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Radio Free Skaro #568 – The Shining World of the Seven Systems

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Our favorite weekend of the year is here in less than a week, the Whovian celebration known as Gallifrey One! We’ll be there doing our live show at 10:30 a.m. Friday in the main hall with our live show, “Radio Free Skaro: Victorian Gothic Folly,” but in the meantime get comfortable as we break down what we’re looking forward to seeing and doing at the LAX Marriott, and stay tuned next week for shows from the con!

Missy promo for Series 10
Doctor Who Magazine #509 confirms Series 10 writers and directors
Class Ep 5 and 6 final ratings on BBC One
BFI hosting a panel discussion for Series 10 on April 9
Delia Derbyshire 80th birthday electronic music heritage project
“The Return of Doctor Mysterio” DVD extras
“The Power of the Daleks” DVD extras
Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later

Radio Free Skaro #365 – Fondant Surprise

Radio Free Skaro #365 – Click here to listen!

Northern England in the Victorian era, monsters, lizards, Sontarans, lame GPS jokes and latched-on kidlet drama all made “The Crimson Horror” a roller coaster ride of emotion for the Three Who Rule. But was it a ride full of thrills and chills or merely a routine trundle through well-worn paths of dramaturgy? Were endless stats enough to send Warren into a fit of apoplectic rage? Do nerds get angry about any and all news about the 50th anniversary special? All these questions will be answered in this exciting episode of Radio Free Skaro! Except the nerdrage, that’s one of life’s eternal mysteries.
Show Notes:

The Crimson…Horror!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS…overnights!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS…appreciation index!
Hide…final ratings!
Cold War…final ratings!
The new executive producer is…Brian Minchin!
The 50th Anniversary Special contains…no classic series Doctors!
The Name of the Doctor prequel…coming to Red Button!
K-9…USB hub!
The Sixth Doctor…at the BFI!
The Doctors Revisted revisits…Earthshock!
The Snowmen…on DVD/Blu-ray somewhere!
The Moonbase…coming to DVD!
Big Finish’s The Light at the End…features many cameos!
Coming soon…Queers Dig Time Lords!

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