Radio Free Skaro #48 – The Lazarus Meandering

Radio Free Skaro #48 – Click here to listen

The Third Guy returns as Chris Burgess joins us once again for our take on “The Lazurus Experiment”, a Season 3 time-filler redeemed by cool scorpion effects and the fact that it came right after a disastrous Dalek two-parter. We went pretty far off-topic in this one, even breaching the shores of the dreaded Coronation Street (at length), but hopefully our jib-jabber will prove somewhat entertaining nonetheless.

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This blog is an extension of the Radio Free Skaro podcast, a Doctor Who podcast which has been going on for the better part of a year and has managed to amass a small group of fans. I’d like to give them a place to discuss the podcast, as well as branch out into other sci-fi, gaming, British TV, and popular culture matters. This blog will give us a chance to do just that.

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