• Radio Free Skaro #417 – Arcturan Mega-Donkey

    Pertwee! Jo! Troughton the younger! An incontinent skull! With a cast like that it can only be the Three Who Rule's commentary on "The Curse of Peladon"! Watch a prince in short pants fight a revolution, superstition and a questionable monster suit in this Third Doctor...classic? Also, news and discussion, ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #416 – Random Access Memories

    Sadly, a trio of recent deaths in the Doctor Who world lead off this week's episode, as we remember the contributions of writer/actor Glyn Jones, director Derek Martinus, and the Rani herself, Kate O'Mara. But with new Doctor Who still months away, trickles of information are beginning to emerge as ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #415 – More Of A Table Wine

    It’s the return of the Miniscope! The focus this time is on Michael Hayes, the accomplished director who at first blush wanted nothing to do with Doctor Who but learned to love the show after directing "The Androids of Tara", "The Armageddon Factor" and the rightly beloved "City of Death". ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #414 – Caesar Salad

    Only a mere month after the celebrations of Gallifrey One 2014, the 26th iteration of the best convention in the world…sold out in 75 minutes this Friday. The Three Who Rule, poised over their keyboards intently, managed to secure their registration and will be in Los Angles in February 2015, ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #413 – Block Transfer Computation

    It’s the return of Fluid Links! Yes, everyone’s favourite mercury-based connection thingy is back, and we’ve got (some) of your questions to hash over, cogitate upon, and generally discuss. Good thing too, because the news is pretty thin on the ground this week. But there is talk of intriguing Season ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #412 – Ahearne It Through The Grapevine

    The Three Who Rule are travelling back in time this week to the wild, wooly days of 2005, when a certain program about a madman in a box first re-graced our screens after a long, long hiatus. Though we take the success of Doctor Who as a matter of course ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #411 – Kicking the Styres

    The classic commentary returns to Radio Free Skaro, in the form of a brief but enticing little number known as "The Sontaran Experiment"! Despite its quick running time, the adventures of Styre and Friends packs in adventure, spills, stunts, Terry Walsh in an unconvincing wig, and a pint-sized pugilist from ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #410 – Love From Gallifrey, Boys

    With Gallifrey One 2014 behind them, the Three Who Rule rallied their weakened, battle-scarred livers and turned their attention to Matt Smith’s last hurrah, "The Time of the Doctor". Much appreciation! Such regeneration! But first, news, updates and other matters of import! And next week, the classic series commentaries return ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #409 – Gallifrey Falls No More

    The year's most anticipated event on the calendar of the Three Who Rule and many thousands other Doctor Who fans has come and gone as Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious years has now concluded! Over 3700 attendees, guests, and volunteers enjoyed the event, and Radio Free Skaro was proud to be ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #408 – The Case of the Missing Episodes

    Day two of Gallifrey One 2014, and the bright eye of the Three Who Rule cast its fiery, lidless wrath upon the missing episodes. Steven and Chris interview Restoration Team head and video genius Steve Roberts on his own, and missing episode experts Damian Shanahan and Jon Preddle together. But ...

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Radio Free Skaro #401 – Click here to listen!

rfs401It’s the beginning of the next 400 episodes of Radio Free Skaro, and what better way to start off this new era than with talk of Star Wars, weather in Florida, hockey, Tim Hortons and other irrelevant meanderings! The Three Who Rule eventually focused their energies and relayed what little Doctor Who news eked out this week, including such gems as new guests for Gallifrey 2014 (and the lineup for our own live show on Friday, February 14th), the return of friend of the show Phil Ford to Doctor Who, and other assorted newsy morsels.

All mere preamble to a commentary recorded this summer at Westercon for “Silver Nemesis”. We’re not saying our commentary is good, but rest assured it is better than the story itself, so have a listen to it, won’t you?

Show Notes:

- Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
- Radio Free Skaro…Gallifrey Stands!
- Doctor Who…Series 8 Begins Filming!
- Phil Ford…Writes for Series 8!
- Series 9…Confirmed?
- BFI Matt Smith Celebration…Video!
- City of Death…Novelization in Hardcover!
- Doctor Who Console Video Games…Are No More!
- National Television Awards…Fictitious Nominations!

- Silver…Nemesis!

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Radio Free Skaro #398 – Click here to listen!

rfs398Despite the obvious dangers of the Blinovich Limitation Effect, the Three Who Rule came together in Edmonton for a pre-Xmas, pre-”The Time Of The Doctor” powwow. Besides many and various clips, rumours and idle speculatings about the upcoming Christmas special, the big news was the announcement that Rose Tyler herself, Billie Piper, will be a guest at Gallifrey One, mere weeks away! Other morsels of information also teased the jingle-belled minds of the RFS crew, including the tempest in a teacup that was the Missing Believed Wiped event at the BFI on December 21, topped off by a final set of interviews from Chicago TARDIS with volcano enthusiast Tracey Childs (from “The Fires of Pompeii”) and notable Davros impresario Terry Molloy. And if lava and genocidal geniuses doesn’t capture the holiday spirit, what does? Nothing, that’s what.
Show Notes:

- Coming to Gallifrey One…Billie Piper!
- Paul Vanezis clarifies…the Missing Believed Wiped event!
- Starburst #396…with Philip Morris interview!
- The Time of the Doctor…clip!
- The Time of the Doctor…extended trailer!
- The Time of the Doctor…BFI screening report!
- The BFI salutes…Matt Smith’s last bow!
- The Doctor…with no clothes on!
- The Time of the Doctor…cleared by the BBFC!
- The Time of the Doctor…DVD/Blu-ray details!
- Farewell to Matt Smith…coming to Space!
- BBC America…Doctor Who related Christmas programming!
- Strax’s field report…on the 12 Doctors!
- The Moonbase…DVD details!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…soundtrack!
- Random House…takes over Doctor Who audio!
- Peter Davison…hosts Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular!

Chicago TARDIS Interviews:
- Terry Molloy
- Tracey Childs

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Radio Free Skaro #391 – Click here to listen!

rfs391The tsunami of news (or, if you will, newsnami) continues this week, with tales of conventions, extras, tie-ins, and so, so much about An Adventure in Space and Time. All but mere pre-amble to the second part of the John Nathan-Turner miniscope, with special guest Steve O’Brien, who spares nothing in his analysis of the somewhat shaky years comprising the tail-end of JNT’s era as producer of Doctor Who. The Three Who Rule also give their thoughts on the latter half of the JNT era, rounding out a jam-packed episode of Radio Free Skaro sure to pale in comparison to the utter madness that is the final weeks before the 50th anniversary. Prepare yourselves!
Show Notes:

- An Adventure in Space And Time…airing sometime between November 16-22!
- An Adventure in Space And Time…posters!
- Mark Gatiss…preparing for criticism!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…DVD extras!
- An Adventure in Space And Time…airing November 24 in Australia!
- Doctor Who Celebration…adds over 40 guests!
- Doctor Who: The Adventure Games…coming to Steam?
- AudioGo UK…goes into receivership.
- The Ood Cast live…November 16!
- The Day of The Doctor…The Last Day!
- The Day of The Doctor…Behind The Lens!
- The Eleventh Doctor Revisited…on BBC America November 24!
- Steven Moffat says…at least 13 episodes in 2014!
- Doctor Who programming…on BBC Radio!
- Doctor Who Magazine…on iTunes!
- BFI…Eighth Doctor panel!
- BFI…Tenth Doctor panel!
- Doctor Who…on Children in Need!
- Put your face…in the Doctor Who title sequence!


- John Nathan-Turner


- Steve O’Brien

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Radio Free Skaro #390 – Click here to listen!

rfs390It was one of the more exciting weeks in Doctor Who recently with global cinema screenings of “The Day of The Doctor” being announced around the world, and Big Finish’s 50th anniversary story “The Light At The End” being given an early release, one month before the actual anniversary itself. The resulting chaos showed that no internet site knows the wrath of an impatient group of Doctor Who fans, but at the end of the day, thousands of fans will be watching the 50th Anniversary story in 3D together in cinemas (the Three Who Rule included!) on November 23 and 25. Once the furore of this died down on the podcast, the Skaro boys turn back the clock to delve into the first half of the John Nathan-Turner era in the Miniscope, with the wonderful Rob Shearman!
Show Notes:

- Doctor Who…on the big screen!
- Doctor Who…at your local cinema!
- Doctor Who screening giveaway…from Space!
- The Day of The Doctor…cleared by the BBFC!
- Big Finish…The Light at The End!
- The Eleventh Doctor…at the BFI!
- The Science of Doctor Who…November 14 on BBC Two!
- Doctor Who on The Culture Show…November 22 on BBC Two!
- Time Trips…digital books!
- Deborah Watling…returns to Gallifrey One!
- Tom Baker…official Facebook page!
- The Caves of Androzani soundtrack…on limited edition LP!
- AudioGo UK…suspends business operations!


- John Nathan-Turner


- Robert Shearman

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Radio Free Skaro #386 – Click here to listen!

rfs386The producer Miniscope series plows onward as special guest John Williams from Tachyon TV joins in to discuss the Peter Bryant and Derrick Sherwin era. An era of selecting a new Doctor and ever-changing roles for the production team, Bryant and Sherwin were responsible for… well, you’ll just have to listen and find out, won’t you? With Warren unavailable, Steven and Chris tackle the news of the week including discussion on the latest (what some may call) blunder on the part of the BBC’s 50th anniversary “celebrations”, and yes, even talk about audio stuff! And books! And cosplay! And we announce the winner of our Twitter contest for a Region 1 Doctor Who Complete Series 7 box set! When the Warren is away, the mice will play!
Show Notes:

- An Adventure in Space and Time…at the BFI!
- Rain…Gods!
- The Companions…Video Interview!
- Peter Capaldi’s Past Appearances…to be Explained!
- #SaveTheDay!
- Doctor Who…for a Dream Night In!
- Waris Hussein’s…An Unearthly Child Floorplans!
- Fifty Years…of Doctor Who Audio!
- Doctor Who at the BBC…Volume 8!
- Doctor Who…Sound Recording Feature!
- The Raymond P Cusick Signature Collection…and Robert Holmes: A Life In Words!
- Tenth Doctor Coat…for the Ladies!


- Peter Bryant
- Derrick Sherwin


- John Williams

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Radio Free Skaro #384 – Click here to listen!

rfs384Our second entry in our Producer era Miniscopes sees us tackle the John Wiles era, a controversial six months in Doctor Who’s long history that ushered in great changes and foreshadowed a great many more. Joining us to discuss the finer points of this tumultuous time is Toby Hadoke, and we also bring you an interview with Peter Purves, who played Steven Taylor throughout the Wiles era. Before that, Simon Harries drops by to discuss the news of the week with Steven and Warren. A jam packed episode, to be sure!
Show Notes:

- Coming November 23…The Day of The Doctor!
- The Day of The Doctor…poster!
- Doctor Who…takes over television!
- Five Doctors on the cover…of Doctor Who Magazine!
- Gallifrey One…guest update!
- BFI Tenth Doctor event…guests announced!
- BFI Eighth Doctor event…guests announced!
- BFI Seventh Doctor panel…on YouTube!
- BFI Ninth Doctor panel…on YouTube!
- Doctor Who…wins awards!
- Script Doctor…republished!
- Doctor Who girls…calendar!
- Myth Makers Presents…Golden Years!
- Remote control…flying TARDIS!
- TARDIS…gelatin mold!
- Doctor Who…chocolate molds!
- A Day with…Philip Hinchliffe!


- John Wiles
- Donald Tosh


- Toby Hadoke
- Peter Purves

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Radio Free Skaro #381 – Click here to listen!

rfs381The Three Who Rule welcome back our very good friend Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast as we all talk over Neil Gaiman’s most recent Doctor Who effort, Nightmare in Silver. Has some time and distance since the story’s initial broadcast allowed our hearts to warm to it more, or was the extremely divisive reaction from fandom warranted and still valid? Will the effort satisfy 80s Hair Band pedants? News of the week, with Chip filling in for a very busy Warren, and which includes talk of what might just be the worst merchandise tie-in ever, rounds out this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Excelsior!
Show Notes:

- Doctor Who Magazine 464…Cover!
- Capaldi…To Remain Scottish?
- Regeneration Limit…Acknowledged!
- RTD…Talks Capaldi!
- The Three Doctors…On Screen!
- Christopher Eccleston’s…Message To The BFI!
- Future Doctor Who BFI Screening…Details!
- Peter Jackson Rumours…Just Won’t Die!
- William Hartnell Interview…Details!
- 2013 Doctor Who Prom…BBC One Transmission!
- Eighth Doctor…eBook!
- The Light At The End…Hipster Release!
- Talking Sonic Screwdriver…Pizza Cutter?!?!
- Guinness World Record…For Daleks!
- Two-minute…Time Lord!


- Nightmare…In Silver!

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Radio Free Skaro #380 – Click here to listen!

rfs380“Whimsical yet terrifying” is an apt way to describe “The Crimson Horror,” this week’s commentary, but also an accurate portrayal of current Who news. What missive struck fear into the stalwart hearts of the Three Who Rule? Possibly the fact that CBC executives wanted to dub over Christopher Eccleston’s Northern England accent with something more suitable to Canadian ears. Perhaps a Newfie accent would have made more sense. Or perhaps it was the notion that filming on Series 8 of Doctor Who won’t begin until January? The horror continued with a discussion of David Lee Roth’s storied career, what constitutes a bad fan (hint: probably everything) and more! And that’s before the commentary, with special guest Deb Stanish of the Verity Podcast! Enjoy!
Show Notes:

- Series 8 begins filming…in January!
- Neil Cross…back for Series 8!
- William Hartnell console…at the Doctor Who Experience!
- The future of…River Song!
- Christopher Eccleston…dubbed?
- Torchwood: Miracle Day…coming to BBC America!
- BFI announces…Ninth Doctor screening guests!
- BBFC clears DVD material for…The Tenth Planet! (1)
- BBFC clears DVD material for…The Tenth Planet! (2)!
- BBFC clears DVD material for…The Tenth Planet! (3)!
- Article on…the Doctor Who Restoration Team!
- 1967 William Hartnell interview…found!
- The TARDIS on…Google Maps!
- Peter Capaldi…doubles eBay memorabilia sales!
- Bill Nighy…turns down Doctor Who role!
- Katie Sackoff…as Tom Baker!
- Bob Mitsch’s…Zygons and Fourth Doctor costumes!
- Bob Mitsch’s…costumes!
- Bob Mitsch’s…Zygon!
- Deb from…Verity!


- The Crimson…Horror!

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Radio Free Skaro #376 – Click here to listen!

rfs376San Diego Comic Con! Over the years, SDCC has become a mecca not only of pop culture, cosplay and general lunacy, but also an important platform by which Doctor Who announces mammoth events like, say…the 50th Anniversary Special Trailer. The crowds went wild in Hall H, and mere moments later, entitled fans worldwide bristled in anger, fury and impotent frustration that they were not included in the fun IMMEDIATELY. What they should have done is focused their…enthusiasm at this week’s episode of RFS, which contains not only news from SDCC and elsewhere but also a commentary for The Rings of Akhaten, featuring costumer Mette Hedin and Erik Stadnik of Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room. Now that’s value! Enjoy!
Show Notes:

- BBC teases…the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!
- Doctor Who panel…from Nerd Machine!
- Matt Smith…as Bart Simpson!
- Karen Gillan…is bald!
- Soundtrack releases…from Silva Screen!
- Doctor Who Series 1-7…on one Blu-ray box set!
- Doctor Who from IDW…ends!
- BFI Eighth and Tenth Doctor screenings…announced!
- New Doctor Who 6.5″…action dolls!
- John Barrowman…coming to Edmonton Expo!
- Radio Free Skaro…Parsec Award Finalist!
- Doctor Who prints…on Society 6!


- The Rings…of Akhaten!

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Radio Free Skaro #373 – Click here to listen!

rfs373And thus begins the calm before the storm for Radio Free Skaro. One week before the Three Who Rule jet off to Sacramento to participate in Westercon 66, after which weeks of blockbuster episodes from commentaries to Miniscopes will take you all the way to the 50th Anniversary Special, the Three let their hair down, invite a couple friends over, and have a bit of fun and frivolity. First, Kyle Anderson of Nerdist and Doctor Who: The Writers Room fame drops by after far too long to talk about the news of the week in Doctor Who, and Toby Hadoke also drops by to tell everyone how his fabulous Who’s Round podcast is coming along, what’s in store in the weeks to come, and how can help Toby in his epic quest to gather a production anecdote from every single televised Doctor Who story. So sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy yourself with us!
Show Notes:

- Matt Smith…Says Thank You!
- BFI…Sixth Doctor Screening Q&A!
- BFI…Ninth Doctor Screening!
- September 2013…North America Doctor Who DVD Releases!
- October 2013…North America Doctor Who DVD Releases!
- BBC Radio 2…Celebrates 50 Years Of Doctor Who!
- Big Finish…And Philip Hinchcliffe!
- Tenth Doctor…Sonic Screwdriver Remote!
- Dalek…Whizz Watch!
- The Restoration…Team!
- 50th Anniversary…Fan-Made Trailer!
- Westercon…66!
- Chicago…TARDIS!


- Kyle…Anderson!


- Toby…Hadoke!

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