Radio Free Skaro: LIVE!

In conjunction with Gallifrey One, *the* annual North American Doctor Who convention, Radio Free Skaro has had the privilege of presenting its show LIVE in front of hundreds of people. Presented below are links to the live shows as well as video footage. Enjoy!

2013: Radio Free Skaro and the Ambassadors of Death featuring Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Stephen Thorne, Chip the Two-minute Time Lord, Neve McIntosh, Richard Hope and Dan Starkey.

RFS Live from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles! Yes, it’s time once again for Radio Free Skaro’s annual live show at Gallifrey One, the biggest and best Doctor Who convention to grace the shores of Los Angeles and the world entire. Steven, Warren and Chris were delighted and honoured to play host to Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Stephen Thorne, Dan Starkey, Neve McIntosh, and Richard Hope. Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord, both acted as audio engineer and delivered a wonderful sermon on the importance and sheer wonder of being a fan in a community of diverse but like-minded friends.

Can we just say it one more time? PHILIP HINCHCLIFFE.

Thanks to one and all who came to the show in person, and we’re delighted to offer this year’s live show to our listeners who couldn’t make it to L.A.

Audio Recording

2012: Radio Free Skaro And The World Of Tomorrow featuring Camille Coduri, Barnaby Edwards, Toby Haynes, Simon Fisher-Becker, Chip the Two-minute Time Lord and Gary Russell.

Gallifrey Live Show! For only the second time (and the first in the main ballroom), the Three Who Rule entertained the huddled Earth masses in attendance at the Gallifrey One convention on Los Angeles with ribaldry, shenanigans and interviews with Who luminaries such as Camille Coduri, Simon Fisher-Becker, Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards, director Toby Haynes and ingenue Gary Russell, who we predict will go onto great things. Also, Chip gives a sterling and much lauded onstage presentation of his Two-Minute Time Lord podcast that is sure to thrill and inspire.

So with no further ado, please do enjoy our second live show and second of our podcasts from Gallifrey, and remember: DESTROY ALL PODCASTORS.

Opening Titles

Video, Part 1, with Camille Coduri

Video, Part 2, with Barnaby Edwards

Video, Part 3A, with Toby Haynes

Video, Part 3B, with Toby Haynes

Video, Part 4, with Simon Fisher-Becker and Chip the Two-minute Time Lord

Video, Part 5, with Gary Russell

Audio Recording

2011: Radio Free Skaro Live In 3-D featuring Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman, Joss Agnew, James Moran and Phil Ford.

Behold Radio Free Skaro’s first ever live show at Gallifrey: Radio Free Skaro in 3-D! Along with special guests Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman, Joss Agnew, James Moran, and (Friend of the Show) Phil Ford, the Three Who Rule fought off stage fright to delight and entertain a room full of their new best friends, and hopefully a good few of you who weren’t able to make it to Gallifrey. Thanks to all for a fab time!

Opening Titles

Video, Part 1, courtesy Tim Drury

Video, Part 2, courtesy Tim Drury

Audio Recording

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