 - Add Comments

This past weekend, the beloved Radiophonic Workshop, in the form of Dick Mills, Peter Howell, Mark Ayres, Roger Limb, Paddy Kingsland, and new addition Kieron Pepper, and hosted by Dr. Matthew Sweet spent a day at Chichester University delivering talks and panels as well as a live performance. While we at Radio Free Skaro were nowhere near the event, much as we’d have enjoyed it, thankfully some wonderful people who  [ Read More ]

  Chris - March - 31 - 2014 - Add Comments

We’ve previously mentioned the final artwork for the Region 1 release of An Adventure In Space And Time, which is shown above (click for a larger version), but today saw the full press release regarding all the extras on the multi-disc set due May 27. 2013. As also previously mentioned, the release will include An Unearthly Child, but that’s not the only bonus item. See below the cut for the  [ Read More ]

  Chris - December - 11 - 2013 - 1 Comment

The Moonbase, a half-complete, half-animated Second Doctor story features the first return of the Cybermen (spoilers!) and is due to make its way onto North American DVD February 11, 2014. Featuring a commentary and Making Of, among other bonuses, episodes one and three will be animated as they are presently absent from the Doctor Who catalogue. MSRP for the single disc release is $24.98. Check TVShowsOnDVD.com for more details and  [ Read More ]

  Steven - November - 14 - 2013 - 6 Comments

The BBC has released a mini-episode/prequel for “The Day of the Doctor” entitled, fittingly, “The Night of the Doctor”. You can watch it here:

  Chris - December - 26 - 2012 - Add Comments

The Snowmen has come and gone, and The Three Who Rule will soon be recording their thoughts on the episode. In the mean time, take another look at two parts of the episode we just can’t stop watching. Both are in HD, courtesy BBC America. New opening titles: Coming Soon:

  Steven - November - 16 - 2012 - Add Comments

Have a look at the full trailer for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special, entitled The Snowmen: