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Radio Free Skaro #50 – Human, Naturally

Radio Free Skaro #50 – Click here to listen

A truly momentous milestone, as we celebrate our 50th episode of Radio Free Skaro with…well, nothing really. Nothing, that is, except a corking bit of episode-ery known as “Human Nature,” one of the highlights of Season 3. Join Warren, Steven, and Chris (otherwise known as the Third Guy) as they expostulate on the fine craftwork and Edwardian elegance of the first portion of Paul Cornell’s masterwork.

Radio Free Skaro #49 – is about 42

Radio Free Skaro #49 – Click here to listen

Steven, Warren and the supremely jaunty Chris tackle 42, a madcap romp through a spaceship hurtling towards a dying sun, for this the 49th episode of Radio Free Skaro. We also tackle the recent announcement of a “gap year” for the series involving three specials in 2009, along with confirmation of the fourth and fifth series. And of course we ramble off-topic as usual about matters of great import. 

Radio Free Skaro #48 – The Lazarus Meandering

Radio Free Skaro #48 – Click here to listen

The Third Guy returns as Chris Burgess joins us once again for our take on “The Lazurus Experiment”, a Season 3 time-filler redeemed by cool scorpion effects and the fact that it came right after a disastrous Dalek two-parter. We went pretty far off-topic in this one, even breaching the shores of the dreaded Coronation Street (at length), but hopefully our jib-jabber will prove somewhat entertaining nonetheless.

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